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oojason has left OT

Johann-500 said:

Rodney-2187 said:

I debated about posting anything. I was hoping matters would eventually be resolved. When it appeared they wouldn’t, I waited to see if the mods would make an announcement or oojason himself would post something.

It seemed wrong to not acknowledge it at all, and since oojason said he didn’t mind if I posted his message, I started a thread for it so everyone could start talking openly.

I’m relatively new here, and I don’t know what happened before, but I’ve always felt there is an underlying tension I don’t understand, though I’ve never had any trouble with anyone.

All I can say is oojason was one of the first to reach out and make me feel welcome. I’ve always found him articulate, knowledgeable, and helpful. We have different tastes and don’t always agree on everything, but I consider him a friend. When I look at all the work he’s done around here, I can’t help but feel he will be sorely missed.

None of us can see the future. Maybe he will return one day. Until then, may the Force be with you, oojason.

Well said Rodney-2187.


Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 4k UHD -- 27 DISC Boxed Set -- 3/31/2020

These releases will soon leak be announced on other sites soon, it is likely worth checking our own Amazon stores for more details of the content?

Has there been any more news on these releases in France?

It would be surprising if the content were different to previous 2020 disc releases. But here’s hoping. Lucasfilm loves a lazy repackaged re-release. Like canofhumdingers posted above, they can’t even get an OT image of Vader on the front of an OT boxset!

George Lucas's Sequel Trilogy

Stardust1138 said:

I’m very curious as to how Darth Maul would be portrayed as the “Godfather of Crime”. It sounds like such an interesting hook with the fall of the Hutts and Empire. It only makes sense that someone would try exploiting it to gain control over the Republic which is still very much rebuilding. I’m curious how he’d go about trying to exploit it and everything. We know bits and pieces but not enough to know anything definitive.

What does everyone have in mind for what this would look like?

Boba Fett being a crimelord makes more sense now, lol. The story that at one time, at the filming of Empire, Fett was planned to be the main bad guy for Return Of The Jedi seems cool. With the Emperor planned to be featured in the Sequel Trilogy.


George Lucas's Sequel Trilogy

Stardust1138 said:

Johann-500 said:

Stardust1138 said:

He meant human heroes killing many human villains. They very purposely didn’t do it much after A New Hope. It became mainly faceless and non human characters in the later films.

No, he didn’t. As I quoted George again in my post:

George Lucas: Yeah, we very consciously didn’t kill very many humans in those movies.

The facts in the “movies” (plural) themselves prove they also did do this after Star Wars (1977).

George forgets the title of his films are “Star Wars”, and also the more bloodshed content in them.
He wants to play down some of the violence in them as he aged, had a family, and maybe wants to leave a moral legacy behind.
Looking for justifications for his retcons and false claims is not new to him.

I will not derail your thread further as this is about the many differing and changing incarnations of his Sequel Trilogy, including the times George said they did not exist and never existed, other than his previous vague claims and ideas.

“When writing the movies, I tried to make sure that aliens and droids got killed, but not people.”

I think he implied as much. The only human hero to human villain killing after A New Hope were Anakin/Darth Vader and Luke versus Palpatine where Palpatine dies, Mace Windu versus Jango Fett where Jango dies, Anakin and Obi-Wan versus Count Dooku where Dooku dies, and with villain killing - Mace Windu versus Palpatine where Mace dies.

No, George didn’t imply that at all. He clearly states:-

George Lucas: Yeah, we very consciously didn’t kill very many humans in those movies.

The way George says it in the at interview is that it is okay to kill aliens or clones, as they are not people. Which is not great either.

Edit: I see NeverarGreat already talked about it earlier in the thread:-

NeverarGreat said:

This is so strange to me. Are aliens and clones not people to George? Besides, what about everyone Luke blew up with the Death Star? I guess as long as we don’t see their faces, their death doesn’t count. And what about the good dozen Rebels gunned down by Stormtroopers in the first scene, or Captain Antilles who had his neck crushed, or crispy Owen and Beru…

Like, I don’t want to say this flippantly, but this seems like an artist in willful denial of the content of his art.

I agree. To the point of it being sad when George continually attempts to do this type of thing.

Johann is correct - if George released everything he has put down on paper about the Sequels since the 1970s it would need to be fact checked or cross referenced to be believed (and also checked for retcons as well).

What do you think is the most <em>underrated</em> Star Wars story?

Genndy Tartakovsky’s 2003 Clone Wars series.

It is mad, fun, highly stylized, and is canon (before Disney said it wasn’t in 2012, which doesn’t mean much to me). It also feels very Star Wars, despite not being anything like it in that universe before. It is not for all tastes, but that is okay too.

I think Tartakovsky did an awesome job with the series, and is a bit of shame we had to wait until the recent Star Wars: Visions anthology series to see anything this different again.

Thrawn or Xizor

Sorry for the bump, but thought it worth mentioning ‘Prince Xizor is Canon Again!’:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_b0DUoydxY - a short video from Star Wars Explained

He was mentioned in the recent Crimson Reign comic by Charles Soule.

At this point they may as well make ‘Legends’ the old EU again! More Black Sun is very welcome too.

Articles &amp; info that highlight / call for a classic version release of the Original Trilogy

Disney Is Still Pretending The OG Star Wars Movies Don’t Exist (November 2021):


‘A recent Star Wars special on Disney+ uses footage from The Empire Strikes Back special edition, showing that Disney still avoids the theatrical cuts.’

<em><strong>Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge</strong></em> (Disney Theme Park)

The official promo video for the Galactic Starcruiser hotel from Disney for the has been taken down after only a few days, by Disney themselves! Likely due to the poor reception of video itself, and what it was showing of hotel, which looked very cheap, boring and not very StarWarsy, especially for the prices they are charging.

Some of it looked like poorly done Star Trek, or some generic scifi show.

EckhartsLadder did a 10 minute video on the official promo video here:

Disney’s New Star Wars Hotel Looks ABSOLUTELY AWFUL - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ssF57idxI8

The official promo video from Disney was here:


and can now be found here:


It probably been uploaded elsewhere too online!

Hello - have any of you gone to Tunisia to see the place where it was filmed?

I haven’t, though would like to if the buildings used for filming are still intact.

There are some other threads (in the index for ‘Original Trilogy’) for film settings in Tunisia:

Visited some Star Wars filming sites - https://originaltrilogy.com/topic/Visited-some-Star-Wars-filming-sites/id/50538/page/1

Save the Lars Homestead - https://originaltrilogy.com/topic/Save-the-Lars-Homestead/id/11803

Lars Homestead Restoration - https://originaltrilogy.com/topic/Lars-Homestead-Restoration/id/12890

Hello Greedo did this video on some in 2017 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQS5lKO1XBc

and there are a lot of articles on the film locations - https://www.roadaffair.com/star-wars-filming-locations

It looks a cool country to go to.

Jason Wingreen, disintegrated from history by Lucasfilm, for their new doc on Boba Fett

LexX said:

its aggressively clickbait-y title.

It was simply a bit of fun on Vader’s line to Boba in Empire Strikes Back: “No disintegrations!”.

No aggression was meant by it.

I do not think the title is “clickbait-y”. If you think it is “clickbait-y” then report it to the moderators.

LexX said:

Not sure what is expected from this topic then, people just crying about the fact what has happened? Yes, it’s sad and probably everyone agrees, but not surprising since he hasn’t been in the official version for 17 years.

Sorry, your point holds no water. Duwayne Dunham has not tested the Boba suit since the 1970’s, but he got a mention and interview in this documentary. Nearly everyone from the 1970’s and 1980’s connected to Boba did.

But not Jason Wingreen, the distinct voice of Boba Fett, for 24 years. That is surprising in an official “legacy documentary” on the history of Boba Fett.

I thought this forum is for also about talking about the changes to the Original Trilogy, and what changes are being made to the history of Star Wars in official releases, like this documentary? I made the thread because I thought it was something that is interesting to us on here. I am mistaken, and will not make a thread again.

Also, nobody is “crying” in here.


<strong>Disney+</strong> streaming platform : <strong>Star Wars content</strong> &amp; various other info

‘Star Wars Announcements and Trailers Not Expected at D23 This Weekend’


"While some might be hoping Disney will blow our minds with new Star Wars announcements or footage at D23 this weekend, the event program suggests this will not be the case.

In a weekend packed with different presentations, the only Star Wars-specific one is “World Building for Star Wars: Galactic Cruiser” on Saturday 20 November, discussing the new Star Wars-themed hotel opening in Disney parks next year.

The presentation will be hosted by Ashley Eckstein and should provide some interesting insight into the stories behind the hotel and its place in the Star Wars galaxy. However, it might not hold much interest to those who don’t currently plan to stay there, which is understandable considering its exorbitant prices."

How disappointing. But I do hope they are as wrong on this as they were about all the content they said we were getting on Disney Day!