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Plot holes in the SW saga

Originally posted by: jimbo

Originally posted by: HotRod
Actually in Jimbos defense...

In 1980 when Empire cam out, you could by a folding poster thing. On the back was a load of info an shit!!
One had a piece about the Empire, and it stated there that the Stormtroopers were clones...

Also, Jimbo is correct in saying, if Goerge Lucas says they are Clones, then they are Clones.
They may not have been once, but they are now!

Wow I did not know that. If thats true then the Stormtroopers were always considered clones. I originally assumed that he didn't believe that until he made the prequals.

I bet there will be another DVD release of the SE Trilogy after the movies wrap up something like The STOOPER EDITION of Star Wars and on top of all the added CG from the SE it will include Jango Fetts voice dubbed of all the Troopers voices...

How long have you had these Droids.........

Weak man weak, but he it's GL's story right?



The Holiday Special "first edition"?

Originally posted by: SammyTheBull
but I've read somewhere that someone had a website that was selling a "first edition" of this, a version not recorded off TV but taken from the original tapes used by the station, which therefore didn't have any artifacts/humming "added" by a recorder, the age of a VHS tape and so on... unfortunately, I can't recall where it was, how much the seller was asking, whether or not he shipped internationally, etc... does anyone know where this site/seller can be found, perhaps?

Hi there!

The ONLY Known copies of the STAR WARS: Holiday Special were all sourced from an Original television studio original broadcast tape. (WGBN TV channel 2 Boston is the station)

Most versions were edited to remove the color bars and station ID that is at the begining of some of the real old VHS's and appear to be 'home-recordings' BUT way back in 1978 a VHS VCR cost around $1000 and a blank VHS tape cost between $20 - $50.

the quality is gonna be poopy NO MATTER what anyone claims - I had a 15 years old VHS of the holiday special that I tried to capture to VCD about 5 years ago.... The VHS tape was so old and nasty that it destroyed my Sony SVHS deck (the tape looked like it melted around the heads).

I do have this on DVDr and I restored the picture as best as I could...

- It was captured from a 15 years old vacuum sealed VHS tape that was bought at a SCIFI con about 12 years ago (the tape came from a SW fanatic here in town - the tape survived and was resealed)

- I did not capture the tape but I do know that a JVC D-VHS w/ S-video out was used with Adobe Premier

- I took the MPEG2 and filtered for blocks, I also did some color/gamma correction and authored the disc with bonus videos

It's not the best quality but you can watch it without snow or pixulation driving you insane!

Star Wars: The Holiday Special - The Angrysun Edition
- 1 DVDr
- Newly Re-mastered Audio and Video
- Interactive Menus
- Includes: the Muppets Episode
- Includes: Vintage Star Wars Television Trailers
- Includes: The eBay Kenner Toy Commercial Collection
- Includes: DVD-Rom features
- Custom Cover Art

Interested in a copy?
Drop me a line...