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Star Wars <strong>Fan Films</strong> / Shorts - a general discussion thread

Wannabe Scholar said:

Hey guys. I haven’t seen a general thread on fan-made SW works

I did:


Another pre-YouTube film (2002) - and also probably one of the best:
Before we got Rogue One, we had another female hero:
Pink Five

Makes those “rouge” misspellings even funnier now, right?

What movies do you consider canon?

We have a fresher thread here, but I wanted to limit the discussion to films only.

Some time after the Prequel trilogy I realized that the best way to deal with its numerous problems would be to simply reject it as a whole. Sure even a purist like me would find some nice designs/shots, but the rest trampled over the universe/story/characters.

That is why after all those years of STAR WARS enduring offenses from SE, PT and now ST… I almost can’t believe myself that I am accepting Rogue One. That would make it the first real SW film in what, 30+ years?

Other unpleasant truths we sometimes need to face…

Just as we elevate and accept the problematic ROTJ thanks to the quality of ANH and ESB and thus recognize the whole trilogy as a whole (think about it! ROTJ was a rush to wrap up the story), is it possible to accept one film from a given trilogy and reject another? Or vice versa?

Maybe if I disliked TPM only because of kid-Anakin, it could be possible for me to accept the following two? I wonder…

If I dislike and reject TFA due to major problems (e.g.: setting, main antagonist) that simply cannot be undone, no matter how good TLJ could be, how can I possibly look forward to the two remaining episodes?

Ranking the Star Wars Soundtracks

DominicCobb said:

I also am of two minds on Duel of the Fates. Is it an amazing piece of music? Absolutely. Is it also ridiculously over the top? Yes. Why do we need an epic choir for that lightsaber duel? Why do we even care? Well the answer is we don’t

My thoughts exactly.

Completely reversed in R1 track “Hope” (when you-know-what happens), as we do care, and we get something akin to XIXc gothic opera, where the chorus is matching the horror.
(otherwise I don’t like too much chorus, like the one during Jyn’s Theme was too much for me)

I wonder if they will mention it in Oxygen, I found that in Youtube’s comments:

try to speed up that track, at least x2. Notice the notes the chorus hits? Isn’t that a certain familar march…?

Did Giacchino do the same genious trick as John Williams in TPM, where that festive child chorus is actually …sped-up Emperors’ Theme?

Star Wars at box office

suspiciouscoffee said:

It’s an EU movie.

Exactly. And it is the very best of EU; otherwise most of EU (both Lucas and Disney era) is a sea of utter rubbish with few hidden gems.

So you are telling me that despite the plan of including two Asian characters the film didn’t fare that well in China?

Imagine Hollywood execs meeting, who suddenly look&sound like confused Nemoidians:
-But… this… is… impossibru!

Rogue One * <em>Spoilers</em> * Thread

ray_afraid said:
I’m pretty impressed by the Tarkin in R1. […] I bought it! Not as Peter Cushing, but as the character of Tarkin.

It’s apparently true that most men are focused mainly on visuals and technical details. That’s what we read all over the net, “CGI this, CGI that”. For me the biggest deparature from original Tarkin/Cushing was the voice… oh, how I missed his rrr’s 😉 …a distinct accent from a person born 100 years ago.

Rogue One * <em>Spoilers</em> * Thread

What was the first thing in R1 you liked?

Heck, the film starts without the familiar crawl, rousing operatic music or awesome starship… I was still sceptical during those first minutes.

…but then:

Krennic: We were this close to providing peace, security for the galaxy.
Galen: You’re confusing peace with terror.
Krennic: You have to start somewhere…

I thought “if they keep giving us such memorable lines, maybe this film won’t be bad?”.

Think about it. This exchange could be about most of our real-world revolutions etc. “Oh, we do it for the people …and peace… but first we need to put those guillotines to use!”.

R1 has better political talks than anything from the Prequels. (And Prequels had to have some political talks, because they were to show us how a republic transformed into an empire.)

Why Doesn't the Resistance have Tie Fighters in The Fore Awakens?

Tyrphanax said:

I feel like the Rebellion-turned-Republic would have a slight issue with using technology and equipment that was so galactically identified with oppression, enslavement, and brutality.
I feel like the end of the Empire was a bit akin to the de-nazification of Germany after World War II. […] The Rebels tromping around in AT-ATs would be a bit like the Bundeswehr driving around in Tigers.

But in real life Israelis (Jews) were flying post-war copies of Messerschmitt 109 (designed by Nazi Germany) - and the Bundeswehr is using MG3 (which is modernized infamous MG42).

So indeed, TFA weapons simply follow the Rule of Cool… Visual Shortcut… another proof how hard they were fixated to make TFA feel just like ANH.

Star Wars: Rogue One - * Non Spoiler Discussion Thread *

ATMachine said:
neither artist AFAIK has really worked with Wagnerian leitmotifs in the Williams mold

My first time with Giacchino’s work was the soundtrack for the first Medal of Honor video games (~15 years ago).
Go to YT and find the “Radar Train” track from MoH OST.

Not only I can hear we’re on a train, but also “heroic US GI” and “evil Nazis” themes… and I didn’t even play that game level yet! Isn’t this just like good old Williams’ “Indiana Jones”?

Pardon my musical ignorance.

Over-dramatized Darth Vader posing in prior promo material

Mithrandir said:

how matter-of-fact Vader is in everything he does, with a very defined characteristic of coldness, tranquility, lack of enthusiasm and even elegance.

 Exactly. I always loved how in ESB he is the second to draw the sword... and the "good guy" is the one attacking. ;)

 An example I recall from some mediocre EU pulp:

SomeBadGuy: Yes, Sir!

Vader turns around: "yes, My Lord!"

Sounds very unvaderish to me. Like some weakling whining "I demand respect!".

Over-dramatized Darth Vader posing in prior promo material

Batmanization of Vader, you say?

Over-the-top drama you say?

STAR WARS was seen for years as "too nerdy", so the new marketing makes it "faster, more intense", so that it appears more angsty. You would surely agree we already had examples of messed-up characters' characters in the EU (expecially in comics).

It sucks just as mixing STAR WARS with things such as Angry Birds...

B1 in interactive 3D

Hal 9000 said:

This thread didn't stand a chance.

 ...given the level of this forum.

Dumb comments are all you can get from people, for who building such model is beyond their skills.


My comments would be:

- what software was used?

- given the polycount, I take it's for a video game?

- I can't assess the details (for example: leg spread), few months ago I sold my plastic kit

Star Wars: Episode VII to be directed by J.J. Abrams **NON SPOILER THREAD**

Harmy said:

This has been discussed somewhere recently and someone said that they 3D scanned the models into a computer and then used that, at least in Episode 3.

 I was always wondering: is this the best approach time-wise and money-wise? Assuming the physical models won't get used directly (ie: won't be edited in the film).

Let's compare:

1) designer draws a thing

2) modelmakers build it (think about time here: glue & paint need to dry; ever tried to build a model kit?)

3) the model gets 3D scanned (I take 3D scanners got more common & cheaper?)

4) we still need 3D artist to fix model errors (scan won't be perfect), add animation etc.


All-computer way skips #2 and #3. Shouldn't this be faster & cheaper? Especially when talking about whole miniature sets?

What are the benefits of building miniature physical models just for reference for 3D artist? I can only think of easier work with lighting the model (more natural if tested with miniatures) and perhaps textures... and... ?