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The Shifting Tone of Star Wars

CWBorne said:

Yeah, Lucas' original drafts refer to the good Ashla and evil Bogan parts of the Force, but they like so many other elements that more specifically defined it, were gradually dropped in succeeding version. Eventually it became the more  mysterious element of the galaxy that a variety of audiences found so interesting because it was ambiguous that you could read anything into it. 

In that regard its worth noting that ANH has Kenobi referring to Vader being seduced by just dark side, while the latter two films emphasize much more strongly that it was the Emperor himself who strongly lured him over, likely with his mastery of the dark side. Palpatine himself basically tells Darth that only their combined power can bring him over, and Yoda's last warning is that he cannot underestimate the Emperor's abilities. 

Clearly there was a shift that as bad as the dark side was, it was much more dangerous in the hands of experienced man like Palpatine. If there was cosmic element to the Force it seemed fairly malleable enough to whims of others, which fittingly enough could suggest an interesting backstory for the Emperor:

He wanted power, discovered he had the Force within him, learned of the abilities of the dark side, and then used it in subtle ways at the political level until he managed to get Anakin on his side, and proceeded to take out the biggest potential threat there was with the Jedi. Speaking for myself, Palpatine simply being an opportunist who found an effective means to get what he wanted is far more interesting than the quasi-fundamentalist Sith the prequels portrayed him as. 

i finally read the Heir to the Empire trilogy recently and not to majorly spoil anything but it is speculated in the book that the Emperor rose to power much in the same way Jorus C'baoth does (a partnership with the military at first, and that military believing they can keep him in check and under their control)

i wish Zahn had more freedom to delve a bit deeper into the Old Republic's history, Clone Wars, formation of the Empire, Emperor's rise to power. anything he had in mind would have probably been a million times better.

The Fall of the Jedi Trilogy

grabbed the dvd version off usenet. i gotta say i think this is the best fan edit of Phantom Menace i've seen and the most enjoyable viewing i've ever had of it.. i mean since you just cut the crap and junk out of it nothing was jarring about the edit. it felt very natural. it's amazing how much unnecessary crap was in that movie. nicely done!

though i wish R2 was repainted or perhaps removed when he's tagging along with the characters

it's a keeper. i eagerly await the other two

Are There Any Visually Striking Moments in the PT?

visually striking... yes i'd admit the Pod Race was. aurally striking too

only thing in AOTC i can think of are the viewpoints from within the clone shuttles when you see other ships blowing up and going down (usually with a live actor somewhere in the shot)

i've always liked the opening of ROTS, at least before Hayden & Ewan begin bantering back and forth. that opening scene kinda put the battle in ROTJ to shame. of course the impact of this battle is completely lost when they get back to Coruscant and it's business as usual.

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

SilverKey said:

When Anakin receives his Sith name after turning, the name Darth Vader could be used by Palpatine as another persuasive tool to get Anakin to be loyal to him by promising him to get him what he wants. It might also add another layer to Anakin's death in ROTJ: he discovers how to cheat death by turning away from the Dark Side.

hmm interesting. Anakin cheated death by holding on to his physical body with the dark side of the force & mechanical replacements. His physical presence was necessary to help take control of the galaxy, afterall. whereas Obi-Wan & Yoda let go of their physical selves and cheat death too and hold power in a different way.

maybe i'm stating the obvious. it just never occurred to me.

How did you imagine The Star Wars Prequels before they came out?

DuracellEnergizer said:

I know I got the idea of Mandalorians fighting in the Clone Wars from The Complete Star Wars Trilogy Scrapbook.

in at least one issue of the old Marvel Star Wars comics it's revealed that a few Mandalorians (Boba among them) fought on the side of the Empire during the Clone Wars.

doh, someone linked to the scan already!

STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

Tobar said:

I like the new dynamic establishing shot of Cloud City as well as the added cloud cars right before they enter the dining room. Though I'm a little iffy about the facial movements added to the ugnaught. Other than that, great work all around and thanks for the new clip. =)


i actually hadn't noticed Ugnaught's facial movements the first time. it didn't stand out to me. it's so subtle it's almost as if the original mask had enough flexibility for the actor to move his mask.