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Poll: Do You Think the OUT will be Released Again in '07?
Just a quick suggestion for you for next time when you make a poll, if what you are looking for is a semi-accurate result.

Make the poll balanced. Don't give one side variations of the same answer, or your results will be skewed.

There is one No option, and two Yes options. You asked a simple question, then split the Yes vote with specifics.

Star Trek gets better treatment than Star Wars...
quoted from

Well... it's the real deal, folks. As we first reported in The Rumor Mill the other day, and as was further confirmed by and AICN, CBS has just informed TV Guide's Insider that all 79 episodes of Gene Roddenberry's classic Star Trek: The Original Series are being given a special effects upgrade with new CG effects. Longtime Trek veterans Michael Okuda, Denise Okuda and David Rossi are apparently involved in the process to ensure that this is a class effort, as opposed to some kind of 'Where's Jar-Jar' operation. Says Mike in the Insider report: "We're taking great pains to respect the integrity and style of the original. Our goal is to always ask ourselves: What would Roddenberry have done with today's technology?" The ships will now have more detail, backgrounds will be more lively with people and activity, landscapes will now feature moving clouds, etc. The show's opening will be overhauled too, and the theme music has been re-recorded with a larger orchestra. What's more, technical goofs in the original production will apparently be fixed. Click here (or on the image below) for the article. We expect additional details to be announced by CBS shortly. As we anticipated, all of this work is being done in HD resolution (so they will likely EVENTUALLY be released on one or both of the high-def disc formats, though there are no official plans as yet). Our understanding is that the new "upgraded" episodes are part of a new syndication package to broadcast stations. The episodes are being upgraded one per week, and are being done out of order for some reason. The first upgraded ep, Balance of Terror, will apparently debut via broadcast syndication HD on 9/16. Consult your local listings. In the meantime, here's a look at the new CG Enterprise model...

This quoted from

Star Trek purists, take a deep breath! On Sept. 16, the iconic ‘60s series will return to syndication for the first time since 1990, but with a startling difference: All 79 episodes are being digitally remastered with computer-generated effects not possible when Gene Roddenberry created the show 40 years ago. The news could cause Roddenberry loyalists to have a collective cow, but the longtime Trek staffers in charge of the makeover say they're honoring the late maestro's vision, not changing it.
"We're taking great pains to respect the integrity and style of the original," says Michael Okuda, who spent 18 years as a scenic-art supervisor on Star Trek films and spin-offs. "Our goal is to always ask ourselves: What would Roddenberry have done with today's technology?" Okuda's teammates on the two-year project are his wife, Denise Okuda, with whom he's authored several Trek reference books, and 14-year Trek production vet David Rossi.
The upgraded episodes — to be shown out of order and one per week — will kick off with "Balance of Terror," a big fan favorite "that gives us a chance to really show off the ‘new' Enterprise," says Okuda. "The exterior of the ship now has depth and detail, and it will fly more dynamically." (Click here for a larger version of the image at left.) Painted backdrops will also be brought to life: Once-empty star bases will have CGI people milling about, while static alien landscapes have been given slow-moving clouds and shimmering water. Okuda notes that a view of Earth in the 1966 episode "Miri" has been "replaced with a more accurate image, now that we've gone into deep space and looked back at ourselves."
Trek's opening theme is also getting an overhaul: The music has been re-recorded in stereo with a bigger orchestra, and a new singer has been hired to wail those famous but wordless vocals. And goofs will be corrected: In "The Naked Time," there was no beam coming out of Scotty's phaser when he tried to cut through the bulkhead outside Engineering. Now there is.

No thanks. These people shit me up the wall. They have the balls to say " What would Roddenberry have done with today's technology? "..and then presume that he would have done this? I would like to think he just may have used it to create something new and relevant to the situation the world is in now, rather than milk something for every thing it was worth. Worthless hacks ! This is about MONEY, and not a fucking thing else. They should stop trying to talk it up like it's about anything else.
Ducks in Star Wars?
SW universe is a weird place. Is a duck the only animal the SW universe shares with ours , either in image or in speech ? Like..did anyone get hounded, or go batty or such? I know Leia said Tarkin emitted a 'foul stench' , but not sure if she meant he smelt like a chook.

They have holographic images that fit on something the size of a floppy disk, but nothing like a home entertainment system where you can watch old episodes of Galactic Geographic, and see ducks laying eggs and migrating and other duck-related stuff or do they, and I just missed it?

Besides in the bar in AOTC displaying droid-sports, are there any other screens displaying anything like entertainment in any of the movies? Or for that matter, anyone reading anything that would be the equivalent of a magazine? I guess they might have like a tablet that you can get the 'net on anywhere you go, so noone has things like magazines laying around the floor of their waiting rooms.
How George Lucas created the O-OT fanbase...
Just some drunken thoughts on the Blu-Ray/HD-DVD thing.

When I was a kid, we had a record player. It could play records at speeds 16, 33, 45 and 78's. We used it to play all our old and new 45's , and our LP's, like Pink Floyd and Hendrix and CCR and ..well, everything. In the back shed, we also had an old gramophone, that we would use to play the stack of gramophone records that lived in the shed. Then George Lucas came around, and broke them all, saying the quality sucked, and he didnt think that was what the musician intended. He was like that, even as a kid. But that's another story...

Worst thing about a record was, you played it once, and it never sounded as good again. It got dust on it, it crackled, and went pop. If it got a bad enough scratch on it,the needle would just skate across the record, and you couldn't hear the track, no matter how many coins you taped to the head of the record arm. You could lift the needle up and plonk it down on the next track if you wanted to skip a particularly sucky track, and got some sense of satisfacion if you got it right between tracks the first time. You couldn't listen to a whole record without stopping your listening and flipping the record over, untill some bright spark thought of having a linear needle on each side of the record, but they were pretty late on the scene and weren't common.

Then came cassettes. You could play them ten times, and the sound was pretty much the same as the first time you listened to them. Sure, sometimes they would jam, and you would eject the tape to find half a mile of concertinaed tape spewing from the tape, but all was pretty good. You had a few problems, like having to rewind the tapes, but later you got systems like Auto Program Search System, that would let you skip to the next track or go back to the start of the last, or players that would auto play the other side of the tape without manually eject and flipping the tape over. You could also record other media, like records, and that created a whole new bunch of problems. After years of these, and major inprovement in the systems these were played these on, the lack of quality started to become apparent.

Then came CD's. They offered the advantages of whole album side with no breaks, no deteriotion in quality after endless playing, more resilient than anything that had come before, and smaller and lighter than a brick. Many people threw out all the records and cassettes they ever owned, and their players, and never looked back. Systems got cheaper because everyone owned one. All was good in the world of audio that you could play at home.

Now I'm too drunk to fill in the rest...but ..short version...the video format wars happened, the lesser man won, and we all had video at home. People worked towrds getting the equiv of CD for video, and we got laserdisk. It was too expensive for your average punter, and besides quality, most releases offered very little extra over a vhs tape. Later, we got DVD. With DVD we got alternate audio tracks, extras and docos and trailers and all sorts of crap on disks, plus we got instant access and no lack of quality from a tape dragging across some video heads. We got reasonable, affordable priced disks. People that never considered owning libraries of videos soon had more DVD than they could watch in a week. People have DVD, and don't give a damn about the slight upgrade that Blu-Ray or HD-DVD give in picture quality, because it offers nothing else.

Untill players can play both formats, and the player price comes down, and there is some groundbreaking release that people just have to have, people will not adopt the new video format beyond a few geeks with sacks of money to burn. I won't, and I have 20 feet of DVD's on my shelf, and have previously left a record, cassette, and video collection behind as I upgraded to whatever had a real advantage over what I owned before.

However, if there was a deluxe SW collection, with theatrical versions and The Masters Vision versions of each of the films, and a bunch of disks loaded with extras and all only available on Blu-Ray or HD-DVD, then I would seriously consider getting a player for that particular format. I'm sure GL knows his stuff could swing sales for one format or the other. Must be fun to play God.

George Lucas and Ed Wood OR The Alignment of the Stars
I've wanted to post this link for a while, and it's kinda on-topic, considering that perhaps Alan Ladd Jr. 'gave' Lucas the money based on American Graffiti. Not sure how slanted the figures are because maybe more people saw AG after Star Wars was released. I know that my older brother took me to see AG at the drive-in on its first release, and that we drove 100 miles to get there, and then 100 miles after it finished. He was into cars in a big way, so AG was being praised in cars magazines that he was reading. We wouldn't have cared what the story was, the main attraction was the beautiful shots of all those fine cars. But I'm getting way off topic here.

Anyway, the numbers in this article are interesting, even if they haven't been updated for a while.

Returns on investment

Did GL select John Williams, Gil Taylor, Ralph McQuarrie, etc as the people he wanted to work with, or were those selected by Kurtz?
George Lucas and Ed Wood OR The Alignment of the Stars
Interesting comparison.

I think Ed Wood saw things very differently to the rest of us. Whilst the rest of us might have gotten bogged down in seeing the scenery moving, or little details like that, he saw right past that to something else. Just what he was actually seeing, I can't imagine. To say he saw things through rose-coloured glasses is an understatement. I kind of envy him for that. Not sure that the Tim Burton film was terribly accurate, but it's a nice story obviously made with some affection and perhaps feeling of kinship for Wood.

He was still alive when SW was first released. I wonder if he saw it. I would think that if he was offered the chance at a budget like Lucas had, he would have rather made 50 movies than just put it all into one.

The definitive list: changes you can and can't stand...
I don't care for any of the added stuff really. I like the Biggs bit, but the cut and the person walking across the screen during that bit bug me.

It was a flawed jem for me before. I watched it at release in the cinema and later on TV, and the matt lines, boxes and stuff were all part of its charm. That later they could do effects without those lines and boxes etc really was irrelevant. It was state of the art then. Perhaps I could understand some changes that meshed seamlessly with the previous work, but most of what was done sticks out and was done so half-arsed that its really hard to enjoy those bits, even if you want to. And when I'm sitting there watching it with my 3 yo daughter, I really want to just ignore those parts, like Han jerking around with Greedo and Jabba, but I can't. She really loves the start of ROTJ with the whole Jabba's palace / Rancor bit , all the way up to them leaving after the barge explodes, and it kinda peeves me that she will think something is wrong with a Sarlacc that doesn't have a beak. Ohh, and a side note: she loses all interest in the film when the ewoks show up, so I have no idea who they were aimed at.

Just a side quest..not meaning to derail anything, but

Was Biggs and Tank always mentioned by name by Luke when he was sitting at the table with this aunt and uncle ?

I really wish instead of all the other un-needed changes that were made that they had restored those scenes with Biggs at Ancorhead, with Koo. Biggs seemed to be the most important person to Luke outside of his family prior to meeting Ben, and those scenes with Biggs walking around in his cape talking about the rebellion are far more enjoyable than a dopey Jabba at Han's ship.
Star Wars isn't the only one...
Ingo Sucks wins at Internet!

I /bow down before you Sir. You should have your own site or blog if you don't already.

I know I have the first release CD of Doom2 in my huge collection of assorted junk. I'm pretty sure I have the original DOS disks for Doom laying around here somewhere too, if that is of any use. I just threw out by original browser disks, all mint in box with manuals other day too. Quarterstaff or something like that? man, going on the net back then was a nightmare.

I was walking down the street past a PC shop, when they had Doom running. I had no idea PC's could run games like that, and went inside and brought a new PC that day. 486 dx2-66 I think, with 16 mb of ram (I think) and a CD drive so I could run the copy of Doom2 that was due out soon. I think it cost me $2200 back then(australian dollars), and ran Windows 3.1 and Dos6. I keep finding old price lists and stuff from back then, that would make your hair curl . 21 inch monitor...$3k . was state of the art back then. My gilrfriend would try to play, and get motion sickness from running around corners and jump outta her skin screaming.

Ahhh. Those were the days.

Edit: Yep, just went and had a look. I do have it , in its box with all the manuals and lists of other shareware stuff you could buy ( Jazz Jackrabbit!) from the local distributor, plus tips on how to get it running. They say it needs at least 3mb of free memory to run, and gives instructions on how to make a boot disk to free up that much memory! . It's on 4 floppies, version 1.666. I might have to try installing it on another comp to see if the floppies are still readable.
Why no stickies for some worthwhile threads?
Sending people here to have a read and get some reasonable and well thought out points of view from people that work in the industry or have an intelligent approach seems like a waste of time. If any of the people that were on the " address for Media Contacts" actually came here for more info on a story , all they would see is people throwing frustrated tantrums and calling Lucas names or impatiently waiting for his demise as a way to get the OOT released.

I'm not saying those posts should be removed, but that a couple of the reasonable ones that have dropped by the wayside could be locked and sticked on the front page, so that a visitor to the site could get a grasp of the issues at hand

Some people have posted some well informed opinions and/or some reasonable arguments as to why the films should be or could be released in a format and condition that would make most of us happy. It is a shame those posts aren't the first thing that a viewer would see when they visit this forum.
The 2004 SE DVD covers are laughable!
Holy Crap !!

I just tried mine, and they do come out!

Trouble is, I did it to the Bonus Material one at the same time I had the cover for the Empire Strikes Back one out, and now I have them mixed up I think.

I'm gonna stick them on EBay now, cause they aren't genuine now. And then I'm gonna call my lawyer.

What kinda clowns sell boxes that let you do that? Those bastards.

Making the best of a bad situation

I have no idea on that, but here are some Pal, Region 4 online store links.

They also sell a whole line of their own tin box sets.

Australian Order link--A New Hope

Australian Order link -- Empire Strikes Back

Australian Order Link -- Return of the Jedi

I like the way the Audio, Aspect Ratio and Running Time sections for each of those are marked " To Be Confirmed".