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Guardians of Peace: A Silent, Scrambled TPM Edit (WIP)

A few years after my last two failed edit attempts have left to rot… I return bearing yet another wild idea!

Inspired by Luke Burrage’s “The Silent Menace”, I have decided to try my hand at… basically remaking The Phantom Menace from the ground up.

Alongside completely muting the audio of the film (to be replaced with pure soundtrack + subtitles whenever I have the ability to do so), I have radically restructured the entire film… mostly for the sole purpose of seeing how much I can fuck with it without completely breaking all logic.

This ain’t really a straightforward “fixed it for you <33” edit, since those are dime a dozen now, moreso just an experiment.

The edit itself is still in early stages, and is heavily subject to change.

Current changes in mind:

New Crawl:

"Star Wars
Episode I
Guardians of Peace

For thousands of generationns, the Republic has thrived under the protection of the JEDI KNIGHTS, having vanquished the evil LORDS OF THE SITH milennia ago.

Now it is a time of great terror, however. The greedy TRADE FEDERATION has been dealing in the shadows with a mysterious SITH LORD, promising them power and fortune for their compliance. To prove their devoution to the Sith’s nefarious cause, the FEDERATION has set sights on the planet of ALDERAAN, setting a blockade of deadly warships around the planet.

As moves are made to invade the peaceful planet, the Jedi Knight QUI-GON JINN and his young apprentice OBI-WAN KENOBI are wrapped up in scouting for a young, force sensitive child on the distant planet of TATOOINE…"

  • Film starts with a pandown, showing the Trade Federation ships over the planet of Naboo (VFX work required). The Viceroy and Sidious discuss their invasion plans, with the only worry that Qui-Gon will arrive soon and ward of the invasion once he learns about it, as he is the Royal Family’s primary guardian. Sidious tries to quell their fears, saying he has sent an assassin to deal with the Jedi.
  • Wipe to Maul’s ship approaching Tatooine, landing, and sending droids out.
  • Another wipe leads to the scene where Anakin says goodbye to Shmi, then the deleted scene where they realize they’re being followed by a Probe Droid, and then, finally, the duel with Maul, and Qui-Gon escaping the planet.
  • After the escape, we get another scene with the Trade Federation guys learning about Maul’s failure, but Sidious insists that things are still going to his plan.
    (From here on things are a bit more muddy, still trying to work out how to do things)
  • Qui-Gon arrives at Coruscant, learning about the invasion, and he and Obi-Wan leave to investigate, Qui-Gon telling Anakin to stay behind.
  • They arrive on Naboo (Working on new VFX to establish it), meet Jar Jar along their way towards the palace to rescue the Queen.
  • After rescuing Padme, they try to leave, as pilots try to attack the Federation ship, both fail, so they have to fall back on the planet and think of a new approach, when they get the idea of using the Gungan army as a distraction while they try to capture the Viceroy.
  • The rest of the movie plays out pretty much the same, minus any shots of Anakin, and the entire space battle. Instead, the droids get shut down at Padme’s command at blaster point.
  • Obi-Wan, as Qui-Gon’s apprentice, is now the new guardian of Alderaan
  • The Senate scene being moved to near the end, before the funeral. The issue at hand is the prosecution of Viceroy Gunray, and the Chancelor electing to not prosecute him is what leads to the Vote of No Confidence.
  • Film ends on Qui-Gon’s funeral


The Queen’s failed escape

The Droid Army’s deactivation

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Honestly, I’m not really a fan of the “alt PT that includes Rogue One” ideas. Like aside from that hardly really being a fixed ver of the Prequel trilogy, imo they don’t quite gel together storywise.

The only thing I think could really fit an alt PT thing would be the Kenobi series, since it follows a main character from one trilogy, and a prominent secondary character from the other.

Community Focus Thread 1: The Phantom Menace

Peter Pan said:
The idea behind the bongo in the first shot was actually to substitute the classic opening shot as it looks like space ship anyway. That‘s also why I’m fading between the starfield moving up and the underwater scenery, the idea was to make the upwards moving stars look like bubbles. Maybe I have to extend the shot before the bongo appears and add some real air bubbles.

Ah, I see. Honestly I’d like to see that idea more fleshed out. The disappearing Bongo’s still a bit of an issue though.

Peter Pan said:
In regards to the establishing shot of the invasion army, I‘d be glad if someone could help me with that.

I’d be down to assist! Currently been on the lookout for good, free assets for this, but have had trouble. I know Battlefront 2 has the ships, but I haven’t been able to locate a good rip of them yet.

EddieDean said:

Here’s a quick little attempt at a crawl.

Woah, that’s definitely the best written version so far! Interested in seeing what your concept for the opening will be like.

Also apologies if I’m sorta flooding the thread a lot with my thoughts lmao, brain just starts writing and doesn’t know when to stop.

Community Focus Thread 1: The Phantom Menace

My suggestion is something like:

There is a Great Disturbance in the Force! For centuries, the peaceful people of Naboo and the neighboring warrior race of the GUNGANS have lived in a shaky state of peace. However now tension threatens to engulf the planet in CIVIL WAR, causing QUEEN AMIDALA to plead to the Senate for some sort of solution to this conflict.

Hindered by war profiteers and those that see instability as an opportunity alike, Supreme Chancellor Valorum has secretly dispatched two Jedi Knights, chivalrous warriors and ancient scholars of the Force, to aid the young Queen of Naboo in his stead.

Unknown to all, a dark force lingers within the shadows, waiting for the opportunity to strike, as Jedi Master QUI-GON JINN and his young apprentice OBI-WAN KENOBI make their way to the Gungan underwater city to settle the conflict between the two races…

(Note: Could probably use some condensing, but sorta trying to get the general ideas across. Keeping your proposed middle paragraph.)

Community Focus Thread 1: The Phantom Menace

Sorta agree. The base idea of the Jedi initially being sent to settle the feud between the Gungans and Naboo is an interesting idea, and could help tie together their cooperation at the end a lot better… but the Federation should be an established presence too.

Some suggestions:

The crawl needs a few more drafts imo. Alongside setting the Federation up as taking the Naboo v Gungan Crisis as an opportunity, it needs a few more drafts for the grammar and the like.

One thing that’d need new VFX is a proper pandown of the planet. Perhaps it can show the blockade arriving from hyperspace or something (if I had a good model of the donut ships, I could probably mock something up), before transitioning to the scene of the Jedi swimming to the Gungan city (removing that first shot of the Bongo, since I feel it was more confusing than anything else).

Better yet, said shot of the Federation arriving could be before the scene in the Queen’s throne room, suddenly throwing a wrench into the equation, while simultaneously properly setting the Federation up instead of them just kinda… appearing.

Some personal things: I’d remove the line from Panaka about the Federation needing Padme to sign a treaty, I think the bearded guy’s “They wouldn’t dare!” is enough, and Panaka’s line is pretty clunky. I’d also cut down the whole “Where are you taking them?” “To Coruscant” part.

Otherwise, this has gotta be my favorite of the proposed alternate openings. Definitely a creative idea.

Also gotta say, I love the addition of the Vulture Droids soaring overhead tipping the Jedi off about the invasion. I genuinely had to go back to see if they were in the original film or not.

Worst Edit Ideas

NotTheDri0ds said:

Completely remove Jar Jar from the entire PT, but don’t change any of the scenes to accommodate that. Jar Jar’s actually a mass hallucination spread through the entire Republic.

Expanding on this idea, do it to literally every character the fanbase deems “annoying” or “bad”. Reva, young Anakin. Not just the men, but the women, and the children too, after all.

Star Wars Episode I: The Rise of Naboo (v3.5 released)

That’s definitely a lot more subtle. I wonder if there’s a way you could get a middle ground between the two? It could just be Vimeo’s compression, but I can hardly notice it.

Also, hope my critique hasn’t been too scathing, lol. Looking back my previous replies did turn out a bit more blunt than intended.