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Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

So If I re-editted TROS, Pasanna would just be another place on Jakku because I always felt that Jakku was much larger and important than what others just say “it’s a rip off of Tatooine” I feel like Pasanna should have always been Jakku basically because this film we’re learning Rey’s Origins and her arc is completed.
I thought though the speeder chase in TROS was actually good and I liked the fast pacing aspect of the scene because they are trying to get away from them as soon as possible to find Ochi’s ship, I feel though that the music was not really that strong and make us feel that “OH CRAP! THE FIRST ORDER ARE AFTER THEM NOW!” Instead we got a "Mmmh okay the First Order are now there…whatever… In this, this is a ROUGH MUSIC TEST, using the same score from Attack of The Clones during Zam Wessel’s Speeder Chase.


Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

BrotherOfSasquatch said:

So, here’s a pretty radical idea I had last night that might make a large chunk of the fanbase mad. Sorry that its a little long winded and rambling.

Since the release of TROS, I know there’s been talks about converting the NotAnotherDesertPlanet into one we already know from the series (i.e. Tatooine, Jakku or even Jedha). But WHAT IF… we made Pasanna into Cantonica?

Hear me out: We already know that Cantonica is a desert planet and we’ve already visited the more opulent side of it. But what about the rest of the planet? What if in a contrast to the previous movie, our heroes have to go back to the planet and visit the more natural side of it? The side which unlike the rich, snooty city of greedy offworlders that is Canto Bight, is full of tradition and culture amongst the natural residents of it? A side which shows just exactly it means to not fight what we hate but to save what we love? I think doing this could accentuate the themes of both TLJ and any fan edits of TROS (specifically ones like Hal’s Ascendant). It could drive home the importance of family to Rey’s arc as well as adding more substance to make the final battle with the Civilian Fleet have more of an impact (showing how while rich tycoons have played both sides of the wars, it’s ultimately just ordinary people who turn the tide of battle once and for all). In addition, it helps explain a logical problem some people have with the theatrical movie about why there would be such a heavy First Order presence on this backwater planet. Because it would make more sense if this was the planet where not even a year ago, two Resistance spies caused a massive disruption and were able to sneak aboard the First Order’s capital using that planet as a springboard. Plus, we’d TECHNICALLY get to see Lando on the gambling planet. Lol.

The only downside of this I can think of is that it would make the obvious backpedaling of Rose in the movie even more lamer. Because why wouldn’t Finn and Co. let her come along to the planet she already was on? Other than that, I think it would be an interesting idea to consider.

What if we do Jakku instead? Because afterall Jakku had secret stuff reguarding the Sith. Palpatine afterall built a hidden Clonning Chamber found in The Aftermath Trilogy, also it would all connect again back to The Force Awakens.


sade1212 said:

I wouldn’t let other people tell you what to think about the movies. Trying to please everyone is how TROS wound up being what it is. YouTube is full of truly mindless takes from people who like to be angry all the time (and/or make money off of it).

Most of your ideas here are very radical and would require substantially altering the plot and character arcs of the trilogy. Plus, some of them just seem like trying to tie-in to other material in ways that make little sense: why would Pryde be Thrawn? And how? Has he painted his face? Does he still get exploded out of a window? Etc. I’d carefully consider exactly what each of your planned changes would gain/lose. If Luke arrives on Crait in person, how does he survive? Is he just invincible? If Luke’s invincible, how is he dead in the next movie? As is endlessly demonstrated in HAL’s Ascendant thread, fanediting often comes down to trying to do as much as you can with only small tweaks - even then, tiny edits can have undesirable implications and repercussions for the rest of the movie.

Why are you calling Neverar “Great Date”?

  1. No one tells me what to think about the movies, I am just trying to improve the story that’s been presented to us, so those fans who dislike them, may think of them a bit differently.
  2. That was a Spelling Error of (Great Date) I thought it was in the user name, my bad
  3. Character Arcs are being alternated, especially Finn’s Arc. I want Finn to be more important because many people feel like he needed to be as big as a character in the later two movies, like how he was in Force Awakens, and moving The Finn and Phasma fight till then makes that a bit better.
  4. General Pryde to Thrawn is a friend of mine’s personal request that will be presented in a good way, with some help of SW Rebels, There’s going to be more context to where he’s been in the film.
  5. Luke gets to Craite and duels against Kylo, to then later being killed by Ren. This further helps Kylo grow as a much more intimating threat to The Resistance.
  6. I know fanediting often comes down to tiny edits, but the overall story could be alternated as well and I will not be ruining any of the three movies with these edits.

LegendX600 said:

sade1212 said:

I wouldn’t let other people tell you what to think about the movies. Trying to please everyone is how TROS wound up being what it is. YouTube is full of truly mindless takes from people who like to be angry all the time (and/or make money off of it).

Sure, “mindless takes,” the thousands of people who were upset by these movies and their awful decisions are mindless. I think it’s funny how all of these “mindless takes” rake in thousands and millions of views while the videos defending them get substantially less and have massive dislike ratios. But as much as I disagree with your bad opinion, you are correct about the fan editing segment. Fan editing is limited and there’s only so much you can really do, you are making some big requests that are probably not going to be cheap in all honesty.

I know it won’t be easy and will not be cheap, that’s why I’m putting all this money into something I am passionate about, these cuts will improve the overall story, that’s my goal


HELP WANTED- For Sequel Trilogy Fan Cuts
Hello There, I am a friendly fellow Star Wars Fan, who loves The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, but my other close friends and subscribers, (Yes I have a Youtube Channel) really dislike the trilogy, or at least The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker, so with me as an editor, I’m trying to edit the whole trilogy as cohesive as possible, with fixing what fans have problems with, and also to just better streach out the story. If anyone is interested in helping me with these fan cuts, it would be a huge help, such as new VFX Shots and Photoshop edits of new scenes. My goal for this huge project is to put something out there that the Sequel Trilogy haters and Sequel Trilogy Lovers will both like. (Or at least think it’s fine) Thank you. PM if interested.

Story beats that will be changed
-Rey is still a Palpatine but finds out that she killed her own parents with Red Sith Force Lighting
-Ben Solo/Kylo Ren will be redeemed by Anakin Skywalker (Idea inspired by LuigiGZ13 on YT)
-Anakin will defeat Palpatine (Idea inspired by Ultimate Mcu Fan on YT)
-Finn vs Phasma won’t happen till Episode IX
-Acbar destroys the Supremancy (Idea Inspired by IvanOrtega’s TLJ Fan Edit)
-Palpatine shoots up Red Force Lighting at The Entire Resistance Fleat (Idea inspired by Darth Default on YT)
-Luke Skywalker is more hopeful and trains Rey a bit differently than what we saw (But he’s still on the island because he’s depressed of failing Ben) (-Inspired Ideas by IvanOrtega’s TLJ Edit)
-Luke Skywalker arrives on Craite in person with his Green Lightsaber (Idea triggered from IvanOrtega’s fan edit)
-Starkiller base doesn’t fire till after Han’s Death (Idea inspired from Hal 9000 and Neverar)
-Less of Canto Bight (Idea inspired from IvanOrtega)
-In Episode VIII, Finn’s main arc is him sending a message out to The First Order Troops that they have a choice, and that they are being used as Pawns, till then Phasma captures them.
-Rey will be having dreams of Ach-To Island throguhout Episode VII (Idea inspired from Neverar)
-Rey doesn’t find Luke till Episode VIII (Idea inspired from Neverar)
-Kef Bir is being replaced as The Forrest Moon Planet of Endor (Idea inspired by Hal 9000)
-Kylo Ren vs Rey on The Death Star II’s remains is going to be more epic, with aditional force moves, rain and thunder, and a rescore
-General Pryde is revealed to be Grand Admiral Thrawn (Idea by Zach Gaxiola)
-Finn wakes up on Jakku in Episode VII at dawn (Idea inspired from Neverar)
-Kylo’s entire face isn’t revealed till Han Solo confronts him shortly before his own deathbed (Idea inspired from Neverar)

-Voice Actors
-Very well Photoshopped edited scenes
-New VFX Shots
-Color Replacements/Color Corrections

Episode VII. The Force Awakens (December 18th 2021)
Episode VIII. The Last Jedi (December 18th 2021)
Episode IX. From The Darkness (December 18th 2021

The Rise of Skywalker: RESURGENCE (Released)

Very interested read. I love your Corellia sideplot at the beginning with Kylo. As a huge Kylo Ren fan, it truley shows that you know the character, that he says “Let The Past Die” because he is haunted and obsessed with it. Could I possibley get a link to the fan cut, seems like you’ve put a lot of effort in it, with the clips I’ve saw above reguarding Rey’s parent twist!