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Song Of The South

Notelu said:

Moiisty said:

Has any progress been made on a v3 or atleast anything because i have v2 with the fixed eng audio and i must say that it looks amazing

V3 of the SOTS restoration is currently in progress, it will be hand cleaned compared to the current version which is automatically cleaned.

Right Now ~12,000/134,985 frames are cleaned from the main 35mm source, then I need to correct at least ~1000 frames from the 16mm source. Then I need to color correct the footage and then sync the multiple dub audio tracks to the final video, and then master a Blu-Ray ISO for it. Expect it to come out Q3 2018.

where will the iso be uploaded and whats the size? also how do u figure out the right color

Halloween 1978 theatrical cut?

Slavicuss said:

The link at the very top of this page will take you to a nice looking widescreen version of the theatrical cut.

i just found a copy in my house on dvd, here is a photo of what it looks like

Just took an image of ebay/internet

is this theatrical since it says 93 mins runtime

Halloween 1978 theatrical cut?

Slavicuss said:

MrBrown said:

How many different cuts exist of that movie? AFAIK I have two different versions on DVD… One is about 90 minutes, the other about 100 minutes. I always theught that covered all version…

Ah… Misread your answer, somehow my brain deleted a ‘not’ while reading…

I have three versions of HALLOWEEN (1978).

  1. The 1978 theatrical cut (widescreen and fullscreen).

  2. The 1999 extended cut (about 10 mins longer in widescreen).

  3. The 1981 TV edit (fullscreen) is cut for violence & language, but has the added scenes filmed during/after(?) production of HALLOWEEN II (1981), to fill out the running time.

Exclusive to this TV edit are two extra title cards and two alternate takes:

Two new title cards appear in succession, which reads: “Smith’s Grove, Illinois” and “May 1st 1964”, are placed at the beginning of the new extended scene featuring Dr Loomis and the two psychiatrists.

Laurie discovering the bodies of her two friends in the wardrobe.

Laurie telling the two children to go next door and call the police.

Do you think you could upload the best version of the theatrical cut that you have