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my memory isn't that bad, is it?
Originally posted by: Mindless Philosopher
Here's another urban legend: I could swear on one of the old 'making ofs' (From Star Wars to Jedi?) George Lucas actually said something to the effect that he wanted his movies to be about people, and that the effects should not be the stars of the film.
But then again, maybe that part of the interview was only in the novel...

"A special effect is just a tool, a means of telling a story, a special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing."

That's the quote you're remembering.
I think the only way the change works at all is to show Shaw, Yoda, & Guinness in the shots where Luke is looking at them. Then in the final shot of them, show Hayden, Yoda as a young whatever he is, and Ewan McGregor (Liam Neeson optional).
Of course, for that to work, all would preferably be shot IN CONTEXT, not lifted from costume tests.

Or the better idea is to just leave it as it was in '83.
G. Lucas to host showing of Star Wars &quot;1977&quot; for AFI's 40th anniversary.
I doubt it will fade into history.
Right now there is the (admittedly subpar) GOUT, to confirm its existence.
If the fans aren't appeased in some way, piracy will start up again like it was pre-GOUT, when every bootleg site on the net and ebay were flooded with them.
Greed will give way, inspiring another re-issue, which will likely be of better quality (if only marginal).
G. Lucas to host showing of Star Wars &quot;1977&quot; for AFI's 40th anniversary.
Originally posted by: generalfrevious
But George Romero is not some tyrannical film mogul who will do anything in his path to absolutely destroy all existing copies, memories, and supporters for the OOT. It's not illegal to watch the original version of dawn of the dead, and in 15 years time Romero would never purue the death penalty for being in favor of the OOT. The OOT is now more or less equal to the SW Holiday special to George Lucas. So you might as well shave your head, put on a sackcloth, cover your body in ashes, and flog youself in bottomless grief for the horrible, slow death of the SW saga. THERE IS NO HOPE now that Lucas controls AFI. They were are only hope.


That seems a tad dramatic...
With the picture you paint, I imagine Kareem Abdul-Jabar walking the streets, ringing a bell.
"Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!"
G. Lucas to host showing of Star Wars &quot;1977&quot; for AFI's 40th anniversary.
I'd just assume they don't screen anything at all.
It's not that I hate the SE's or anything, but this is supposed to be commemorating history.
I can just hear ignorant people in the audience now, "You know, that Jabba the Hutt may look like shoddy CGI by today's standards, but I wonder how they did that back in 1977?"
The SE has no place at the AFI's anniversary. Screen it wherever else, whenever else you'd like to, and I might casually pick up a ticket if I had the night free. Screening it there is flat out offensive. It would be like screening that 30th anniversary version of Night of the Living Dead where a damned co-writer went back and filmed a bunch of crap with a hero priest fighting off the zombies because he was "chosen by God".
Why the hell did the lazy Emperor even think Luke would join the dark side and become his new apprentice?!
Originally posted by: ADigitalMan
As Luke said, "Your overconfidence is your weakness." And it was. Elegant, succinct writing.

If GL wrote ROTJ today, not only would he replace the Ewoks with Gungans, but the dialogue between Luke and Palps would go like this:
"Luke, you are destined to join the dark side of the force and become a Sith like your father became a Sith before you. Only together can we discover the mystery of how to bring your mother back to life. But to do that you must first kill your father, just as he killed children in order to become strong in the Force. Only then will you be strong enough in the dark side to save your dead mother's life."
"I do not agree with the logic behind your statement, Your Highness. From my point of view that is an evil statement. Soon I will be dead and you will also be dead, and my father will also be dead. You both will be dead along with me. We all will be dead together. Your overconfidence in your plan to lure me to the dark side and have me kill my father to take his place because of the psychological issues with me not knowing my parents growing up while you have had a vision of the future, which is always in motion anyway, is your weakness."
"Your faith in the good side of the Force, and that it will not only protect you but also your friends as they execute their battle plans on the moon below us is yours."

I swear, GL wrote the Prequels in Engrish sometimes.

"Your fleet is lost & all your base are belong to us. There is no chance to escape make your time, my young apprentice."
MagnoliaFan Edits - &quot;Balance&quot; and &quot;Clone War&quot;
1 and 2 are pretty much done except for some really elaborate stuff that I'm saving for "Well, if I EVER get this to work, then there'll be a third version some day."
I'm waiting on corrections to the Episode I and II crawls before releasing them into the wild.

3 is pretty much done except for the voice work on Grievous. I'm tossing around a few different things on that.

Qui-gon's kinks are all worked out. He has a vocal presence a few times throughout the film and does finally appear as a ghost at the end.

I pretty much had to use the rest of the scene as a reference and build new backgrounds in the computer to reframe the 1 shot and to create a new backdrop for the other. Just fine tuning it for the most part.

MagnoliaFan Edits - &quot;Balance&quot; and &quot;Clone War&quot;
I'm just waiting on a correction to be made to the crawl (a typographical error that a fan pointed out) and the Dual Layer DVD of the youtube version of Balance of the Force will be ready to go out... Well, beyond that, I still have to finish the menus and record my commentary, but those are trifles compared to the crawl.
I'm also tinkering with some music while I wait, thanks to "GoodMusician"s complete score releases.
Originally posted by: adywan
Well i have took note of the last few comments and i have done some minor editing and i'm really happy to say that......


Its a bit shorter than i originally intended but this edit does sort out all the niggles that have been said recently by SynchG, beej199, Master Qui-Gon, vbangle, Darksaber & ron2112 about luke, leia, han, chewie & the rest of the stuff and this edit should just what you are looking for now. I'm so glad i have finally managed to complete it and i really hope you will all enjoy it. the DVd version should be along soon but for now i have managed to compress it to a very small xvid file without losing too much quality. It may be small but i assure you this is the full movie.
I can now finally have a well earned rest before i tackle my next project. i may do a version 2 of revisited that might come out towards the end of the year if the interest is still there.
Its uploaded to megaupload so if you need it to be uploaded to rapidshare then just ask.



Can you imagine if that would have been what had shown up in '97 as the SE?
I would have paid real money to see an audience reaction to that on the big screen.
Star Wars Prequels/Original Trilogy: The Complete Scores
All I can say is WOW...
Your soundtracks are an amazing resource.
Here I thought that I was just waiting on a corrected crawl on for my Episode I dvd and it was complete, and then I took one listen to your Phantom Menace score.
Back to the drawing board.

And the Lapti Nek recordings. I don't know where you found them (it's probably in the thread, but I haven't read all of it), but bravo.
That was the one thing I was missing in order to eradicate that atrocity that is Jedi Rocks from Jedi.
The Visual Effects Society Unveils “50 Most Influential Visual Effects Films of All Time”
If you've ever seen the Behind the scenes for Pirates 2, they really did some groundbreaking motion capture work with Bill Nighy, allowing him to perform in frame with the actors in the takes as he was being motion captured. The dot work on his face captured every subtle twitch and nuance of his movements. It allowed for some spontaneous direction and interactivity that was not possible with past digital performances.
Anyone else nostalgic to the PT?
I feel a strong nostalgia to all of the hype and buildup in the ensuing months before the PT began.
The anticipation that we were finally going to be able to go home again after such a long time.
That we were going to witness something powerful and amazing.
That being said, I had realistic expectations. If the film had been a little weaker than Jedi, that would have been enough for me.
The crowd roared with excitement as the Fox log, LFL logo and the "A long time ago..." title cards appeared onscreen.
They screamed and cheered throughout the entire crawl.
The moment that Captain said, "Yes sir" to Qui-Gon, a hush fell over the audience. Something didn't feel right.
A collective gasp echoed throughout the theatre as the Viceroy spoke his first line.
The entire theatre was silent for the remainder of the feature except for a group of people "booing" when Darth Maul was killed.
When the film was over, my cousin turned to me and said, "THAT was a lot worse than Return of the Jedi."
Then other friends and family began to bombard me with questions and complaints.
"What the hell is a Sith?"
"Why did that frog hold up a glowing ball at the end? I thought it was a bomb like in the battle earlier."
"What was up with those goofy accents? Why couldn't they just talk in alien languages like Greedo?"
etc, etc, etc
Star Wars Radio Drama - *update in 1st post* - completed review
I remember buying that book when it came out. I still have it sitting on a shelf about 10 feet away.
I think it has some additional scene extensions and material not in the final radio drama, but my memory may be decieving me.
I could get off my lazy ass and look I suppose...

If the book is ungodly hard to find or something, drop me an email (at the hotmail one) and I'll look into scanning it for the community or something. Then again, if its easy to get, just go shell out the money.
What 30th Anniversary?
You left out part of my speech:
"Star Wars is the worst movie I ever saw. Lucas and McCallum are stupid people. A couple of stoners who spout dumb-ass catchphrases like a third-rate Cheech and Chong or Bill and Ted. Fuck Lucasfilm. Fuck them up their stupid asses."

You know I'm just playin', George & Rick.

Originally posted by: Laserschwert
Originally posted by: TheCassidy
Yeah! Fuck Lucasfilm! Fuck them up their stupid asses!

Stop quoting Affleck quoting Magnoliafan...