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Requiem for a Clone War dream... (2003 series) (* unfinished project * - lots of info)

Anyhow, really liking the progress I'm seeing here and I'm looking forward to the end result. I'm particularly looking forward to how you mess with Grievous's coloring since that's something that's always bugged me and I had hoped that for the DVD release they would have changed it to its final color scheme, but alas, they didn't...
Info: Framing a 35mm Print?

I have a question, and I figure with the massive amount of knowledge you guys have, at least someone might be able to help me, heh.

I have recently acquired a clipping of a 35mm strip that has 5 frames on it. Does anyone know any way to frame this in such a way that it won’t receive any damage from sunlight and such and maybe also have a backlight or something to view the frames?

I may end up engineering something myself, but I was just wondering if there’s already a widely available solution out there.

Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus FMV DVD - Finished (* unreleased *)

Completed, at last.

The DVD case is designed to compliment the OST and the Redemption single and fit in the box that comes with the Limited Edition OST, like so:

Disc Art:

The DVD contains 12 FMVs and 2 music videos. All of the FMVs are fully subtitled, except for the insert song (Redemption) in the endgame FMV.

Screenshots of the menus:

And of the actual video…

I just burned the final test DVD and am pretty satisfied. The only thing I think that could be changed is the look of the subtitles. I’ll look into it, but I’m not sure about it since the subs can be pretty long in some lines, so I’m dangerously close to the overscan area on a few of them as is.

FFVII: Advent Children - Bonus DVD (* unfinished project *)
Okay, so I got an official copy of the DVD, and am quite disappointed... The subs aren't accurate at all, since they used what's known as "dubtitling", which is, instead of the subs being translations of the Japanese, they're pretty much rough copies of the english, which leads to some very crappy moments...

Anyhow, so I've decided my DVD lineup will be this (in no particular order)...

-Advent Children Bonus DVD, consists of:
--FFVII Tech Demo
--FFVII: Last Order
--Additional Compiliation Trailers
--Bonus Features from the Gamestop Bonus DVD
-Advent Children - Master Edition
--A DVD of AC that consists of true translation subs, as well as additional subs that explain what is going on as the movie plays for someone who hasn't played the game.
-Dirge of Cerberus Cutscene DVD
--Basically what I've already made, except with Subs
-Final Fantasy VII - The Movie
--This one is a way off, because I need some people to finish up a patch that will enhance the graphics of the game, but I'll basically capture a FFVII playthrough and make a movie of it, hopefully with voice actors and everything.
Star Wars DVD Covers
Originally posted by: Sluggo
Originally posted by: Darth Solo
Its just a way of displaying your flat cover images using a great piece of software called imandix cover to simulate what a finnished DVD cover looks like in a display case. Welcome PeculiarSatyr to the OT forums by the way

It also works for Swedish and Norwegian covers as well.

Okay, that one took me way too long to understand.
Snakes on a Plane
Originally posted by: Nanner Split
I think some of you may be over-reacting just a bit. Do you really think the makers of "Army of Darkness" were taking themselves seriously? I love that movie, but not on the level of real cinema. It's in its own category, at least for me.

Best movie ever.

I think this is what happened with that series...
Evil Dead - Were being serious and kinda pulled it off
Evil Dead II - Were being slightly silly, but still overall serious
Evil Dead III (Army of Darkness) - Just didn't want to take it serious at all.