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Sometimes do you feel like you should give up on the cause?
Originally posted by: kev
I mean, I won't tell you some of the horror I saw at the other sites. "Hayden replacing Shaw in the Helmet scene is a must!", "why, Sebastian Shaw sucks, Hayden is Anakin not that fat old embarassing man that was him". "Is there anyway to correct the Leia/Mother speach in Jedi by adding new dialogue. I heard that at all the sites like and Also when I did try to spread the word accross these "fans" they really didn't care about the O-OT and said "Watch the original movies on your old VHS copies instead of unesscarly getting it on DVD."

I nearly lost passion in the O-OT and the petition.

whenever i hear crap like that it just reaffirms my curent belief in the Heard Mentality and makes me want to spread the word more...
Batman Begins
took me a while, but i finally found that article.

here is a sample


I can confirm that the Lachy Hulme ("Sparks" from THE MATRIX films) rumor was dead on the money. That certain office in Burbank has even gone so far as to do mock-ups of the Aussie in white-face and green-hair, which apparently look pretty good (I haven't seen them). One definite (I have three sources on this) is that whenever The Joker does appear, they (Warners and Nolan) will be looking for a deadly serious match for Bale's Batman -- which is a big call. That means someone taller than Bale, someone very menacing, and someone who can actually kick Batman's ass. Nice work if you can get it.

Taken from here...
Batman Begins

rumor has it that this is the man who will be the joker.

And i am here to tell you that it can work.

The key is to create a joker character that is very different than the character Jack played (just like begins had to be a much different movie than the og batman). Jack played a psycho/sadistic killer with the normal jack charm, to try and recreate that would be suicide. From what i have read the new joker would not be the physical weakling that jack played, but a more physically intimidating character with more viciousness(which sounds more like comic version of him) I remember reading a quote that stated they wanted the viewer to "believe this joker could kick batman's a$$". i think it could work well and would enjoy seeing a Joker that is more direct.

i know i am looking forward to it...