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Was George Lucas the inspiration for......
But when Al finished a cabinet, he didn't constantly break it to pieces and revise it to incluide shitty particle board and lots of cracks/faults/and a bad paint job. And after Tim complained that it looked nothing like the original, he didn't deny that the original plans for it ever existed. And he didn't stick to his revision no matter how many holes were in the sides or how ever precariously it threatened to tumble over onto its own weight from lack of structural integrity.

I don't care one bit about the fate of prequel characters
It made me well up too.
Except it wasn't tears or emotion welling up from within.
And it wasn't coming from my heart, it was actually closer to the stomach.
I do believe it was my lunch...and if that movie had been any longer I am p[ositive I would have lost it in an explosion of nauseous fury.

And the characters in the PT did suck
Lucas should have gottens ome REAL writer to do his work.

So, what would happen if he did release the OOT on DVD?
1) A fat lady will sing and bearded men will fight each other
2) Four horsemen led by a Pale horse will come
3) A giant nekkid chick holding a black egg will float into space.
4) A pink guy from space will unleash an even deadlier pink guy.
5) Ryleh will rise from the depths and Cthulhu will consume us all.
6) The gas will stop running.
7) Some random guy will stick out his thumb and vanish in a flash of light.

You know you’re an O-OT fan when............
1. You refer to the original Star Wars as “Star Wars” and not “A New Hope”


2. You’ve seen each OT film at least 10 times.

Possibly, over the course of the 22 years of my existance its possible.

3. You can play the entire movies in your head and have most if not all the lines memorized

Sort of

4. You have seen the Holiday Special

I haven't

5.You own a laserdisc or dvd transfer version of the O-OT.

YEAH! Hell yes! The Tr47 ones in fact and they work GREAT!

6. You hate the changes to the OT, but you own the special edition and 2004 DVD anyway.

That wouldnt make me an O-OT fan if I owned the DVD now would it? I'll have NOTHING to do with the special edition.

7. You rarely, if ever refer to SW, Empire and Jedi by their episode numbers, but you do so with the prequels.

Yeah actually.

8. You blame any and all plotholes on the prequels and NOT on the original films

Indeed, because thats how it is. Its the prequals and Captain CGI Fetish Lucas's fault for the plotholes.

9. You think the special effects from the O-OT are much more believable than the cgi stuff from the special editions and prequels.

Think, I do not. Know, I do.

10. You’ve cringed at three or more special edition changes while watching the movies.

a) Greedo Shooting first b) Jabba in Star Wars c) Luke screaming

11. When you watch the updated versions, you often yell at the TV.

I yelled at the cinema too. Luckily it was dark.

12. Han shot first, end of story.

Damn straight.

13. You hate most or all of the OT changes, but wouldn’t mind seeing changes made to the prequel trilogy

I'd like to see the PT erased from history and out of our memories, like the flavor text of a certain magic card which describes nobody mourning you because they never knew you existed in the first place.

14. You know what O-OT, OT, PT and ILM stand for.

Original Original Trilogy, Original Trilogy, Prequal Trilogy, Industrial Light and magic

15. You prefer puppet Yoda to CGI Yoda.

Yes, he looks Corporeal

16. You love and hate George Lucas.

Aint no love at all, man. I hate the fucker. He was seduced by the dark side of film making. He ceased to be an artist and became a yuppie.

17. When watching the updated versions, you can point out every tiny minsicule change that was made.

Yes I can.

18. You wish the prequels looked and felt more like the OT.

Yes, and anyone who doesnt wish that is an unamerican terrorist nazi satan worshiping scatologist.

19. You would pay over $20 (per film) to see the O-OT on the big screen.

Fuck no, I'm bitching about how ten bucks is too much for a movie ticket so what make syou think I'd see ANY movie for 20?

20. You think the cgi changes made to the O-OT did little or nothing to enhance the films.

Think, i do not. Know, I do.
Originally posted by: Adamwankenobi
Yeah, they are Lucasfilm even has an entire system of organization devoted to keeping continuity. Ask Nathan Butler. He knows everything about it.

And they called it bullshit, bullshit.

What does that system run on?
Windows NT?
Who organizes it?
Retarded monkeys on heroin? (The same ones who make the patch changes to World of Warcraft)

I'm sorry if he has a whole organization system for continuity, then I'm Shadow the fucking hedgehog.

Because it sure as hell doesnt look like he gives half a shit about continuity.

How did you imagine the Emperor taking over?
I kind of figured the empire would already exist but wouldn't have much infulence.
It would be the acquisition of Vader that would make the Empire the greatest power in the galaxy.

Episode 1: Ancient history, the old republic, the jedi order
Episode 2: The clone wars, Obi-wan and Anakin first meet, Anakin begins his training. Yoda is mentioned but not shown.
Episode 3: Anakin becomes Darth Vader, the emperor uses him as his harbinger and takes over the greater galaxy

Or however it was in the EU, i havent read it I want to though