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The Phantom Menace - Theatrical version scanned in 4K (a WIP)

ZigZig said:

The project is moving forward, with the usual hazards for this kind of project (we are still waiting for a new 4K sensor that is stuck somewhere by a Japanese supplier).

In the meantime, I’ll post screenshots made from the first test scan (720p) ASAP so you can compare raw colors to official releases.

And as Omni and RU.08 say, it’s a long way, you’ll need to be patient… I’ll keep you informed of course!

Thanks man! I was hoping you would show something from the test scan! But why not the whole thing? 😃

RAW DV VHS transfers of ISD Executor and maybe more (a WIP)

JayArgonaut said:

SF01 said:

Would be worth comparing and worth having diversity.

Absolutely. I for one, would like to see this transfer.

Those who are not interested can choose not to. 😃

I never understood why people would trash fan projects. It’s not like the source material is going anywhere!

ZigZig's THE PHANTOM MENACE Theatrical reconstruction 1080p – (V1.0 a WIP)

trillary dump said:

I wish I would’ve seen it in 3D when it was rereleased.

I saw the 3D version opening day. The theater was packed and the crowd cheered when the 3D opening crawl started. First time I ever saw an audience cheer for a movie. I also met an actual Star Wars fan my age (a rarity for me). We sat next to each other and had fun pointing out every easter egg. The 3D was also done rather good from my recollection.

It’s one of the fondest memories I have.

Phantom Menace '99 - HD Theatrical Version by Chewielewis (a WIP)

Makeshift Python said:

Count me in as someone interested in acquiring the download link. 😃

I’m planning to do a Star Wars countdown with friends over the months. The only theatrical cut I have of this is an old VHS widescreen copy, but if there’s a chance to get this in a quality relative to LD or HD…

Palpatine voice: I look forward to watching it with great interest.

Zig Zig uploaded a composite HDTV relative to LD on spleen that you might want to check out.

PS, I also wanna copy. Pretty please, sugar on top?

How you pictured Anakin pre-PT

LordZerome1080 said:

He is not a good writer, the guy who helped write Empire was.

IMHO George can craft dialogue and story that is enjoyable in every direction; stories that are either hilarious or incredibly deep and thought-provoking depending on how you look at it. In many ways, his writing surpasses Laurence Kasdan’s. Don’t assume I’m joking either, this is genuinely my opinion.

Lucasfilm's movie plans post Ep. IX

Omni said:

I notice Harley Quinn is your avatar here. I take it you’re a Batman fan, right? So, is Batman really Batman without Bob Kane and Bill Finger? Is Paul Dini eligible to write Batman stories and whatnot? So Rian Johnson should be eligible to write a Star Wars film, no?

Batman is a franchise that has undergone many reboots and iterations that divulge significantly from the source material. Any writer can write a Star Wars movie, but they won’t be true continuations of Lucas’s core story. While I would like to believe that Star Wars could be different from other franchises and their multiple iterations, it really isn’t. So under that logic, there isn’t an issue with a George Lucas Sequel Trilogy being made after this one wraps up.