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Idea: Preserving the original trilogy 2 - Drafting a manifesto

I have a few thoughts on how to preserve the original trilogy based on what few resources we the fan community have, I’m new here but I’ve put alot of thought into this so bear with me.
Software is one thing that comes to mind,
Super resolution
Video epitomes
And afew ither techniques that I though might be useful.

Resources available to us include,
The blurays, Harmy’s despecialized editions, Gout, and the Silver screen editions.

So my first thoughts in restoring this would be to see what we can salvage from the bluray and team negative one’s silver screen edition.

But I have an idea,
Suppose we could break a shot of Star wars down further, say we could break a shot down into three layers,
Foreground, midground and background, via rotoscoping.
Basically, these three layers of video have now been seperated,
If we could run super resolution software then overlay them and render them, we may be able to gain more information.
But lets take it a step further, what if we could again break these layers into rgb layers and reoverlay those.

Video epitomes can be used to train and produce a video of higher resolution, if you have any high res stills that can boost the quality.
Years ago a guy named vincent cheung released this as open source software.
And Total variational inpainting is another type of upscaling software that can be utilized.
The Legacy edition restoration is not available to the public but the vimeo vids may provide a suggestion for how to color time these.

I do not have a desktop at this time capable of handling the task I have suggested, so if anyone cpuld make any suggestions or tell me if I’m full of shit lets have it. XD.