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Jaws: The Revenge | Theatrical Cut Reconstruction - HD

I don’t, but I do have the 2003 Universal and 1999 GoodTimes discs. They are both AC-3 192KBPS, but they are faithful to the original mix, whereas the Blu-ray isn’t. The GoodTimes disc also has an extended sequence from the theatrical cut just before the shark’s demise. This sequence is not present on the Blu-ray or Unviersal DVD.

Jaws (1975) Original Mono audio

crissrudd4554 said:

Would that be the same as this video??

That may likely have the replaced music during the earlier beach scene.

Yep, that’s the one — that’s actually my own upload from my old Jaws YouTube account. It has the original beach music as well, and you can hear Brody’s scream on the Orca very clearly.

I also do own a letterboxed LaserDisc with the replaced music, in case that hasn’t been preserved yet.


The VCD is now on the Appendix, as one might call it.

<em>Solo: A Star Wars Story</em> — Official Review and Opinions Thread — <strong>SPOILERS</strong>

Watched SOLO tonight after seeing a few times during its theatrical run. I was incredibly bored and ended up shutting it off during the droid revolution bit. I’m usually not one to shut movies off midway, but really didn’t want to sit through another hour.

I really wanted to like this movie, but the strange pacing and bad acting really makes it hard. One dud out of four ain’t bad though.

Episode VIII : The Last Jedi - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

TV’s Frink said:

JawsTDS said:

Mocata said:

Maybe you should read the link I posted from someone with actual desert silica experience

Real life anecdotes do not affect how I enjoy fictional entertainment.

But does sarcasm affect how you interact with a discussion formum?

I can never tell who’s serious in this thread.

Episode VIII : The Last Jedi - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

I’ll throw my two cents in here, though I’m really hesitant to.

Holdo’s character works (for me at least) because her motivations conflict with Poe’s motivations. There needs to be conflict in a story or else there is no story, right? Right.

Poe wants to keep blowing star destroyers up with his X-wing, which could result in the death of the rest of the sqaudron, while Holdo wants to keep the Resistance together and prevent any further causalities. So, they butt heads. And in the end, Poe realizes that she had the best interests of the Resistance at heart.

Sure, she didn’t need to be super vague or rude to Poe, but it was at the service of Poe learning a lesson – follow orders and don’t immediately resort to blowing something up. I’m not the biggest fan of TLJ, but even I can see that her character serves a good purpose in the story.

Another thing, who cares if Star Wars doesn’t follow real life military protocol? It’s Star Wars.