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<strong>Star Wars: The Bad Batch</strong> (animated series) - a general discussion thread

The kids that were roughly the age of Boba (and played by that actor) in Attack of the Clones wouldn’t be fully aged up to the same age as the first batch of Clones from that film by the end, or would be barely of age. The clones age roughly two years per year (excepting Boba), so if that batch were 10 when the Clone Wars started, they would maybe be 20 by the end (relatively).

We also see a batch that is relatively the same age as Boba (half his age objectively) in a Clone Wars arc that would not have been that long before the end of the war (five years is an incredibly short period of time anyway).

I also don’t think the Kaminoans knew the Clone Wars were ending when they did, and as a business would likely have liked to continue supplying the military force (as we see with their senator in The Clone Wars), so it makes sense that there would be more young clones.

<strong>Clone Wars</strong> (2003 animated series by Genndy Tartakovsky) - a general discussion thread

Rodney-2187 said:

I can’t believe we will see a release of the Ewok movies before the unaltered theatrical original trilogy. If they put the Holiday Special up, that’d be insane.

I don’t think they’ll ever put up the full Holiday Special. Too many rights issues on top of it being incredibly bad.

As far as the theatrical OT, rumour was that it was being remastered and prepped, but they stopped before releasing it. Instead they let George tweak the Special Editions one final time before launching Disney+.

The Mandalorian Episode 2: Search for the Jedi (WIP)

smudger9 said:

Sooo, this sequence took a while, but luckily its the last (and most difficult) link sequence. It takes the story from The Tragedy to The Rescue (The Believer has been cut).

I have changed the sequnces at the end of The Tragedy and start of The Rescue, and altered most of the dialogue between Mando and Cara on Nevarro.

This just leaves the opening sequence to sort, and tidying up of the landing on Trask. A version for test viewing will be available soon.

That looks good! I would maybe put the recruitment of Bo Katan prior to the message to Gideon, as it feels a little too ping-pong between the Empire and Mando.

Part of why that hologram from Mano works so well in the episode is because they stole the info, but without The Believer, and it just being Cara Dune and a Google search, it doesn’t really warrant the astonishment from Gideon that he’s been found/contacted. You might be able to delete that scene entirely. If you did, Dyn could recruit Cara before Gideon intimidates Grogu, after Boba commits to helping him.

The Mandalorian Episode 2: Search for the Jedi (WIP)

SWOTFAN25 said:

Ok, don’t get mad at me for asking, but can we include the Republic Commando Theme in Boba Fett’s introduction?


I’m against it, only because he’s so far removed from them. If anything, the Commandos are closer to Stormtroopers after ostensibly training them. Bobs Fett was seemingly removed from the other young clones by his father at an early age, and his fighting style is more based on his father and the other Bounty Hunters that brought him up.

Star Wars Saga - Without John Williams (WIP)

Peter Pan said:

If you’re still on this very cool project, here’s another suggestion for ROTS:
Elton John’s “The King Must Die” for Padme’s rumination and the following lightsaber fight.

Keep up the good work, I’ll keep an eye out

I’m not sure which scene you mean, do you mean when she goes to Mustafar? Or when Anakin comes back from Order 66, which doesn’t lead into a duel? I’m game to give it a shot though.

Separately, I think it’s the longer scenes that are staying kicked off YouTube, which would explain the Battle of Both and the Kylo/Rey duels leading to fighting Palpatine.