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Any favorite Star Wars scenes?

LordZerome1080 said:

ROTS: Emperor’s revenge against Windu.
SW: Vader’s fight with Obi Wan.
ESB: Vader chamber scene or the reveal scene.
ROTJ: Emperor scenes and Vader’s death scene.
RO: Vader scenes.
Honourable mentions: Vader vs Ashoka from Rebels and Maul vs Obi Wan rematch. TCW various Palpatine episodes. Clone marching scene from AOTC. Maul vs Qui Gon from TPM.

I also like these scenes but the fight between Ashoka and Maul is one of my favourites. Bolba Fett also has some great scenes.

The Hobbit (M4 Book Edit) (Released)

chrisvilla said:

Watched this. It’s much better than the released trilogy, which bloated full of junk IMO. Love the fact that it’s much tighter to the book, and the pace is much better now. This is the only Hobbit I need now, will probably give the trilogy away to someone. Superb, well done.

You can’t give it away as the site says you have to own the official release of any fan edit or preservation.

Edit: not trying to mod just giving helpful advice.

Random Thoughts

RicOlie_2 said:

StarkillerAG said:

Yeah, Duracell was the glue keeping Off-Topic together. With him gone, I doubt many people will want to post here. It’s a shame, but I understand why it happened.

I think the glue holding Off Topic together was Frink (just by the sheer volume and hilarity of his posts), but he joined the “abuse the guy who made this site possible” bandwagon, unfortunately. Duracell was the just the last of a handful of members who were major contributors to Off Topic, all of whom have now been banned or rarely post anymore.

The thing is, Off Topic had a certain flavour unique to the Internet, but when it became moderated and the rules changed, the kind of people it had attracted in the past and which had made it so much fun also became the kind of people who didn’t like or disregarded the new rules. And then the Politics thread became a catalyst for a personal conflict, which resulted in the Off Topic contributors being decimated, and which has never really ended (the only thing ending it is everyone on one side getting banned for keeping it up).

It’s the whole Wild West vs ordered later years debate