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Info Wanted: What Ever Happened To PAY IT FORWARD?
dark_jedi said:
Troy said:
fffffff said:

I am willing to help anyone I can. What is it your looking for?


 Is this a queston directed at me? Because if it is, then if you have anything along the lines of the Highlander II edits or the Indiana Jones edits, Bond and some Terminator 3 and Matrix stuff.


you surely are'nt asking for much LOL.



Man, I haven't been here in a couple of years, but this place hasn't changed a bit! :)

Info: Your work is being sold
When I confronted a guy at the Flashback Weekend convention in Chicago last year and saw him selling copies of the old Twilight Zone DVD that DJ made (dumbass had the cover that I had whipped up for DJ, which is why it drew my attention) I asked him if he had ever been busted for selling shit like that. The cocky son of a bitch said that whenever dealers like that get busted, they get taken away as a show for the people at the convention. Then all that happens is they get their show stock taken from them and get sent on their way. He said it is all a show for the people and that nothing ever really happens to them other than losing the stuff that they have there at the show which is nothing to them as he said most dealers have whole storage units full of stock to hit the next show on the road. He said that he had gotten his stock taken six times and he had yet to be prosecuted for anything. I went and told the guy that was running the show that this dealer was selling nothing but copywritten material at his booth and he ended up not being there the next day when the convention opened. Small victory? Maybe. But it was a few thousand bucks less (this is not an exageration of what these clowns make in one day at a big show selling these things for $15 a pop) that this bastard made that weekend. So, if you see this at any show you go to, tell someone. If they don't do anything, call the cops. Eventually someone will start getting the hint and it will stop.

As for this, if you notice, nowhere in their selling rules does it say anything about not selling bootleg material. I think someone needs to get the studios hip to this site the way they are to eBay. Because obviously no one has noticed this place yet.
The Secret History of Star Wars
Glad somebody else pointed out the "Usby" thing. I had been giggling about that and was about to post on it before I read Erik's. And also glad to see that you reference the Starkiller script site. I found that place back in '97 and fell in love. Printed out every damn thing they had on there and still have it all in binders here at the computer desk. I saved your writings to my hd and will read it while I am at "work" in the next week. I love these kinds of works as it shows just how far an idea can stretch once it is conceived. I also highly recommend to everyone the various essays and stuff on the Starkiller site linked from Zombie's page. The stuff there is invaluable to any behind the scenes SW buff.

Man, I really cannot WAIT for that Making of SW book in May. We can only hope that it is the real stuff and that Rinzler really used all of those interviews and writings that he had access to. Just too bad that Lipincott didn't get around to writing it back in '77. Would be nice to have a dusty old vintage paperback sitting on the shelf next to the Empire and Jedi Making Of books. Haven't read them in a while, but from what I remember, they have some great no holds barred stuff in them.
Six-Movie Star Wars Marathon at Celebration IV
These will most likely just be digital projections of the DVD's, as they did at Celebration III. The damn things looked and sounded like shit in that auditorium thrown up on that screen that the projected image didn't even fit.

In any event, LFL can kiss my ass for puting this thing in LA. I went to the first three Celebrations and always loved the fact that they were centrally located. I think they have shot themselves in the foot judging by how many people are bitching about the location. I would LOVE to get a look at their pre-registrations compared to CII and CIII in Indy. (And by the way, I am not an Indy homer, I live in Nebraska. And I have been to LA a few times and can say that I think it is a HORRIBLE location for this event just on atmosphere alone.) Indy was awesome, as was Denver (though admittedly a little small for the event).

K... done bitching. And yeah, these will most likely just be projections of the DVD's as this was the same way they advertised the showings in Indy two years ago. As far as the Celebration, if anyone is going I would greatly appreciate setting up a purchase of the poster from the event. I have the first three posters and would like to complete the set. As for the event itself, I'll tune into the Spike TV coverage to see how it goes. I am sure they will be totally "respectful" of our fandom.
Discussion: This Guy Has A Lot Of Toys
Originally posted by: C3PX
Originally posted by: Major fatal Moebius
Live with it. You're awesome.

Are you out to get me or something? Why the need to be a pain in the ass? If you're beyond using the word fuck ever on the internet good for you, there's no need to shove your PC world down my throat.

There always seems to be a holier person on forums, who need to play God and demean others...

I didn't sense any holier than thouness comming from Cassidy, in fact when he said "Live with it. You're Awesome" I think he was actually complimenting your response. This board is a pretty unPC place, don't expect people to get on you for such minor things, we just like to mess with each other a lot. A little bit of friendly jousting. Live with it.

Oh, and if you do stick around I bet you really will learn to like Cass, he is a cool guy. Don't take things so personally, none of us are out to get you and we are happy to have you here.

Fuck that. I want him fuckin gone right the fuck fuckin now.

To those who own the OOT Sept Release & an HDTV
Heheh... yeah. Just givin ya shit, DJ. (Guess I could have given you a grammar lecture or something, huh? ) And I don't mind waiting for your releases as long as I know that I will someday have them in my collection. You could post everytime in backwards Latin for all I care. Now if you'll excuse me I am going to go watch Howard The Duck on my 52 foot HDTV. It's the tits.
What is a big fat ass dinosaur doing in my ANH?
Originally posted by: skyjedi2005
i have no problems with the special editions as long as they are seen as an alternate version or cut of the movie, i do hate them because they have been used to bury the oot. whenever a theater or fan event want's to show the movies they can't show the originals , lucas has them blocked from doing so. I even heard he's as much as tracked down existing copies of the old cuts and had them destoryed or pulled out of circulation.

Film Libraries and renters can only loan out the '97 or '04 versions or they get Lucas attorney's after them.

as for the ronto the animation looks fairly rushed and does not stand up to similar stuff in the original JP. it's like something that did not make the cut of JP.

I remember articles years ago about indiana jones trilogy special editions lucas wanted to do. supposedly steven adamently said no, but he did redo e.t.

And this is where my problems with the SE's begin and end. I have NO problem with them being additional viewing options, much like the SE's of Close Encounters, The Abyss, Aliens, etc. But the fact that unlike directors such as Spielberg and Cameron who offer up their SE's as alternate versions while very much still embracing the films' original releases, Lucas has at every turn (other than last Sept.'s shit release of the LD rips) tried to stomp out the existence of the OOT. Hell, I remember '97 SO fondly and enjoyed the HELL out of the SE's when the theatrical release was going on. That whole time period was amazing for Star Wars fans! But sadly that has all been shit on a bit with LFL's statements that the OOT "no longer exists". I remember when I first heard that quote and my own "WTF?" feeling towards George for saying it. The disrespect for the original craftmanship of the Trilogy I grew up worshiping was staggering. I just find it so telling that a man who for years preached the importance of storytelling and mythology and all that jazz would become SO fixated on the technical aspects of his creation. And on a personal level it is so frustrating because I really looked up to Lucas growing up, reading books like Skywalking and old magazine interviews and watching the old vintage doc's, learning so much about the craft and art of STORYTELLING from this guy. You look at him now and it just seems like Aliens came down and kidnapped the real George and stuck a...........

Wait.... what were we talking about? Oh, dinosaurs. Oh..... yeah. Fuck that.

To those who own the OOT Sept Release & an HDTV
Originally posted by: TheCassidy
Originally posted by: generalfrevious
I used a mild grain filter and converted to 16:9 anamorphic it looked so much better

How much better? Probably still worse than 99% of all DVD releases

They look awesome.

They're grainy, scratchy and saturated with color. You know, the way Star Wars is supposed to look.

It's glorious. Dark Jedi's discs are the only Star Wars ones I watch now, because they are as close as I'll ever get to replicating the theatrical experience I had as a kid. And that's what this is all about, right?

Hell, I sometimes dig out my old '82 VHS copy and give it a whirl on my 52" just to bring myself back to reality. And why does it seem that DJ and TheCassidy are the only ones that get to enjoy DJ's best discs? In the words of Gage from Pet Semetary, "No fair, no fair, no fair".