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Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 - MKV (Released)

Harmy said:

I didn't understand your post at all, Stinky D (probably because I'm really bad at mathematical logic).

On a side note, like I said, I needed a little break from the original SW, so here's a little taster for Jedi:

 Harmy, what you're doing with Star Wars is fantastic, and thank you for the Jedi preview. It'll be nice to watch the entire original theatrical trilogy one day in HD :)

Star Wars OT & 1997 Special Edition - Various Projects Info (Released)

dark_jedi said:

kaine23 said:

Any new updates?

Sorry, I almost missed this question with all the BS posted below it, yes there is an update for the Blu at least, the rendering of the avi and encoding is finished(for Star Wars) ALL audio is encoded and ready to go, we are in the menu stage now for SW, ESB I have started testing today, not sure if I will post samples though, I am hopeful that the settings for SW will work just fine on the other 2, between the DTS-HD MA 5.1 audio and the choice between DD and LPCM, the BD25 will be filled up, and the menu's are looking(and sounding) SWEET! these are real Blu-ray menu's, no static with audio, these look and sound professional, so far if all goes according to plan, this will be my last SW project, this will be my bowing out gracefully to anything SW, IMHO this set will be a GREAT companion piece to go with the retail Saga release this Fall, again this is ONLY my opinion, I know this will not be for everyone, I am sure just a select few.

and for the V3, they are done and final, I just need to find time and upload them, not sure if I am going to upload the VIDEO_TS folder and let everyone do there own layer-break, or if I should upload the image file with all that done for you, all you have to do is burn, I also moved the chapters manually to put them in line with the retail, and tweaked the menu's a bit as well.

So there you have it, my next update, who knows.

 Thanks DJ, I know I'm new here, but your work and labor on these projects is very much appreciated. It's guys like you and all the other encoders here on the forums that are keeping Star Wars alive!

Yet Another GOUT 720p AVCHD conversion (* unfinished project *)

My goal in this is to eventually do the entire original trilogy to DVD-9 AVCHD's at 720p. I want the movies to look as close to film as possible, while trying to extact as much detail from the original source. I don't plan on creating menu's, just the movies themselves. The script I am using now takes about 15 hours on my 2.6 ghz quad-core, but the script is definitely in the tweaking phase. If there's any interest I can eventually post them online. Thanks again in advance for any feedback.

Yet Another GOUT 720p AVCHD conversion (* unfinished project *)

Hi guys, long time lurker, first time posting. I have been reading the threads on this forum for quite a while, gleaning as much as I can with the intent of doing my own GOUT to 720p conversion. I have used aspects of various Avisynth scripts posted not only on this forum, but from other sites such as I am experimenting on the Return Of The Jedi GOUT DVD first, as this is my least favorite movie from the original trilogy. I am going to post a sample because I need feedback about how to properly size the burned in subtitles for 720p. I am using a portion of what I believe is a g-force script for ROTJ, but if you go to the end of my sample you can see the subtitles are too small and smack right in the center of the screen. I would like them appear as the do in the 480p conversion, but I don’t know enough about Avisynth to resize them for 720p. Here is the portion of script I am using;

########## subtitle
f     = “Franklin Gothic Medium Cond”
f_col = $EEEEEE
f_wid = 9
f_pos = 465
f_siz = 36

Subtitle (“There will be no bargain.”,
\ -1,f_pos,14382,14476,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle (“I will not give up my favorite decoration.”,
\ -1,f_pos,14538,14706,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle (“I like Captain Solo where he is.”,
\ -1,f_pos,14741,14824,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle (“I have come for the bounty on this Wookiee.”,
\ -1,f_pos,20524,20626,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle (“At last we have the mighty Chewbacca.”,
\ -1,f_pos,20774,20886,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle (“I want fifty thousand. No less.”,
\ -1,f_pos,21502,21553,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle (“This bounty hunter is my kind of scum…”,
\ -1,f_pos,22554,22663,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle ("…fearless and inventive.",
\ -1,f_pos,22685,22753,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle (“It’s too late for that, Solo.”,
\ -1,f_pos,28765,28856,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle (“You may have been a good smuggler…”,
\ -1,f_pos,28857,28972,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle ("…but now you’re Bantha fodder.",
\ -1,f_pos,28973,29058,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle (“Take him away.”,
\ -1,f_pos,29224,29273,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle (“Bring her to me.”,
\ -1,f_pos,29449,29503,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle (“I’m sure.”,
\ -1,f_pos,29750,29796,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle (“I told you not to admit him.”,
\ -1,f_pos,33466,33568,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle (“He must be allowed to speak.”,
\ -1,f_pos,33615,33684,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle (“You weak-minded fool!”,
\ -1,f_pos,33703,33774,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle (“He’s using an old Jedi mind trick.”,
\ -1,f_pos,33821,33927,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle (“Your mind powers will not work on me, boy.”,
\ -1,f_pos,34154,34280,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle (“There will be no bargain, young Jedi.”,
\ -1,f_pos,34685,34795,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle (“I shall enjoy watching you die.”,
\ -1,f_pos,34824,34910,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle (“Bring me Solo and the Wookiee.”,
\ -1,f_pos,39727,39816,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle (“They will all suffer for this outrage.”,
\ -1,f_pos,39817,39920,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle (“Soon you will learn to appreciate me.”,
\ -1,f_pos,43151,43304,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle (“Move him into position.”,
\ -1,f_pos,45220,45288,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)
Subtitle (“Put him in.”,
\ -1,f_pos,45866,45922,f,f_siz,f_col,font_width=f_wid)

Here are the links for my sample:

I am going to encode the files eventually to x264 using hairy hen’s 5.1 mix and the dolby 2.0 audio track from the GOUT. I also am trying to figure out how to get the GOUT english subtitle track to sync up properly. Thanks for any feedback guys!