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SW - EP 9 Duel of the Fates (Audio / Visual presentation)

Cathy said:

Just found the script read-through version, definitely feel there is room for more.

Hey! And agreed… I’d like to do a little bit more to this.

As for how things are right now, I was out of town for a week so I haven’t had too much time to touch this.

But I’ve got a lot of pieces together so I’m hoping to get some early tests done soon! I’d like to try and do the first episode (or part of it) as a test to see what we have and what we can do.

I’ll post more about that in the coming days 😄

SW - EP 9 Duel of the Fates (Audio / Visual presentation)

BrotherOfSasquatch said:

So, I’m not sure if you frequent these boards as much as some other people on here. But there’s this AI voice tool that’s been making the rounds around here:

Obviously, I know you’re wanting to use actual people in this. But I figured it would be a good thing to have in your backpocket at least. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to use it for some of the characters that would be more difficult to impersonate (i.e. Darth Vader).

Yea, i’ve kinda been toying with it for a few things. I may have to use it in some cases, but generally I’d like to give people the opportunity to play the roles. Plus it’s not PERFECT… so for me its about weighing options so I appreciate you sending that link!

SW - EP 9 Duel of the Fates (Audio / Visual presentation)

hey all! just awnted to give an update. This has been… pretty hard to break tbh. It’s taking a lot more revisions than JPRC took to get it just right.

I’m so grateful for all the support! Some of you have reached out with sfx and other things and that was such a great help!

BB-8 and 3P0 will probably sound about as authentic as they can now! So that’s pretty awesome.

I’ve had some interest in narrators. This months gonna be incredibly busy for me but I’m gonna try and get some samples at least out to those who ‘voiced’ interest in that.

For anyone else who has expressed interest, could you let me know what sort of voices you can do.

Like this:

-male / female
*(other and alien are ones I think I’ll have everyone do at least some lines for and manipulate in post to get just right)
-Specific Characters from the films (if you can do an impression of them)
-any other vocal stylings you think you could add

Thank you all!

Info: Jurassic Park - Bootleg / Workprint / Extended Cut on video

Try0212 said:

I have the workprint just unfinished effects no deleted scenes

of Jurassic Park?

Some of the discussion in this thread is about Spielberg and deleted scenes. One of the most fascinating things about his releases is how few DO have deleted scenes and they trace to one of two options:

  1. The film at some point released had those scenes and are thus considered part of the cut (or were in some way)
  2. George Lucas was involved and Lucas loves to include those scenes on special edition / collectors edition / etc releases

The Lost World TV cut has the two deleted scenes included and even Spielberg has said he considered them part of the story but were only cut for pacing reasons. So rather than include the TV cut on the DVD / Blu Ray, it’s easier to include the scenes as deleted scenes.

Close Encounters has three cuts and thus each release always contains the three cuts or some variant of them with the changes as deleted scenes.

Raiders of the Lost Ark has deleted scenes on the new releases (Lucas).

and as I write this I DO recall one other release has deleted scenes but are CAREFULLY cultivated ones: Hook.

Hook on the 4k has deleted scenes but it was not long after Robin Williams’ death and every deleted scene included on that set had Robin Williams in it and there was something like almost another hour of deleted scenes so the fact it includes these shows they’re carefully cultivated to focus on his performance and probably scenes / moments that were Spielbergs favourites.

Star Trek Voyager: Enhanced 4K & 1080p Edition (a WIP)

wow! what a great thread! I’ve been hoping someone might be able to do this! Only yesterday I noticed in the Star Trek Voyager facebook group that one of the original CG animators was on the page and he was re-exporting some of the scenes he’d done in HD AND widescreen. It was really cool!

I know with Babylon 5 people were trying to do that with the new HD scans of the show and then use new exports of the effects to rebuild it… maybe that would be something to do with Voyager too!

I would love to at least see the show have some future in the Higher Quality age of television and streaming and not get…sidelined because of its production process.

Thanks for all your work on this! Would love to get my hands on any / all of it as its done ahha

SW - EP 9 Duel of the Fates (Audio / Visual presentation)

Hey all, wanted to give you all an update. I was trying to do a few too many things at once so progress is a little slower but here’s where I’m at:

-I’m almost done adapting what I think will be Part I of the audio drama (I wanna break it up into maybe 15-30 minute segments that correspond with story arcs so nothing gets really broken up too badly.

-I downloaded a TON of audio but have been slowly sifting through it. I still need more ST specific stuff. If anyone knows a place I could get sounds like from Battlefront II?

-I found the tiktok C3PO voice emulator worked actually really well so I’ll probably be using that for his lines.

-I’ve been studying the score to TFA and learned a LOT of new little details and some things that made me really confident in my ability to write a score within the same space as the other star wars scores / ST scores

-I’ve had a few people on a discord I’m on also volunteer to do voices so if you all who have volunteered plus them all come together, I’ll have a pretty good sized cast!

-I’ve also had some discussions about narration so that may be covered as well!

-Artwork wise I was given permission to use a comic adaptation but I also have collected a good amount of concept art

Things I need:
-ST sound effects (Battlefront II perhaps) especially for BB8
-Female Voice actors

My intention is to, pretty soon here, record myself doing the narration and voices and create a sort of “mock” episode and begin building the sfx and such. Maybe even score it just to give an idea of what this could be. And then start looking to put people to voices!

SW - EP 9 Duel of the Fates (Audio / Visual presentation)

Wow! I appreciate all the excitement! Thank you all for your responses. I’m going to keep delving into the script this week and then write down what I’d like.

My thought is everyone who’se able can do a voice and then a few “additional voices” for background conversations and what not?

I should have more information by end of next week but I’ll keep you all up to date.

Thanks again for all the kind responses and excitement!

SW - EP 9 Duel of the Fates (Audio / Visual presentation)

Octorox said:

I have the full library of sound effects from the LEGO Star Wars Force Awakens game if you need those. I don’t remember if C3PO has a lot of lines in the script, but if there are only a few, the C3PO AI voice might also be fun to use.

Good point! I should look into the C3PO AI voice! I was going to do another projet recently for Jurassic Park and needed Hammond but that didn’t work too well but 3PO I bet would!

I’m going through this site right now to get as many sfx as I can:[]=s&o[]=p&o[]=g&o[]=ig

Right now my main focus is on ST sounds because I have a lot of the rest if you have any recommendations??

SW - EP 9 Duel of the Fates (Audio / Visual presentation)

dgraham414 said:

Is this going to be more Radio Drama esque than a pure script read? Since we have one of those already

My intention was to make it much more of an audio drama than a pure script read. I had run into that performance and although I think it was fun for what they did, I think that there’s a way to both have the narrator an active participant in the story–creating tension, drama, emotion–but also to make it a little more seemless.


The graphite BB Unit swerves to avoid a brutish LABOR DROID, scraping BB’s spherical side against the wall.

His head tilts down, checking a scuff in his paint, revealing ORANGE beneath. It’s BB-8, DEEP UNDERCOVER.

He lets out a familiar “uh-oh” and rotates the orange scuff beneath his head.

(Gliding down a corridor,) the graphite BB Unit swerves(!) to avoid a brutish LABOR DROID, (and) scrapes (it’s) spherical side against the wall.

(The BB unit’s) head tilts down, checking (the unfortunate) scuff in his paint, revealing (a familiar) ORANGE (hue) underneath. BB-8, (is) DEEP UNDERCOVER.

He rotates the orange scuff beneath his head.

So yea, my hope is to not diverge too far from the script, but also make it a bit more seamless and narrate it with inflection.

SW - EP 9 Duel of the Fates (Audio / Visual presentation)

Hey all! It’s been… a long time. I have checked in from time to time to see how things are going but for the most part haven’t been participating here for some time.

For those who don’t remember me, I produced some of the most of expanded score edits of the STAR WARS films at the time. Most of my work has been superseded by new releases and other edits–except I’d argue my Episode I edit which is still top notch haha.

Anyway, I have returned because I would like to see if anyone would like to assist me. I’m noticing that others have done similar projects, but I would like to try something a bit different.

I would like to produce an audio-drama esque adaptation of the unproduced Colin Trevorrow script to Episode 9.

I recently worked with a small team to produce an audio-drama adaptation of the early script to JURASSIC PARK and Episode 9 always felt like the right next step (seeing as Colin was involved in both franchises it also seems like a fun a little connection not to mention I might actually be able to get this to him once its done as he’s paid attention to some of my previous projects…)

Also my familiarity with John Williams, his scores, and especially the scores to STAR WARS I think will lend some really exciting nuance to the music score for this. Already I’ve mapped out a handful of new themes or adaptations that I’d like to do musically.

(If you’re interested in what I did before, you can view it here: )

With the JURASSIC PARK audio-drama, I took the script, adapted it to be a narrator’s voice, a friend got in touch with fans from around the community to voice the characters, I then took that audio, with the narration, and edited it together to create a framework. I added in ambience / sfx and then scored it.

The guy who runs JURASSIC TIME took concept art, storyboards, art work, and had new artwork made and produced the videos you see.

All in all, it was an amazing project that I had so much fun doing and I would honestly like to do it again.

Here’s what I think I’ll need:

-I’m currently re-working the script to be a narrator’s voice. Like JPRC, I can read the narration (unless there’s some one who has some GREAT inflection and tone).

-I would like to get at least a handful of actors to play several roles (possibly) and I’d like to work with them a little to really craft the performances. Perhaps nothing too crazy, but I’m honestly tempted to record the lines and provide them so people have an idea of where they should be emotionally and such?

IF this doesn’t work out, I may also try to make this like the audio books where I do character voices… but I think having actual voice actors would make it special.

-I’ve spoken with an artist about using some of their work–but I also want to use the concept art that’s out there. I’m also interested in any other unique approaches or ideas or artists who want to contribute.

-I have a large collection of SFX from star wars but the ST has its own specific sounds and It wouldn’t hurt to get a good collection of these if anyone has these (from video games even?)

I’d appreciate any assistance with this. My goal is to try and get through the script and have it broken down into “chapters.”

The STAR WARS Saga: The Extended Audio Cuts (* part finished *)

I’m looking to Episode III. I’m excited to be adding in the Rebel subplot. I feel like, in context with how Padme speaks to Anakin and how Palpatine even speaks to Anakin, it’ll make him feeling she betrayed him more deep and more real!

I’m excited. I’m tempted to do some recuts like I did in videos I made years ago, streamlining the fight a bit. We’ll see.

I’ve included links to Ep 1 and 2 now in the above post.

The STAR WARS Saga: The Extended Audio Cuts (* part finished *)

Hey all,

so I’ve made ‘extended audio’ cuts for 1 and 2, I’ve begun work on 3, and have my eye set on maybe doing them for the OT as well.

It’s hard to list all the changes but here are a brief overview of some:

EPISODE I [2:22:49] (up from 2:16:11)!fFlj2RQD!gPMqv9jnG6l9mogHjFXgQbFHTllx_fvYvELsf8p79eA

  1. I’ve included the narrator audio from the Blu Ray during
    -on screen text (title, scroll, subtitles)
    -during largely visual narrative scenes (battles, races, etc)
  2. Removal of 1 line of Captain Panaka
    -“Their trade-franchise would be finished.” as it’s inappropriate for a man of his position to say anything of the like.
  3. Inclusion of musical ending to “Droid Invasion - The Appearance of Jar Jar”
  4. Inclusion of musical opening to “Introduction to Jar Jar”
  5. Deleted Scene of the Bongo going over a waterfall
  6. Inclusion of omitted music from “Arrival at Tatooine” as Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan discuss the hyperdrive
  7. Deleted Scene ‘Morning of the Race’
  8. Blu-Ray extended cut of the race
  9. Inclusion of omitted music ‘The Race Begins’
  10. Inclusion of partially replaced music ‘Anakin Defeats Sebulba’
  11. Deleted Scene ‘Anakain Fights Greedo’
  12. Overlay of Alternate musical Take of ‘Anakin is Free’
  13. Deleted Scene ‘Anakin says goodbye/Probe Droid’
  14. ‘High Council Meeting (Insert)’ used as an overlay
  15. Deleted Shot of ‘Alderaan Seconding Motion’
  16. Alternate ending musical Insert of “Anakin’s Test”
  17. Alternate ending take of “Back to Naboo”
  18. Deleted Shot of Queen in Throne Room confronting Viceroy
  19. Replacing finale with music only "Augie’s Great Municipal Band’ through film edit of Credits

EPISODE II [2:35:56] (up from 2:22)!yM9SiCDA!t9LK5omS3nC6ShYv4042OEsqFCQ6FungCXlhBmJBxtw

  1. I’ve included the narrator audio from the Blu Ray during
    -on screen text (title, scroll, subtitles)
    -during largely visual narrative scenes (battles, races, etc)
  2. Deleted Scene “Padme addresses the Senate”
  3. Deleted Scene “Analysis Droids”
  4. Extended Scene “Count Dooku’s Bust”
  5. New musical transition to Deleted Scene -
  6. Deleted Scenes “Obi-Wan speaks with Mace and leaves for Kamino”
  7. Deleted Scenes “Anakin’s nightmare aboard the Refugee Ship”
  8. Extended Scene “Arrival at Naboo”
  9. New Musical transition to Deleted Scene -
  10. Deleted Scene “Padme’s Home/Lunch”
  11. Deleted Scene “Padme’s Father speaks with Anakin”
  12. Deleted Scene “Padme speaks with her sister/mother”
  13. Deleted Scene “Padme’s Bedroom”
  14. Extended ‘Duel of the Fates’ slightly
  15. Layering of “Shmi’s Funeral” music
  16. Removal of “What are YOU doing here?” line directed at R2
  17. Deleted Scene ‘Padme speaks with Dooku’
  18. Deleted Scene ‘Padme is sentenced’
  19. Including omitted ‘The Arena’ musical cue
  20. Inclusion of Alternate sections of ‘Finale’ into one long suite
The STAR WARS Saga: The Extended Audio Cuts (* part finished *)

Here is Star Wars Episode I audio edited with the deleted scenes (which are on the DVD) and replacing some missing music.!KRtBmIwT!c-NJ4wIhMixWm1YxCOl5uFpVpteDF3POwMxeLtFW9rM

A rough list of changes:

1) Replaced Fox Fanfare / Main Title with Album for clarity sake

2) Added in End to "Droid Invasion"

3) Added in the opening to "Introduction to Jar Jar"

4) Cut the annoying line by Panaka "Their trade franchise would be finished." 

5) Inserted the "Water Fall" deleted scene

6) Replaced omitted music for "Tatooine Arrival" for as the ship lands

7) Inserted the "Morning Before the Pod-Race" scene

8) Expanded the "Pod Race Introduction" scene

9) Replaced the "Pod Race Begins" music to it's original location (making accommodation for the extended cut)

10) Inserted a section of the "Extended Lap 2" scene

11) Replaced the end of  "Anakin Defeats Sebulba" back to it's original location

12) Reinserted Greedo/ Anakin fight Deleted scene and layered new music over it. 

13) Layered an alternate take of "Anakin is Free" over Shmi speaking to Anakin

14) Used the music only mix for the end of "Anakin is Free"

15) Inserted Anakin saying goodbye scene and layered in "Sith Approach" into edit

16) Looped music for "The Senate" to layer in deleted 'Bail Organa' statement of seconding motion for 'Vote of No Confidence'

17) Used the original transition for "Anakin's Test" for when Yoda says "Much fear I sense in you"

18) Used the alternate fanfare for "Moving Things Along" when Jar jar says "Weesa Going home!"

19) Inserted cut to Padme telling the Viceroy they would have to go back to the Senate to explain

20) Replaced "Augie's Great Municipal Band" and "End Credits (Film)" for a better mix

The STAR WARS Saga: The Extended Audio Cuts (* part finished *)

Well, don't they call it "The Star Wars Legacy" ? I've heard it called that numerous times. I'm simply talking about an audio presentation of "The Star Wars Legacy." It's like getting confused that I said "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Complete Score" because it has the same name as the film. it's the film score presentation of the film...

I did a quick attempt last night at doing Star Wars Episode I last night for my friend. I included all the relevant deleted scenes. I also took the opportunity to replace missing music seeing as we're dealing with just sound and without visual sfx might make as much sense as SFX with music layered over them.

I'll see about uploading it so people can get an idea of what i mean

The STAR WARS Saga: The Extended Audio Cuts (* part finished *)

So I’ve been toying with this idea for a little bit. I haven’t begun work on it, but one of the things I find very interesting is how sound is … so illuminating. I love to listen to the complete scores and imagine the scenes in my head and play out the music as I drive to/from work (I have a long drive).

But it occurs to me… there might be another way…

I was thinking:

What if I made an edit of each STAR WARS using the rips of the films audio, the deleted scenes audio, and melding them into a singular extended audio cut. The video for the most part would be very tedious to cut together due to the differences in quality, but the sound–for most–would be seemless… so I wondered…

How interesting would it be to cut in the Mon Mothma sequences into Episode III?
How cool would it be to recut ANH to have all the deleted scenes?
And what of the myriad of other deleted scenes from each film?

I have my session edits and sfx from for each film so … rebuilding sound fields would actually be quite easy…

Another thought would be to create a sort of “Radio Story” presentation in so much that the films could be broken into chapters. Each chapter mini-prologue and perhaps a little “entr’acte” before it and a “intermission” after it.

Would this be a project of interest? Would people be interested in hearing this? I’m going to be making the project for myself and a friend, but if others were interested, I might put more time into it and begin working on longer more elaborate edits such as I mention.

If something like this has been done before, i’d love to hear it! Save me the work heh

Suggestions would be welcomed 😃