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The STAR WARS Saga: The Extended Audio Cuts

I’m looking to Episode III. I’m excited to be adding in the Rebel subplot. I feel like, in context with how Padme speaks to Anakin and how Palpatine even speaks to Anakin, it’ll make him feeling she betrayed him more deep and more real!

I’m excited. I’m tempted to do some recuts like I did in videos I made years ago, streamlining the fight a bit. We’ll see.

I’ve included links to Ep 1 and 2 now in the above post.

The STAR WARS Saga: The Extended Audio Cuts

Hey all,

so I’ve made ‘extended audio’ cuts for 1 and 2, I’ve begun work on 3, and have my eye set on maybe doing them for the OT as well.

It’s hard to list all the changes but here are a brief overview of some:

EPISODE I [2:22:49] (up from 2:16:11)!fFlj2RQD!gPMqv9jnG6l9mogHjFXgQbFHTllx_fvYvELsf8p79eA

  1. I’ve included the narrator audio from the Blu Ray during
    -on screen text (title, scroll, subtitles)
    -during largely visual narrative scenes (battles, races, etc)
  2. Removal of 1 line of Captain Panaka
    -“Their trade-franchise would be finished.” as it’s inappropriate for a man of his position to say anything of the like.
  3. Inclusion of musical ending to “Droid Invasion - The Appearance of Jar Jar”
  4. Inclusion of musical opening to “Introduction to Jar Jar”
  5. Deleted Scene of the Bongo going over a waterfall
  6. Inclusion of omitted music from “Arrival at Tatooine” as Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan discuss the hyperdrive
  7. Deleted Scene ‘Morning of the Race’
  8. Blu-Ray extended cut of the race
  9. Inclusion of omitted music ‘The Race Begins’
  10. Inclusion of partially replaced music ‘Anakin Defeats Sebulba’
  11. Deleted Scene ‘Anakain Fights Greedo’
  12. Overlay of Alternate musical Take of ‘Anakin is Free’
  13. Deleted Scene ‘Anakin says goodbye/Probe Droid’
  14. ‘High Council Meeting (Insert)’ used as an overlay
  15. Deleted Shot of ‘Alderaan Seconding Motion’
  16. Alternate ending musical Insert of “Anakin’s Test”
  17. Alternate ending take of “Back to Naboo”
  18. Deleted Shot of Queen in Throne Room confronting Viceroy
  19. Replacing finale with music only "Augie’s Great Municipal Band’ through film edit of Credits

EPISODE II [2:35:56] (up from 2:22)!yM9SiCDA!t9LK5omS3nC6ShYv4042OEsqFCQ6FungCXlhBmJBxtw

  1. I’ve included the narrator audio from the Blu Ray during
    -on screen text (title, scroll, subtitles)
    -during largely visual narrative scenes (battles, races, etc)
  2. Deleted Scene “Padme addresses the Senate”
  3. Deleted Scene “Analysis Droids”
  4. Extended Scene “Count Dooku’s Bust”
  5. New musical transition to Deleted Scene -
  6. Deleted Scenes “Obi-Wan speaks with Mace and leaves for Kamino”
  7. Deleted Scenes “Anakin’s nightmare aboard the Refugee Ship”
  8. Extended Scene “Arrival at Naboo”
  9. New Musical transition to Deleted Scene -
  10. Deleted Scene “Padme’s Home/Lunch”
  11. Deleted Scene “Padme’s Father speaks with Anakin”
  12. Deleted Scene “Padme speaks with her sister/mother”
  13. Deleted Scene “Padme’s Bedroom”
  14. Extended ‘Duel of the Fates’ slightly
  15. Layering of “Shmi’s Funeral” music
  16. Removal of “What are YOU doing here?” line directed at R2
  17. Deleted Scene ‘Padme speaks with Dooku’
  18. Deleted Scene ‘Padme is sentenced’
  19. Including omitted ‘The Arena’ musical cue
  20. Inclusion of Alternate sections of ‘Finale’ into one long suite
The STAR WARS Saga: The Extended Audio Cuts

Here is Star Wars Episode I audio edited with the deleted scenes (which are on the DVD) and replacing some missing music.!KRtBmIwT!c-NJ4wIhMixWm1YxCOl5uFpVpteDF3POwMxeLtFW9rM

A rough list of changes:

1) Replaced Fox Fanfare / Main Title with Album for clarity sake

2) Added in End to "Droid Invasion"

3) Added in the opening to "Introduction to Jar Jar"

4) Cut the annoying line by Panaka "Their trade franchise would be finished." 

5) Inserted the "Water Fall" deleted scene

6) Replaced omitted music for "Tatooine Arrival" for as the ship lands

7) Inserted the "Morning Before the Pod-Race" scene

8) Expanded the "Pod Race Introduction" scene

9) Replaced the "Pod Race Begins" music to it's original location (making accommodation for the extended cut)

10) Inserted a section of the "Extended Lap 2" scene

11) Replaced the end of  "Anakin Defeats Sebulba" back to it's original location

12) Reinserted Greedo/ Anakin fight Deleted scene and layered new music over it. 

13) Layered an alternate take of "Anakin is Free" over Shmi speaking to Anakin

14) Used the music only mix for the end of "Anakin is Free"

15) Inserted Anakin saying goodbye scene and layered in "Sith Approach" into edit

16) Looped music for "The Senate" to layer in deleted 'Bail Organa' statement of seconding motion for 'Vote of No Confidence'

17) Used the original transition for "Anakin's Test" for when Yoda says "Much fear I sense in you"

18) Used the alternate fanfare for "Moving Things Along" when Jar jar says "Weesa Going home!"

19) Inserted cut to Padme telling the Viceroy they would have to go back to the Senate to explain

20) Replaced "Augie's Great Municipal Band" and "End Credits (Film)" for a better mix

The STAR WARS Saga: The Extended Audio Cuts

Well, don't they call it "The Star Wars Legacy" ? I've heard it called that numerous times. I'm simply talking about an audio presentation of "The Star Wars Legacy." It's like getting confused that I said "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Complete Score" because it has the same name as the film. it's the film score presentation of the film...

I did a quick attempt last night at doing Star Wars Episode I last night for my friend. I included all the relevant deleted scenes. I also took the opportunity to replace missing music seeing as we're dealing with just sound and without visual sfx might make as much sense as SFX with music layered over them.

I'll see about uploading it so people can get an idea of what i mean

The STAR WARS Saga: The Extended Audio Cuts

So I've been toying with this idea for a little bit. I haven't begun work on it, but one of the things I find very interesting is how sound is ... so illuminating. I love to listen to the complete scores and imagine the scenes in my head and play out the music as I drive to/from work (I have a long drive).

But it occurs to me... there might be another way...

I was thinking: 

What if I made an edit of each STAR WARS using the rips of the films audio, the deleted scenes audio, and melding them into a singular extended audio cut. The video for the most part would be very tedious to cut together due to the differences in quality, but the sound--for most--would be seemless... so I wondered...

How interesting would it be to cut in the Mon Mothma sequences into Episode III?
How cool would it be to recut ANH to have all the deleted scenes?
And what of the myriad of other deleted scenes from each film?

I have my session edits and sfx from for each film so ... rebuilding sound fields would actually be quite easy...

Another thought would be to create a sort of "Radio Story" presentation in so much that the films could be broken into chapters. Each chapter mini-prologue and perhaps a little "entr'acte" before it and a "intermission" after it.

Would this be a project of interest? Would people be interested in hearing this? I'm going to be making the project for myself and a friend, but if others were interested, I might put more time into it and begin working on longer more elaborate edits such as I mention.

If something like this has been done before, i'd love to hear it! Save me the work heh

Suggestions would be welcomed :-)

Collaborative Fanediting: An ROTJ Proposition (BACK ON TRACK WITH EMANSWFAN AT THE HELM--SEE POST 1488 OR OP FOR A LINK!)

I was just thinking it would be a way to redeem him further... it's almost like an apology. I'd say Luke could do it, but that would be even harder...

oh well lol just an idea I had :-p


Now that I've thought of it though... it could be some random voice over... almost like a montage... you have all those shots of the ships flying into the core of the Death Star... you could cut between that and shots of planets around the galaxy with someone on the com saying

"Attention all Citizens of the former Galactic Republic: Your Emperor is dead! His weapon of death is in ruin!"


or is that cheesy?



As as being said, have him call a cease fire... that would be rather moving actually

Collaborative Fanediting: An ROTJ Proposition (BACK ON TRACK WITH EMANSWFAN AT THE HELM--SEE POST 1488 OR OP FOR A LINK!)

True... and my thought was in the celebration they tear down the statue of Palpatine and are harassing a storm trooper so I always assumed the Empire had been effectively dissolved. But something along those lines announcing that the Emperor is dead ... it wouldn't and shouldn't be a long speech but perhaps something just saying the Emperor is dead...

Collaborative Fanediting: An ROTJ Proposition (BACK ON TRACK WITH EMANSWFAN AT THE HELM--SEE POST 1488 OR OP FOR A LINK!)

I dunno if this is a good idea or not, maybe not... but I wonder if there wouldn't be a way to add a small scene at the end before Vader dies... I wonder if its possible because we'd need someone who could do the voice of him.


After he's killed the Emperor and throws him down the chute...I wonder if we couldn't add a line "I have one more thing I must do."


We cut back to the battles and then we return to find vader sitting in his Black and white Ball thing. He turns to face the view screen, which could say something along the lines of "All sub-space channels Open."


To which he begins to speak a speech as we cut throughout the Galaxy.


"Your Empire has failed you. Your Emperor has oppressed you. But no more! The Emperor is dead. Your Empire is hereby dissolved and the Republic Senate is reinstated. The age of the Jedi will return."

Then we cut to the rebals flying into the death star, perhaps oblivious to it and destroy the Reactor. or they hear it on the speaker but its too late, they are going to finish the job.

This would seemingly build up a sort of...three step climax. First the death of the Emperor which is then bookended by the speech, then the destruction of the Death Star, and then the final Celebration at the end.


I think it would add a nice touch to the film. You could easily reuse old footage and it would only need someone to do the speech over it and the replacement of the view screen seen in Empire and some smart sourcing of shots from the other films to show everyone hearing it.

This would also explain how the entire Galaxy knew instantly tha thte Rebals had succeeded lol

Collaborative Fanediting: An ROTJ Proposition (BACK ON TRACK WITH EMANSWFAN AT THE HELM--SEE POST 1488 OR OP FOR A LINK!)

I wouldn't dream to add many, if any, prequel trilogy themes into the OT. For me, that's kinda going too far. Maybe some background filler music, but not out right themes unless they're truly warented... the top of my head... instead of using the Ewok finale, they used that new age-ey music...but I wonder if something else might have been better...perhaps influeneced by the locations shown or something but thats ok...


If you wanted to see my HP cues, they're here:



(Includes my new theme)


Next Scene


Next Scene (alternate scoreing)

Collaborative Fanediting: An ROTJ Proposition (BACK ON TRACK WITH EMANSWFAN AT THE HELM--SEE POST 1488 OR OP FOR A LINK!)

I was posting this last night when my computer crashed but I once had a ton of my alternate scorings on youtube but they started pulling star wars videos when the blu rays were released and so I had to pull about 20 videos (ugh)


I guess my thouight was, I'm very familiar with all the prequel scores and their sonic limitations, plus also the melodic and thematic material.


my thought was even a rough outline of the scenes and ideas would help create an idea of what is needed where, and based on that, I could compile what we have and find what we'd need. Most of my work could simply be stitching together cues which I'm rather proficient at (I'd hate to say it but the Ultimate Edition of Episode I was an amazing editing job albeit a horrible product).

That way I could kinda... create an idea of what we have and what we'd need...a rough idea at least... The new scenes might need to be fully scored too which would be kinda exciting for me lol but anyway


If it helps at all, I did my own score/theme for the final Harry Potter novel based on what I heard in my head... so it's not entirely an unknown idea to me.


Collaborative Fanediting: An ROTJ Proposition (BACK ON TRACK WITH EMANSWFAN AT THE HELM--SEE POST 1488 OR OP FOR A LINK!)

I'm kinda new to the thread so I apologize if I can't answer that but it's an idea that's been circulating for a while. As for how to use it that's another story but its an interesting concept.


I was curious... is there a way to create a sort of...timeline...of ideas... of how you'd like (ideally) this ROTJ to edit to end up..I only ask becuase if I have a sense of timing, I might be able to develop some ideas for what music can go where and how .


I know it's early but it's just a thought.

Collaborative Fanediting: An ROTJ Proposition (BACK ON TRACK WITH EMANSWFAN AT THE HELM--SEE POST 1488 OR OP FOR A LINK!)

The great thing about that opening sequence is that there is a lot of room for changes. Vader's Theme is only used to showcase his presence, but the rest is almost just filler based on the intervals of the theme ie: lots of places to play with the music or what have you heh


I may have to give it a try heh

Collaborative Fanediting: An ROTJ Proposition (BACK ON TRACK WITH EMANSWFAN AT THE HELM--SEE POST 1488 OR OP FOR A LINK!)

Wow... I feel like I'm coming out of a Carbonite sleep lol


Sorry for my lateness to this party but I was brought attention to this project by a friend of mine who said you needed some composers.


If I may, I'd like to volunteer my efforts to that front and also to sound design/editing. I've worked on a fan film for Jurassic Park and actually have been DYING to work on a fan film of Star Wars and this is may as well be that heh...


I have a pretty extensive library of Star Wars SFX and if you're interested in hearing some of my Jurassic Park compositions, you can hear them here:


I'm also familiar with video editing as I had produced a re-edit of the finale to Episode III (starting with Obi-Wan speaking to Padme through to the credits). Unfortunately, I had to remove the videos but perhaps you've seen them? 


I could try reupping them too if you'd like.


I'm also extremely familiar with the scores to the OT including ROTJ which is one of my favourites. I recreated an almost completely clean Lapti Nek (film version). So that may help lol


Anyway, I'd like to help if I can :-)

CAPRICA: The Resurrection!

CAPRICA is such an amazing show. To describe it in singular words is simply diminishing the impact and the strength the show as a whole had.


You had a cast of characters who had strengths, quirks, and personalities that are firmly outlined in the series.  With each episode, we learn more about the characters.


For example: Daniel Graystone seemed like an ok dad in the pilot. The story progresses and we learn that he has a pension for working very hard. That he is a self built man. We learn how his love for his wife (and see as well) has truly made her a stronger woman and capable of being "normal."


Then we start to see the darker side of him. Because of his power, he feels he can do as he pleases and because of the success he's had in his company, he feels vindicated that his persistence and determination are what truly made it what it is today. He then uses that idea to convince himself he should do all he can to win: steal from Vergis corp the device he needs and then steal his company back from Vergis himself.

He will obviously stop at nothing. His coy lie about "having seen [Zoe's] drawings and getting them stuck in his mind," to then design a robot based on them is another sad ploy. I don't truly believe it.


Then we have his wife who is a "weak" woman. I say weak but she really isn't. I mourn the loss of this character the most as her evolution...watching her act... was perhaps the most easiest thing for me to do. She is so gifted. Her love for her husband and the loss of her brother seem to have been some of the largest things that shaped her. The amazing thing is that despite her weakness, she is strong. The problem with accepting one's strengths is also accepting one's darkness and she has feared this. The loss of a daughter she had no good relationship with broke her psyche. Not to mention her stint in a psychiatric ward was only ended by the strength of her husband and now that he's betrayed her by being a man she never imagined he could be...well... her life fell apart. 

She finds solace and strength in the guidance of Clarice who uses Amanda, but on some level, genuinely loves her. She finds that strength she had lost and begins to betray herself by spying on Clarice.


The strength of all the characters was so infinately fascinating to me. Each week we learned tidbits more of each...fleshing out the characters and their world. I mourn the loss of an entire civilization now. A great gap has been created in what we will know about the worlds of BSG and the great human drama seems to have simply been lost entirely.


If SyFy can't afford it, they should shop around.