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The Go-Mer-Tonic™ Thread - Today's Topic: Whose your favorite author and why?
I think that there are some cases where a death penalty makes sense. I just worry about the error rate in applying it.

That's a very serious thing to mess up. Maybe the benefit of ridding the world of the worst of the worst makes the occasioanal mis application justified. There have been cases for example where the wrong man got the death penalty and it only came out after the execution.

I would not want to be the jury or executioner in those cases.

Sure someone who runs around killing other people (not in self defense) probably deserve to be killed themselves.

It's just as I have said before, I don't hold myself in high enough esteem to make that kind of call myself.

Ferris, you made some great points, and I generally agree with what you are saying.

As far as the stupid stuff I said on TFN back in the day, I just basically maintained that the prequels were awesome, and I flamed people who dissed them.

Since I have realized how close minded and self centered that approach was, and while I do still think the prequels kicked ass, I don't think there is something fundamentally wrong with people who don't.

It's just a matter of opinion.
Global Warming
C3PX, I appreciate your response quite a bit, I am also glad things aren't up to me. I can screw up a microwave dinner on a good day.

I get the point about them being taught to hate us, and that is certainly not something one can easily stand by and allow.

I also agree about the benefit of a Saddam-free Iraq.

I just wonder if perhaps we are also being taught to hate them.

But really, as I said. I have no answers, and only question these things to hear your explainations.

Well especially the ones that remain civil.
Global Warming
I am appalled by the way our ancestors took this country from it's native inhabitants and that makes -me- a pshychopath?

The only reason I haven't debated your points about what their faults are, is because I don't contest them. You are right about a lot of that.

I'm just worried about us stooping to their level.
Global Warming
I think invading another country has to be done for solid, valid reasons, not unfounded paranoia based on hearsay.

When the President told me why we had to invade Iraq, I had his back up until it turned out that that reason turned out to be fictitious.

I argued in his defense to my other friends. I told them that sometimes, extreme measures are needed.

Now it turns out that was bogus.

Now to the rest of the world, it looks like there is the chance that we will just come up with a reason if we don't have one.

Whether they actually manufactured the false data, or were merely acting in good faith on something they believed to be true, that's bad to me.

What is it with us white people? We come to America, claim the natives are "savages" and then kill a lot of them off and take their land.

To dehumanize other groups of people like that is just a tad dismissive to me.

As far as their propensity to kill other people in vicious ways, they certainly aren't cornering the market in that area.

Try looking at this from the other side. You say that we can't fight them fair because they won't fight fair. Well what if that's the reason they aren't fighting fair either? Is this justification only good for us?
Global Warming
I'm talking about the suspicion of weapons of mass destruction. That's the one reason the masses got behind the invasion, and then when it was all said and done, turns out our memos were faulty.

None of those other things were enough to get people behind invading Iraq. We never did tie 9-11 to them.