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Deepfake Tarkin & Leia swap (Rogue One) (up on the Shamook youtube channel)

Hey guys. Just finished BOBF and was sitting here bored. I remembered Shamook had done a deep fake with Harrison’s face onto Alden E, and I just had a thought.

Alden’s performance is awesome, but his voice is just slightly too high pitched. Its not deep like Harrison’s. So, I hopped in Audacity and did an amateurish pitch adjustment combined with Shamook’s video from a year back.


Sorry the audio isn’t great, but as a simple audio change, big impact especially with the deep faked face.

Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

snooker said:

RogueLeader said:

Later, Hux gives his speech and then we see the fleet jump away into hyperspace.


Scene test!

Now, I really don’t know how to handle the Resistance briefing scene. All I’ve managed to do is change Poe’s line from “Lower the shield, destroy that oscillator, and blow up their big gun” to “…blow up their base”

That looks great Man as always! You may not have to blow up the base until a later movie. Would it be possible to do a matte where half of the base is covered in snow, and half is tropical? I had an idea like this that I posted before about putting Canto Bight on the same planet as the Starkiller. It helps explain how

  1. The planet is a base, not just another weapon.

  2. The reason the 1st order can build this fleet is because its funded by the galaxy’s “scum and villainy”

  3. It plays up the idea that the 1st order is the radical remnant of the empire reborn a la Nazis in Argentina. Their supporters live on their base.

A Palpatine-less Edit of The Rise of Skywalker (Released)

would love a link to check it out. I posted in another thread some interesting fan art of a “darth Jar Jar” I saw. If that could be implemented somehow along with footage from the Ren vs Vader fan film footage, you could reasonably recreate some of the vibes of the “Tor Vallum” concepts from the Duel of the Fates script.


Maybe you could show the clone tanks, but with him inside? Maybe the dark ray footage could be repurposed with this art used for the head? Like in this clip? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlvqZNwhrM4

Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Was curious if anyone had seen this yet? https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWars/comments/ladfr3/darth_jarjar_by_kevin_cassidy/

This person did an absolutely amazing job at a Darth Jar Jar fan art. If we could put this head onto dark rey, we could have an awesome darth Jar Jar shot, maybe even put him in the Snoke tanks? This could be used as a subtle way to tie in the prequels/plagueis/the Darth Jar Jar fan theory.

I really think George wanted the dark side equivalent of the Yoda character, and that was supposed to be Jar Jar.

Idea: Luke as an impostor clone in The Last Jedi

I like this idea a lot. It is an ambitious idea. If you want to pursue this, I would get a hold of Bradly Klein pn youtube to see if he could help you with a Snoke impression.

You could even keep the Krait sequence (since Luke looks younger.) You could probably re purpose some episode 9 footage along with some episode 8 footage to have Rey and Leia talk about Luke being dead. Confirm that what Snoke is saying is the truth, but then pull a surprise in the Krait sequence.


Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

The Mustafar shots are actually the work of the very talented Bradley Klein who provided the voice of Palpatine in the SW Theory Vader fan film.

Here is the source video.


His channel is listed in the description.

I wish I had those masking skills. I have wanted to do something like this concept clip in a TLJ edit for a long time, but the footage simply did not exist yet to make it believable.

Snooker, John, and others here could probably do a clip like this, but make it more convincing. My PC was not letting me make fine tuned cuts, but i hope it did not suck. lol

I don’t think you guys could hear the audio of senators shouting, but here is a breakdown of what’s in there audio video wise.

  1. the Shots of Luke created by John.

  2. audio of Andy Serkis from heavenly sword PS3 “with every age that comes to pass, there is one born to greatness…I am the one.”

  3. Audio of Anakin’s dream vision from the ROTS edit: Shadows of the Empire.

  4. Spliced audio of Han taken from the film Age of Adeline. “The Truth! You never told anyone?” Leia: No! It was Snoke"

  5. Audio of Senators in an Uproar taken from AOTC deleted scenes.

  6. Spliced audio of Snoke saying Vader

  7. Footage from the Vader VS Kylo Ren fan film.

Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Ok guys, I put together a very very amaturish mock clip, (borrowing from some clips posted, and audio from some games and other films) for a TLJ redux idea.

I hated the way the film portrayed Luke as the uncle who would murder Ben Solo because he sensed darkness. “Hi…this is my Uncle, Homicide.”

To me, that would mean Luke learned nothing from Yoda’s warnings about force visions and leaping into action prematurely. If the theatrical cut’s vision holds true, Luke learned nothing from losing his hand on Bespin!

Rather, I thought it would be more appropriate to do something along the lines of the bloodline Novel.

Ben (and the wider galaxy)discovers that Vader is his grandfather. This is the impetus for his turn. He feels betrayed by a secret kept from him by his family for “his own good.” (a similar small mistake has been the impetus in previous films.)

Anakin started on his path to the dark side by believing the white lie that he would be free to save those he loved.

Luke feels a pull to the dark side when he discovers that Ben neglects to tell him the truth about his father

Now Kylo feels the pull to darkness based on a lie of commission about his grandfather. To me, Kylo’s turn would be more thematically consistent, as would Luke’s arc (without tarnishing his character.)

In the clip, Kylo encounters Vader’s mask at Luke’s temple. It calls to him, as Anakin’s saber called to Rey. A paralell of TFA, a different destiny.


Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

@Jonh would it be alright if I use that clip as part of a rough mockup I have of how Kylo’s turn to the dark side could be reworked in episode 8? That is some great work. It looks seriously legit.

I have a mockup where i am trying to visually imply that Kylo happens upon vader’s mask (not knowing that Vader is his grandfather,) and that he has a moment with Vader’s mask that parallels the calling of Rey. I also used a bit of a SW theory video (kylo on Mustafar) super rough and no sound, but might be cool.

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

idir_hh said:

NeverarGreat said:

So I watched TROS again a couple of days ago and took some notes as to potential edits:

  • Since Kylo is oddly communing with Vader’s mask after Palps tells him he’s been ‘every voice in his head’, it might work to place this scene right after the opening crawl. The mask could be Vader telling him exactly where to find the wayfinder on Mustafar. Cut to him slaughtering the Cultists.

I tried something like that here: https://vimeo.com/417019357

I’m thinking of using the pan to Coruscant - 1313 footage - DOTF concept art and the bridge shot of Kylo Ren as Palpatine’s message plays across the galaxy, then cutting to him meditating on the helmet - setting up his search for Exogol.

I really like what you have done here, its amazing. Would it be possible using some fan film footage and some of your wizardry to have an interaction with Vader’s mask be the impetus for Kylo’s turn in episode 8?

I really hated the luke tries to kill his Nephew angle, and felt it would be more fitting that Ben finds Vader’s mask at Luke’s temple (not knowing Vader was his Grandfather a la the Bloodline novel)

I feel like your skills would be well suited to something like that, just awesome work.

Info: Nvidia RTX Voice for Music Removal

SWOTFAN25 said:

Ok so this might be a dumb question, but is there any possible way to enhance the audio from ANH using AI. The dialogue for much of the film sounds like its coming out of a tin can. Particularly during the floating droid training scene when Luke says “You mean it controls your actions?”. I don’t know, it’s just always really bothered me.

I mean is this what this program can be used for? Or just music removal?

An AI model probably could be generated for that purpose if it were designed to do so. Unfortunately, this tool is just meant for ambient noise removal in apps like OBS. Turns out it had a neat side effect for our purposes though.