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Video Games - a general discussion thread

Okay, so here’s the deal. I was playing Sonic Adventure 2 and I went to Chao Garden to raise a chao for some forgotten reason. Long story short, I accidently kicked the thing.

It was so much fun that I kicked it again. And again and again and threw it into the wall. Then I decided to buy a chao specifically for the purpose of abusing. I got a purple chao egg and tossed it into the wall. When the little purple bastard came into the world I was waiting to kick him. I did that for a long time, just kicking the chao around and throwing him against the wall and into the water to watch him flail around and hoping he’d drown.

I never gave him a name or any small animals to play with or those crystal things to make him stronger. I didn’t even bother to feed the damn thing and wouldn’t let him sleep. I just kept kicking him and throwing him like a football. When I got bored with the physical abuse I started looking into the psychological torment.

First I waited until he was starving then I gave him food only to snatch it away before he could take a bite. Then I’d give the food to another chao to eat while he sat there watching and crying. Then I’d kick him.

I’d also pet the other chao or hold it and rock it like a baby while he’d watch. Then I’d kick him. Sometimes he’d scream and run away and I’d chase him and kick him into the water and watch him drown.

This continued on until the chao turned 2 (garden time) and went into his egg for the 2nd transformation. I was waiting there to kick him when he emerged but to my surprise the egg was empty.

Now what I want to know is this: Did the chao finally die or did it escape somehow? I can’t bear the thought of either really but I have to know

Random Thoughts

After watching a lot of the Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon I’ve noticed this one musical leitmotif that constantly gets reused throughout the show that sounds almost exactly like a part from Elmer Bernstein’s The Great Escape score. Now whenever I hear this cue I think Sonic is gonna get into a motorbike chase with Dr Robotnik, ala Steve Mcqueen.

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Pat Garret and Billy The Kid (1988 Preview Cut)
Forget The Godfather, this is my new favourite movie.