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Star Wars: A New Hope in Dolby Vision (Released)

Honestly no 😕 it seems that when playing a single layer Dolby Vision file on a non-Dolby vision display, the video displays itself in sort of a false color mode, so you can’t really tell the differences between the DV version and HDR10 versions without just viewing them on your own DV/HDR10 displays. However, speaking from my own perspective, the DV version only looks marginally better than the HDR10 version, I just thought it’d be useful to preserve it.

Star Wars: A New Hope in Dolby Vision (Released)

Currently updating this project if anyone is interested, really excited about it!

So I have a hard to find copy of a New Hope in the form of a Dolby Vision Web-Dl, but unfortunately it had a lot of issues so I needed to do my own little restoration project to bring it to where it needs to be. This included learning how dolby vision worked which was a pain in the ass but ultimately I’m glad I was able to do this. This Project contains all the audio and subtitle tracks from the 2020 UHD BD and Regular BD. Subs for the BD have been darkened for proper display on Dolby Vision screens. Both those discs have an extra 38 frames in the beginning so I had to adjust all the BD tracks by -1585ms to get them to sync correctly. This is a Profile 5 single layer DV file, so unlike blu rays, it won’t fall back on HDR10 if you don’t have a DV display, so it’s really only going to look right on those displays. Big thanks to Schorman for creating the forced subtitle track that matches the UHD BDs, since this version uses soft subs as opposed to the harcoded one’s on the BD. I have only tested this on the 2019 nvidia sheild using the Dolby Vision build of Kodi, but it plays perfectly fine on that and it looks and sounds great. It seems this is the only film that exists in a DV web-dl which is a shame, but it’s still cool to have regardless. PM me for a link!

Captain America: Civil War IMAX Preservation (Released)

Update: I think its best that I don’t distribute this project anymore because 4K Web-DLs are available of all the Marvel IMAX films, sourced from Disney+. If you would like to see those, you could find them the normal place you’d find movies like this. Thanks for all your support guys!

First off, is this project full IMAX? YES, all the IMAX footage is from the officially released 3D Blu Ray. (I’ll be asking and answering this question in the first line of every one of these projects because the answer varies from project to project). So this marks my first release in attempting to preserve the IMAX editions of all the Marvel films because for some reason, Disney really doesn’t like to release the IMAX aspect ratios on home video. With Civil War, I decided to take the IMAX footage from the 3D Blu Ray and crop the left sidebar shot by shot (Similar to what kk650 does) and then color match the footage to the regular blu ray because the grade on the 3D BD is actually a lot different. (Quick note, I now have so much respect for anyone who does color grading because man, it’s a bitch). I decided to do this film first because it has the least amount of IMAX footage, so it was a good starting point. All IMAX footage is from the 3D Blu Ray and the rest of the film is from the regular Blu Ray. I used DrDre’s color matching tool (which is amazinggggg by the way) and experimented with different luts. I applied one lut to the whole scene and I’d say that the colors match the BD about 95%. There’s a shot here and there that are a little off but it’s pretty accurate. Actually all the shots with Spider-Man have the red on his suit a little more vibrant but I actually prefer this. I will post a few screenshots later today. I am however, doing a shot by shot color match for Thor Ragnarok and although all of the shots match the blu ray completely, it takes a lotttt more time. I don’t think I’m going to revisit this project honestly because the colors match very well and are good enough for me. This project was completed and encoded in premiere and the final video was exported with maximum bitrate settings so the file size is actually pretty big, approaching 90gb EDIT: I actually ended up running into some problems with premiere’s encoding process so I ended up exporting a ProRes copy from premiere and then re-encoded it into an h.264 format with handbrake. This actually ended up taking a whole two days and then I realized I left a de-interlace filter on so I needed to do the whole thing again and it took ANOTHER two days. It all done now though and the video looks fantastic! As always I tried not to loose any quality so the video has an average bitrate of 80mbps so the final file size is about 105gb. All of the audio tracks are muxed in from the Blu Ray and UHD Blu Ray. The entire video is also frame synced to the regular Blu Ray (I’m using the 2019 version if that matters), and the UHD Blu Ray. The audio track options are:

  1. English Dolby TrueHD Atmos
  2. English DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1
  3. English Dolby Digital 5.1
  4. English DTS 5.1
  5. Director’s Commentary
  6. English Descriptive Audio (2.0)
  7. French (Dubbed In Quebec) Dolby Digital 5.1
  8. French Dolby Digital Plus 7.1
  9. French Dolby Digital 5.1
  10. Castilian Spanish Dolby Digital Plus 7.1
  11. Castilian Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1
  12. German Dolby Digital Plus 7.1
  13. German Dolby Digital 5.1
  14. Italian Dolby Digital Plus 7.1
  15. Italian Dolby Digital 5.1
  16. Japanese Dolby Digital Plus 7.1
  17. Japanese Dolby Digital 5.1

And the subtitle tracks are only from the Blu Ray because I guess the way UHD subs work, isn’t compatible with 1080p video. EDIT: It seems that the UHD subs DO work, so I’ve added those as well. The only thing is that they appear grayish instead of white. I tested this with vlc on my pc, and kodi, through my nvidia shield, but no guarantees that the UHD subs will display correctly for everyone’s setup. The tracks are:

  1. English Forced Subtitles (Default/Forced track)
  2. English Subtitles
  3. English Director’s Commentary Subtitles
  4. French (Subtitled in Quebec) Forced Subtitles
  5. French (Subtitled in Quebec) Subtitles
  6. French Forced Subtitles
  7. French Subtitles
  8. French Director’s Commentary Subtitles
  9. Castilian Spanish Forced Subtitles
  10. Castilian Spanish Subtitles
  11. Castilian Spanish Director’s Commentary Subtitles
  12. German Forced Subtitles
  13. German Subtitles
  14. Italian Forced Subtitles
  15. Italian Subtitles
  16. Japanese Forced Subtitles
  17. Japanese Subtitles
  18. Norwegian Subtitles
  19. Swedish Subtitles

Also this release has chapter marks and everything, and the nice IMAX poster for the cover! Finally got it all uploaded to my google drive so just PM me if you want a link! As always you must own an officially released copy of this film to obtain this. I put a lot of time and effort into this project and I also ended up learning a lot from it, and I would really appreciate some feedback as well! Stay tuned for a lot more of these marvel releases in the coming weeks, including the last two avengers films which I’m VERY excited to share!

Also here are some screenshots!






Remove Hard-Coded (Baked In) Subtitles from video.

Update: I’m going to just hire a freelance VFX artist to do it for me because I’ve been working on this project for like a year now an want to be done with it lmao. Expect an endgame IMAX preservation to be posted here soon!! Here is the sample he sent me btw.


Edit: Well Fuck, it’s gonna cost $150. I guess it may be a week or two before the preservation is posted lol. Gotta get the money 1st😅.

Remove Hard-Coded (Baked In) Subtitles from video.

Hey so I’m working on an IMAX preservation of avengers infinity war and endgame and there are some shots that have hard coded foreign (either Russian or German) subtitles in them. I have overplayed the blu ray on these shots and it covers a portion of the subtitles but not all of it. I’ve read a few topics about this same issue but they were a few years old and I’m wondering if there’s any easier method of removing the subs using Adobe premiere or any other modern video editors. Any help would be much appreciated as after I am done with this, I am finally done with the whole project. Thanks!!