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anothe example of lucas changing things to appeal to a new generation lightsaber dueling styles of OT vs PT

I agree with your basic points, haljordan28 - that the lightsaber duels in the PT were unnecessarily flashy, over-choreographed, and just plain ridiculous.

But please, man, proofread your writing before you post; I think you'd gain some modicum of respect around here if your writing was more legible.

"Death Troopers" - the EU novel

I read it and disliked it. It felt rushed, with nagging plot holes, poorly-developed characters, and the unnecessary addition of Han and Chewie.

And frankly, I'm not too fond of the whole "zombie plague" trope; not only has it been done to death, but it doesn't mesh well with Star Wars; I think Lovecraftian horror would suit the SW Universe much better IMHO.

On the plus side, there were almost no PT references; one tiny mention of the Intergalactic Banking Clan, and that was it. 

Favorite Star Wars Book?

Darth Id said:

Very interesting title for that "Splinter."  What is the phrase's significance in the book?


There's some speculation that the Vader that Luke & Leia battle near the end of the novel wasn't meant to be the real Darth Vader but some sort of supernatural manifestation created by the Kaiburr crystal, and that the title is meant to touch upon an impaired ability to perceive reality.

Politics and Storytelling (Superheroes)

TheBoost said:

For starters, even though I love it, "Smallville" has some of the worst writing I've ever seen on television.


But if you're talking a character who is a yelling, angry, hate-spewing talk radio guy, there aren't a lot of liberal types in that genre. Also, the dude was poccessed by Darkseid


Now they introduced Darkseid on the show!?

I am so glad I stopped watching after the fifth season.

Family Guy Star Wars Trilogy?

C3PX said:

What? Because they don't make good exports? Ridiculous! Every other culture is allowed to do its own thing in its television, but American television must remain neutral, is that it? And fail? Seriously? Those shows are extremely successful. 

 I claim they fail because the humour relies 100% on pop culture references to succeed; if someone fails to recognize the reference then the joke falls flat and dies.

Family Guy Star Wars Trilogy?

Ziz said:

One thing you should take into consideration is that FG, and Robot Chicken to a degree, are as much about pop culture references as they are about the characters, sometimes even moreso.  If you're outside the US, unless you know a lot about American pop culture over the past 30 to 40 years, you'll miss half the jokes.

 Which is why these kind of shows fail.

recast the prequels

Octorox said:

You must cast based on the scripts written by George Lucas, for example, if you cast an older actor as Anakin he will have to utter the same dialogue that Hayden does and may seem miscast.

Where's the fun in that?


Anyways ... I would have casted Keira Knightley as Padmé and Leo DiCaprio as Anakin (or kept Hayden but have someone else do his dialogue).  

What we like about the Prequels

What I liked :


Ewan McGregor

Liam Neeson (for the most part)

Ian McDiarmid (until his transformation scene in ROTS, anyway ...)

John William's score

The idea that the Jedi order isn't an order of perfect, pristine monks but an order of corrupt, dogmatic fools.

Darth Maul

Darth Maul's lightsaber

The duel in TPM (though it does get a bit too flashy after Qui-Gon leaves the fray)

Mace Windu's lightsaber (his purple blade almost makes up for the monotony of the other lightsabers)


That's about it, unfortunately.