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The worst parts of the Jedi Prince Book series

doubleofive said:

Everything about this was terrible. Hutt beards, 3-eyed sons of the Emperor, Vader's Glove having magic powers...

Ah, c'mon, Zorba's look was awesome! He's probably the best thing about those books!

Anyway ... moving on ... the worst thing would probably be the whole "indestructible glove of Darth Vader" thing. It's like the authors watched TESB, and, after seeing Vader deflect Han's blaster bolts with his hand, wrote up this fanfic-quality explanation to make sense of the situation. Of course, this explanation contradicts ROTJ, where it's plainly shown that Luke cuts through the glove.

God, yet another reason to hate the EU; canonizing bad kids' books regardless of the fact that they blatantly contradict the films.

An Experiment in Inducting a SW newbie.

This whole discussion is now reminding me of the whole debate on whether the Chronicles of Narnia should first be read in release order or chronological order. Based on what apparently C.S. Lewis himself preferred, I chose to read it in chronological order. Now, in hindsight, in light of all this George Lucas-related Star Wars stuff, I wish I had read the books the other way around =(

Star Wars coming to Blu Ray (UPDATE: August 30 2011, No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!)

Loser from TF.N said:

No, no. Not nerds. Nerds are awesome! Nerds build space shuttles, map the human genome and even become President. Nerds make our modern world possible. Nerds are the future. Nerds are cool.

Fanboys are the problem. Fanboys write online petitions about things that aren't any of their business. Fanboys think they should have a vote about whether Greedo shoots first. Fanboys think Star Wars belongs to the "people" (i.e. them).

Fanboys make baby Luke and Leia cry.

Fanboys are the problem, alright. Fanboys think that the object of their mastabatory fantasies are beyond reproach. Fanboys think that any criticism of their chosen tin god is pure blasphemy that isn't to be tolerated. Fanboys like to paint all opponents as "unrealistically nostalgic", as "following the herd", and, of course, as "being fanboys".

I'm really, really, considering becoming the kenkraly of TF.N