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How would YOU re-do the prequels?

Monolithium said:

What If: To help make the Jedi lose some luster, Darth Sidious spread a rumor that implied that the Force was not some divine power granted only to a special few.  But that it was some sort of genetically designed enhancement.  Something that the Jedi created to allow them to take over the universe.

This would allow Sidious to trick the Republic into believing that the Jedi were duplicitous and deserving of extermination.


What does anyone else think? 

 It could be a good development if it was realized properly, I guess. That being said, the idea doesn't really catch my fancy. Sorry.

An Alteration to the OT that SHOULD be Done

Luke's lightsaber in TESB should be recoloured cyan.

In ANH, when Luke activates his father's lightsaber for the first time we see it with a nice clear cyan glow - totally unlike the azure (sky blue) of Obi-Wan's blade and the later film's saber.

Yeah, it may be have just been a glitch or whatever in the colouring process (like when it appeared white during the training scene aboard the Falcon). However, since it was first revealed with a cyan colour then that colour should take precedence.

Plus, it would add some subtle variety. =D  


anothe example of lucas changing things to appeal to a new generation lightsaber dueling styles of OT vs PT

I agree with your basic points, haljordan28 - that the lightsaber duels in the PT were unnecessarily flashy, over-choreographed, and just plain ridiculous.

But please, man, proofread your writing before you post; I think you'd gain some modicum of respect around here if your writing was more legible.

"Death Troopers"

I read it and disliked it. It felt rushed, with nagging plot holes, poorly-developed characters, and the unnecessary addition of Han and Chewie.

And frankly, I'm not too fond of the whole "zombie plague" trope; not only has it been done to death, but it doesn't mesh well with Star Wars; I think Lovecraftian horror would suit the SW Universe much better IMHO.

On the plus side, there were almost no PT references; one tiny mention of the Intergalactic Banking Clan, and that was it. 

Favorite Star Wars Book?

Darth Id said:

Very interesting title for that "Splinter."  What is the phrase's significance in the book?


There's some speculation that the Vader that Luke & Leia battle near the end of the novel wasn't meant to be the real Darth Vader but some sort of supernatural manifestation created by the Kaiburr crystal, and that the title is meant to touch upon an impaired ability to perceive reality.

Politics and Storytelling (Superheroes)

TheBoost said:

For starters, even though I love it, "Smallville" has some of the worst writing I've ever seen on television.


But if you're talking a character who is a yelling, angry, hate-spewing talk radio guy, there aren't a lot of liberal types in that genre. Also, the dude was poccessed by Darkseid


Now they introduced Darkseid on the show!?

I am so glad I stopped watching after the fifth season.