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Avengers: Age of Ultron – Improved Edition

t7thl said:

This sounds interesting. Did you ever considered adding the scenes from episodes 19 and 20 in season 2 of Agents of Shield that setup the movie? There is the raid on the Hydra base, where Coulson learns of Strucker`s base and contacts Maria Hill and maybe Theta Protocol?

No, because I never really got into Agents of Shield more than few episodes. I think it would just confuse only movies- watchers seeing Coulson alive. The only major plot hole imo is that the Loki’s scepter is in Hydra’s base in the beginning of the movie, but A: Endgame gave us an answer to that. =)

Prometheus - Improved edition

Here is the most difficult change in the edit:

Since I dislike the overt on screen-dating of the timeline, I wanted to remove it and replace it. The BTS documentary ”The Furious Gods - Making Prometheus” had the same ”hero”- shot of the ship but only partly, missing the beginning. This meant that I did not have a clean video background footage for the whole shot. So I ended up doing several frames in Photoshop removing the text, from different parts of the footage. I then keyframed those stills to move and twist with the footage to work as a background when masking the unwanted text in the part that was missing the clean footage.

The jumps from one to next background still frame was a bit wonky in parts but luckily the new text covers it up quite nicely until the background video takes over. I also had to take the letters of my new text from elsewhere in the shot, clean them up and fade them in as separate layers. So the effect comp was quite busy with layers in the end.

I also ended up taking out the last text row because it’s a bit confusing in my edit as the mission briefing takes place before the journey begins. This was easier as the background footage was available as a whole.

Here is the link to a comparison video:

Alien 3 - Third Cut

This is absolutely a class A edit. The punched up- effects shots are very subtle for the most part and I could not always tell the difference but the differences I spotted were really great! Especially in the beginning rescue 15Maf has combined many favorite elements of mine from both cuts and it’s seamless.

Only bad thing I can think of is the running time which is slightly longer than Assembly cut. 2 and half hours is a long time to watch all those bald heads. =) Maybe some more cuts could be made to bring down the running time but I’m not sure what (don’t know the movie well enough for that).

All in all I think I’m watching this again instead of my bluray the next time I’m watching Alien 3. I think I would only go back to the theatrical cut if I want to see a more compact version.

Prometheus - Improved edition

regularjoe said:

If you should ever reconsider putting the beginning with the engineers back in I’d just suggest from experience that the scene may be nicely expanded with some lifted material from Terrance Malnick’s ‘‘Tree of Life.’’

The engineers at the waterfall is in the movie , only later. Haven’t seen “Tree of Life” though, I should probably educate myself on Malick movies…

Prometheus - Improved edition

-Deleted scenes
-Behind the scenes
-Alien Covenant Prologue The Crossing

Prometheus is one of those movies that baffles the mind how in a movie with such potential and scope no-one voiced the illogical gaps in the script and the whole movie suffers for it. This edit tries to fix those issues as much as can be done with editing.
And oh man was this a long project. Something happened to the audio where only left and right channels where playing and it took me a long time to figure it out. (I tried to solve the issue from time to time, then got frustrated and did not touch the whole thing for a while). I still had to manually enable the missing audio channels every time I returned to the project after figuring it out. Plus all the color correcting and sound editing. Phew!

Biggest goals:

-To remove the stupid plot details as much as I could. The scientists are now little more careful in their moves, the DNA is not a direct match and so on…

-Reinstate the material that was left as deleted scenes that actually make the movie make more sense or is just too delicious to be left on the cutting room floor.

-Tone down the religious undertones. I felt they went too heavy with it in the original and personally it starts to annoy me in the original cut.

-Take out the obvious references to Xenomorphs, partly leftovers from earlier script version and the rest is unnecessary teasing/fan service.


-Removed engineer from the beginning to the middle of the movie to ”build up the mystery” of what they look like (granted they are not super ”alien” though). Credit for this might go to Severian’s Prometheus:Giftbearer for this, can’t remember if I came up with it myself or not.

-Moved the mission brief before the start of the journey, so they know what they are signing up for.

-Removed on screen dates of the movie. I like to keep movies in Alien series not dated so clearly ,so they can be whenever in the future. This movie can therefore now be a sequel to Alien – movies. Also the clearly more advanced tech makes more sense that way.

-Removed people referring David as a robot because they are more commonly referred as androids in this series.

-Removed the scientist stupidity as much as I could: the helmets off-scene is shortened to not exaggerate how risky it is, less careless space snake petting and the severed engineer head is given a small Amp dosage and it’s not pumped up but straight down when the head has a reaction. Fifield can’t contact his mapping balls to give a better reason to be lost (credit to Severian’s Prometheus:Giftbearer for this).

-Took out some religious dialogue and references, like the bodies are 2000 years old and Shaw’s dream where she talks with her dad.

-I cut some of the Holloway’s lines to make him less of an ass after the first discovery and little more likable.

-Removed the info that DNA is a exact match, because how could it be? Seriously, this is a multimillion production and they have these childish mistakes.

-Removed med-pods ”only male”- function. Why would anyone design it that way? Stupid.

-Running away from falling ship shortened.

-Added many deleted scenes like encounter with a small alien worm, alternate Fifield- monster, multiple engineers at waterfall, engineer now speaks when woken up and searches Shaw in life boat-module in the end. These scenes are color corrected to match the movie and stereo is remade to 5.1 sound.

-In the end Shaw is not trying to go to Engineers’ home planet. Why would she want to go alone with David to a planet full of hostile aliens for any question? And she already has a big wound in her stomach.

Also some Alien Covenant promo material edited to the end 😉.

Here is a teasery trailer:

Original run time: 2 h 04mins
New run time : 2h 00 mins

If someone is interested, just ask me a link via PM.

My other edits:

Avengers: Age of Ultron – Improved Edition :

Alien 3 - Third Cut

This sound very promising, it seems a lot of detailed work went into this.

For undoubtedly the most iconic shot in the film - Ripley’s dread approaching her at close quarters as she flattens herself against the infirmary wall…I decided to try and tart up the creature’s approach immediately beforehand. There are many shots of the rod puppet that don’t work very well at all, but this stands out due to the sheer inky wet quality of the full scale hero head prop in the profile shot it cuts to.

Yeah, this part has always bothered me the most, the cut between “different aliens” is very noticeable. I’m interested in seeing your fix solution for the scene and for other effect scenes.

Can I have a PM, please?

Avengers: Age of Ultron – Improved Edition

Hey guys! I’ve been posting here (very rarely) for years and I got excited about fan editing by following all the great projects around here. Now I got around to uploading one of my own so this is my first published fan edit.


I always had a few problems with the second Avengers movie that could be edited out to make the movie more enjoyable so that’s what I’ve done here. The base for this fan edit is kk650’s regraded version of the movie instead of the blu-ray, removing the yellow tint found on original and saving me some work. Also ”The Norn Cave” -deleted scene from the blu-ray is used.

The goals of the edit were:

-No Natalie & Bruce romance
-Less quipy Ultron
-Trimming the farm house time
-Thor’s extended cave trip

The Romanoff & Banner romance is the biggest issue for me as I just don’t find it believable at all. She’s a hard boiled agent so why she would fall for the sensitive guy actively trying to avoid any action? It feels so slapped on. This edit switches the dynamic to her being more motherly towards Banner which I think works way better and at least so far still fits with the rest of Avengers movies. This also let me shorten the farm house time that takes the momentum out a little too much in the original cut. Nick Fury’s monologue to the group at hawkeye’s home is slightly trimmed too.

The quirkiness and quips of Ultron seriously undermines the threat he gives off to the viewer so his lines are shortened for a menace effect. I wasn’t able to get rid of as much as I initially hoped because his quipiness is so integraded to his dialog, but I think it is better now nonetheless. I also tried to tinker his voice a little to make it more metallic in parts that sounded too human for my taste.

Also Thor’s cave trip was shortened way too much in original cut, so I have combined the original and ”Norn cave” - deleted scene. The used parts of deleted scene are color corrected to match the rest of the movie to the best of my ability and I somewhat boosted the lightning effects by emphasizing the color highlights. The stereo sound of the deleted scene is expanded to 5.1 sound (or 5.0 really) to match the rest of the movie. Now the scene makes more sense and lets Chris Hemsworth stretch his acting muscles more in the movie itself.

I slapped together a little trailer, not representative of the edit picture quality,cuts or effects wise 😉 :

Pass: a2edit

This edit is not the first one I have done but the first one I feel has a merit to be published. I have learned some skills along the way and I think this fan edit is quite seamless to watch, considering the material available.

Original run time: 2 h 21 mins
New run time : 2 h 17 mins

If someone is interested, the link for the 10,3 GB MKV version of the movie is availableas as dlc file or separate links, just ask me a link via PM. I can also upload 21,4 GB version MKV if someone want’s it.

Revenge of the Sith: Rebalanced - <em>Version 1.4 Released! IFDB Approved!</em>

I really should have written this review as soon as I was done watching the edit but was kind of busy. Skimmed through it again so here goes: 
The edit is very professional feeling as Siliconmaster claims, at least for my eyes. I didn’t notice any rough cuts and you notice something was missing form theatrical cut only if you stop to think about it. And how the Jedi get caught on the Invisible Hand is absolutely the way to go! Gets rid of the ray ”plot device” shield. 
The Palpatine speaking during the scene where Anakin broods before turning has never bothered me but the scene is a bit more atmospheric without the voiceover and just the music playing.  
I would have liked to see more silly droid sounds removed like when Obi & Anakin enter the Invisible Hand  and fight the first battle droids, that was great. But maybe that would have broken the seamless flow Siliconmaster was aiming for. And i dislike the buzz droids since they only pop up in this scene and are not seen in any other movies.  
I have always disliked the Ep 3’s ”hold the viewers hand to Ep 4”-ending as if every piece fell into its place on the same day for Ep 4 and then nothing happens in 20 years in between. Some things can be left to imagination. Unfortunately this edit does not fix those issues for me and even ads one (Dagobah). I would like to see at least the ”Vader looking at Deathstar”- scene go as it just oozes unnecessary fan service out of every crack. But I understand this depends on your personal taste. As I like a more radical edit, I’m not sure why Siliconmaster chose to revert back to ”Padme dying in birth” like in the original cut, didn’t Hal9000’s  edit use The Other boylean girl- clip to make her survive? Maybe it was some other edit, not sure.  
All in all a very good solid edit, although I prefer a more radical cut of the film.


DominicCobb said:

Yeah, no. Lightsaber is definitely brighter than Palps’s mood lighting. I don’t think it makes sense to ever see a lightsaber shadow.

^ This. Also realistic physics aside you know the shadows are from prop blades so they take you out of the moment, IMO. Anyway I don’t mean to start a new convo about it more than this, I just hope Ady considers removing them because they are more distracting in Jedi that in other two (haven’t spotted them in them)

This might be redundant being so obvious but I forgot this flat saber shot:

Guess they had difficulty painting the blade on the prop as the scene is so dark.


I’m more exited about this edit than the previous installments, because RotJ contains many of my favorite moments of the saga and the weak parts deserve to be elevated to make this movie even better!

As I’m not as eagle eyed as some of you or Ady, I’m sure he already knows about most of the issues I bring up but just in case…

This shot when the sail barge explodes looks way too modely, it needs new flames that don’t give the small scale away and some bodies laying around on the deck. Skiff could use some touching up too:

Another thing I noticed in a ”hero shot” of the Falcon:

And there are a number of issues in the lightsaber fight besides the terrible saber colors and Luke’s face being out of focus in the end in couple of shots:

I’m pretty sure the blade is supposed to be above the railing here:

Rogue One * <em>Spoilers</em> * Thread

RRS-1980 said:

SilverWook said:

Does anyone else miss …

There are more important things missing.
Title crawl discussion aside, why didn’t we get the STAR WARS logo itself?
This film deserves it more than anything filmed during the previous ~20 years…

The other thing about the opening logo is that it’s not very appealing to the eye. The letters are too thin. It would help if they where filled with the yellow color instead of just outlines.

I think they didn’t have anything set for this new title format because they probably assumed they were going to go with the basic logo – crawl combo. Then pretty late into production it was decided to omit the traditional opening so they had to throw something together in half a day. And that logo can be done in half a day using After Effects (and some vector work in Illustrator), there is a tutorial easily found on youtube.

Using the tutorial I managed to change the logo into this which I think works a lot better but is still it’s own title style:

STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

Ady I’m late to the party but congrats for finishing ESB! I have taken a quick look at it and it looks really amazing. Holding off the whole viewing for R1 & OT marathon later this month/year. I haven’t watched the OT in years now so it should be as fresh as possible.

Q: I’m a little unclear about the BD – version: Will we have one BD-25 image for the movie itself and extras/making-of on the other BD-25 /DVD or all in one BD-25? I would prefer former way so you could maximize the picture and sound quality of the movie itself. Of course if the making of is mostly still pictures or SD video quality then it would probably not take that much space on the BD-25…

Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

Worst director choice IMO. Good business decision for Kathleen cause they are in a hurry with this but terrible artistically.

Some of us loathed The Force Awakens for it’s lack of originality (and major plot holes) and some worried people are asking Rian in Twitter if Ep 8 is going to be Ep5 all over again. The first trailer at least didn’t have any shots resembling anything really new except for Luke’s lines. A good studio president would keep her ear to the ground about these things and hire people with some artistic vision and let them carve out something new. But no, she hires the One trick remake- man again.

Colin maybe had some original ideas and didn’t see the point directing something so closely aping old movies but Kennedy might have an exhaust port narrow view of ”what is Star Wars” so he got fired?

At lest I can have a twisted satisfaction of JJ trying to come up with explanations to his own mysteries he set up. It has been revealed recently what I suspected, that they had no plan about the story beyond 7. Jar jar just threw bunch of crappy mysteries to EP 7 and bailed leaving the others to sort it out. But now he has to deal with some of it. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he just copped out of them by ignoring some of the mysteries or answering them as vaguely as possible.

Only interest for me at this point in the new trilogy is seeing if they give Luke some badass scene using force in new big way. I’m not sure it’s in TLJ and I have no hope that JJ delivers that in 9.

If this sequel trilogy continues to play it super safe it has NO merits of it’s own.

STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

About the X-wing engines : I remembered to watch for them the second time I saw Rogue One and on Eadu research planet when it’s quite dark they are red but on Scarif when it’s bright daylight they are pink. So I would hope that Adywan follows that logic, that way we can have it both ways and more people would be happy with the result. (Yes I like red more) =)


Smithers said:

If you do the snow speeder chase, I’ll try to improve the special effects in it and add some music, it could turn out really good

I second this, because the snow speeder chase is the most interesting and fresh thing resembling a complete scene in these DSs. Amazing work xxtelecine 7xx!!

Windu's Blue Lightsaber (Resources) [Updated 1/25/15 - EP2 AVAILABLE NOW] *** See First Post***

Jackpumpkinhead said:

Also something I might include in this little package

This is just a test so it is really rough

If you could do that scene in HD, it would be a huge service to future edits. Those other Jedi are totally useless! Could you do that with original purple sabre too, please?

You are facing a mountain of work though, I think. I have tried to play around with that scene and rotoing mace out of the same colored robes in the background is a nightmare to get looking right. Maybe you have more rotoscoping skills than me though.

Star Trek Into Darkness Bonus disc

I am too perfectly happy with standard def behind the scenes features so that custom set looks very good and comprehensive to me. PM sent!

Now if someone would do the same for mission impossible 4's best buy exclusive extras I would be even happier. These exclusives are ridiculous for movie buffs, especially with retailers that don't even exist outside north america. These efforts are therefore much appreciated if/when paramount keeps pulling this crap on us.

Aalenfae's PREQUEL TRILOGY (Heavily delayed - computer exploded)

aalenfae said:

Hey guys! I know I said I wouldn't be posting, but I managed to get a hold of some software to do tests while I'm abroad. 
Here's some random ideas I had for RotS.
Pay special attention to the beginning of the video, where I've edited the scene in such a way that we don't need the awful "ray shields!" scene. And Keep in mind that if I went this route, the battle droids and Grievous would be redubbed. 

That elevator scene is pure freaking genius! I hope you are ready for it to be borrowed for future edits (credit to you, of course =). That rayshield scene is such a lazy writing, heroes need to be captured so there's a random shield system installed into ceiling to capture them. Yeah sure...

I did some inspired editing and I think R2 being captured is pretty easy to solve: