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George's Alternate Altered Trilogy (AKA, The GAAT) (ANH V1 Released)

That extended ROTJ duel footage would be so cool if it’s possible to bring close to the quality of the theatrical footage! The duel has always felt very short, although I like the rhythm it’s cut to other action in the end of the movie.

What is your source for it? I found The Evolution of The Lightsaber Duel- documentrary on Vimeo. One of the problems is that the doc footage seems to be interlaced, meaning the footage has horizontal black lines. It doesn’t look interlaced on the drive link you posted though… Maybe there is some kind of AI aided software that can turn interlaced to progressive footage.

Also for the bigger detail n footage, maybe ask bryantmh for help, he did an awesome job on Prequel deleted scene AI upscales:

If you still have problem with masking using the Saber- plugin, try making Adjustment layers and putting the effect on that? I have used the Saber- plugin but only to punch up some shots in the Phantom Menace- lightsaber fight. The problem is that the plugin has no way to make saber’s blade tip pointy. It just looks that the blade has been cut of from the top. Or maybe I just haven’t found all the plugin settings… The better result may be to hand animate the tip glow on sabers and do the most of work with Saber- plugin.

Anyway, very cool project! I would like to have a link to ANH please!

The Phantom Menace - Expanded Edition (Completed and Released!)

I would want to see this too, especially the extended lightsaber fight! In one of the shorter extras on dvd (Prime of the Jedi, I think) there is also an extra shot of the actors in costumes fighting in the hangar that is not in the official movie. The lightsabers are not finished and the aspect ratio is wrong but I think with a bit of work it could be included to this expanded edit as well.

Iron Man 3 - Cut and Chromed Edition (Released)

This was an in-between edit work to scratch my editing itch as I was stuck with heavy After Effects work for other edits. So as a rule this edit was done only in Premiere Pro and a little Audition work to get the sound to match up.

Sources: Iron Man 3, Iron Man 3 trailer, Marvel One Shot - All Hail the King

While I’m a big Iron Man fan I never thought this movie was any good except for the big action scenes. The trailer promised an all out war movie against the Mandarin and I was excited to see more action packed Iron Man movie since I thought the previous ones could have had a little more of it. Instead we got ”Tony’s anxiety trip in Tennessee without a suit”. Unfortunately The Predator showed that Shane Black has no clue how to write these franchise movies and he should stick strictly to buddy cop movies. Both this and that movie has major logical holes compared to their previous movies that my nerdy brain just can’t ignore. The Mandarin twist is the least annoying thing for me.

By beefs are:

-Why does the new suit break apart from slight touch? It’s made of autonomic parts yes, but doesn’t seem very reliable in combat. Also the paint job ain’t good but that’s a small issue.

-Why does Tony give his address publicly? Although it’s probably easy to find out, he practically invites Mandarin by giving it to the press.

-Why does his new suit run out of power? And is recharged with jump cables??? Did Shane and the other writer even watch the previous movies? Arc reactor on Tony’s chest IS the (main) power source.

-Tony’s anxiety attacks could be OK if a little out of character but are kinda linked to cable charging suit situation so it’s trimmed.

-Following the previous stupidity we watch long stretches of Tony running around Tennessee without his armor but with a kid sidekick. I don’t even dislike the kid actor, it’s just something that I had no interest of seeing.

-Iron Patriot’s paint job is butt ugly 😄(sorry but the flag colors don’t fit on the armor). Also the armor is not any good for the whole movie. Even the villain uses a hand gun when wearing it because the writers forgot it’s packed with firepower.

Many things are trimmed:

This edit is my most radical one yet and trims the movie heavily. 40 minutes are cut when you don’t count end credit scenes. As a result some plot advancements are less than perfect, for example the president is rescued off screen. But apart from that, considering that the movie now runs about 1 h 20 minutes before credits, it IMO works now as a tightly packed action movie.

-Narration voice is GONE except in the end of the movie

-Millenium- flashback, nerdy Killian and Eiffel 52 are GONE

-Suit falling to pieces all the time is GONE

-Iron Patriot is GONE

-Anxiety attacks are GONE, sleep problems are still in

-Harley the boy sidekick is GONE and most of Tennessee stuff. Tony goes there briefly because his research at home let him there. You can see the kid in one brief scene but he doesn’t talk to Tony.

-And finally the ugly orange zooming movie title (that shows up in the end) is GONE

-Mentions of Thor are trimmed to avoid any thoughts in the viewer’s mind why the Avengers won’t come and help Tony, even though his house been blown up is common knowledge.

New things in:

New movie title in the beginning, taken from the trailer. Don’t understand why they did not use that trailer one since it’s in line with earlier Iron man movies and looks great.

-New middle credits scene: Trevor get’s a visitor to see him in prison

-New after credits scene: Justin Hammer’s ramblings

Logic of the edit (I guess I have to explain since so much is cut):

-When Tony meets Rhodey in a bar there are lines from Rhodey that US military wants to deal with Mandarin by themselves (”not superhero business”), and this is kind of used to justify why we don’t see Rhodey in his armor in this edit.

-It’s implied (with Jarvis’ lines) that villains found a way to jam Tony’s home’s safety protocols and made the place more vulnerable. Also meant to explain why the other autonomic armors were offline. Tony also doesn’t give his home address earlier.

-Tony then drives to one off his off grid- safe houses in Tennessee and does some research in the state from there. The armor is damaged in the home attack so we see censors on it but no hint of recharging.

-Tony now calls Rhodey on a road from Tennessee and it’s implied that he told him off screen to meet in Florida and help storm Mandarin’s lair.

-Kidnapping and rescuing the president is off screen but mentioned.

-The suit now falls apart only in the end (mostly because it was impossible to cut), but it works as sort of distraction for Killian. Also the line about suits only coded to tony at the beginning of end fight is cut because he commands it to go on Killian later.

Trailer is here:

Password: im3

Original run time: 2 h 10 minutes
New run time: 1h 20 min without credits and end credit scenes, 1h 37 minutes with them.

PM me if you want it!


My other edits:

Avengers: Age of Ultron – Improved Edition :

Prometheus - Improved edition:

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 - Improved-Edition:

Star Wars Episode IX: The Last Hope (Help Wanted Finishing This Edit) (WIP)

Hey MR, I watched your “VFX Scenes Walkthrough for The Rise of Skywalker” - YT video. That shot of Kylo Ren on the bridge watching the rising Coruscant out of the window looks amazing! I would be interested to read what technique you used to get that lighting effect on the floor since I’m trying to do something similar.

AI Upscaling of Deleted Scenes and other content (Released)

I could do that, but unfortunately that would mean rerunning the upscale as I didn’t save the originals. Also, I don’t believe that would help, honestly. The uploaded version was ran through handbrake on the slow preset with an RF of 18, and to my eye at least is indistinguishable from the original upscale. I think the bigger problem is just how much detail the upscaling can actually add. Some of what looks like compression artifacts are actually artifacts of the upscaling process.

Going up about 50% produces results that are incredible, such as in my ESB upscale, Though even those could use a lot of manual work, which is why Adywan is taking it one step further with manual edits on his next version. For these deleted scenes, it’s a 225% increase, which as you can imagine, doesn’t work as well.

Yeah, I suspected that the original resolution might also be the bottle neck here, those deleted scenes don’t necessary use even as high bitrate as the dvd version of the movie, because all the other stuff in the bonus disc. Thanks for clearing this up, anyway your upscales are very good as they are.

Prometheus - Improved edition (Released)

Yeah the process you described is how you could probably get a base channel out, but I didn’t see it worth the trouble. Most scenes I added aren’t “base heavy” in my estimation and the ones that have base have partly theatrical footage mixed in (with base) or have sound completely from theatrical footage, only the video replaced.

I have to check out that Halo Upmix though, it would help a lot in the future. Thanks for the tip!

Prometheus - Improved edition (Released)

Thanks, yeah the new text was a lot of work.

I used Adobe Audition for the sound mixing. I think my sound editing process was pretty ad hoc, and the are limitations what you can get out of stereo sound so the new deleted scene tracks are really 5.0 since there is no real base channel. Otherwise it’s just careful study of soundspace in theatrical scenes in the some location and mimicing that and/or matching soundlevels and channels to the scenes right next to added deleted scenes.

AI Upscaling of Deleted Scenes and other content (Released)

bryantmh, you have definitely squeezed more detail out of PT DVD deleted scenes that I have seen previously, nice work! I have one request though, would you be willing to upload the AOTC and ROTS upscales with higher bitrate? I think that would also help them blend better with other footage for faneditors using them.

The Prequel Trilogy Revised - concept trailers released (WIP)

Sure. They are 3 shots, from the Jedi lighting their lighsabers in the end Theed battle to entering the big sliding hangar doors. This part is the worst I think:

So many issues with lighsabers in this movie when you start really paying attention. VC Saber is the Video Copilot Saber blugin right? I have to look into that flicker effect…

The Prequel Trilogy Revised - concept trailers released (WIP)

You might have fixed this already after the release of the trailer, but Qui Gon’s saber blade has always looked too short to me in the forest after they land on Naboo. I have fixed the shots myself on After Effects, so I can show you what I mean:

This same problem comes up later in the end Theed battle of the movie as well, Obi’s sabre especially looks half the length it should be on some shots. So if you agree I’d like to see these fixed in your edit. I can probably get you my AE files (if you used AE for sabers, can’t remember) to tinker further and speed up the work if you want. =)