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STAR WARS: Episode I - THE ANCIENT LORE [Episode I Remade /Proj started: 2014]

Hi Anjohan,
After watching your edit heres my review, simply put very well done…

When it comes to watching Episode I I’ve personally avoided watching it for so long I barely remember the film and as such also avoided the many fanedits over the years for fears of bring back those bad memories. As its been so long I finally gave in and watched Anjohans edit and I’m glad I did.

What drew me to this edit was the reimagining of the narrative and using other source material to expand on much needed character development while omitting offensive scenes throughout some examples SPOILERS like expanding on the trade federations backstory to strengthen their motives, allowing the villains more screen time to give a sense of peril and also better introducing Dookus character to the storyline and reintroducing Jar-Jars as a member of the Jedis original crew sent from corusent. Is this film perfect? no. can the few issues be fixed? yes, quite easily.

The main issues are really only technical ones like Mauls sabre changing orange in some scenes, although you get the narrotive point better with Dookus hologram throughout it still looks out of place in some scenes eg Jedi council scene @ 00:56:23 and some clunky subtitles one example of this is during the original films opening scenes on the trade federations ship which is now shown later in the film when Qui-Gons using his sabre to melt the bridges blast doors these are the new lines:

Nute Gunray: “close the blast doors… Were you born stupid?”
Rune: “this guy just wont give up!”
Nute Gunray: “shut up, your encouraging him” – encouraging? Should read something more like "shut up, stop admiring them!

Also something out of place is the heavy metal rift first heard at Tattooine when entering Mos Espa and the Maul scenes which brings you out of the Starwars film. Lastly Qui-Gons close up death scene @ 01:27:56 repeats itself but not sure if its intentional though.

Overall a very good edit from Anjohan and a definite improvement over the theatrical, looking forward to the improvements version 2 of the Ancient Lore will bring.

TFA: A Gentle Restructure

Hal 9000 said:

Yes, since it’s lossless. The DTS track had to be encoded to that spec. For viewing/listening, the DTS should be good enough for anyone. But if an editor wants to use part of my project’s audio, the lossless file is there as a source equal to what was in my NLE.

ChainsawAsh said:

The DTS track is a standard lossy DTS that I encoded for Hal. I don’t have the ability to encode to lossless DTS-HD MA, unfortunately.

I see ask because was considering muxing the lossless track file into the mkv if it was a better version then the DTS.

General Star Wars Video Game Thoughts

LordZerome1080 said:

The Force Unleashed is fantastic even now.

Agree has over powered force abilities but its from dark side perspective so gets away with it and the story is so very good right till and including the end, just ignore the so called sequel with the way the original ended the sequel was poorly written and an obvious cash grab.

Also Jedi Power Battles was a good co-op hack n slash game

Best Explanation Of Mary Sue Issue

yotsuya said:

DrDre said:

Voss Caltrez said:

DrDre said:

So, there’s failure from a certain point of view, but from many others she is unrealistically successful (or lucky) given her lack of experience, and naive nature, and she achieves many of these successes with powers that she just almost instantly recieved from on high, and thus hasn’t really earned.

I agree with this.
But I don’t think it would play well if we saw Rey getting beat up like other action heroes tend to be.
Had Rey been rescued by Poe Dameron in a Hoth-like situation, people would accuse the filmmakers of resorting to the damsel-in-destress trope.
If Snoke had been hurling giant pieces of machinery at Rey’s back and head, she gets beaten and bruised with a black eye (ala Luke at the end of ESB) AND she loses the fight, it looks like a display of violence against women, and accusations of misogyny are made.

I don’t think she needed to be rescued, but I also think she might have a little bit more trouble escaping, maybe get a few scratches, and seem a little less jubilant in the battle of Crait. As it is the revelations and her failure don’t really seem to affect her much. Given what happened to her, and the Resistance you would expect a bit more somber and reflective tone, rather than smiles and congratulations.

And in A New Hope, Luke’s very old friend Biggs is blown up and other than a moment of sadness that he quickly shrugs off to get the job done, there is nothing. Of 30 ships only 3 came back and everyone is laughing and jubilant. Why? because even when there is a cause to be sad, we can be happy becomes something overrides the sadness. And in TLJ, after the survivor’s are rescued, Rey is somber when she talks to Leia.

Very good point yotsuya, I dont think I have an issue with TLJs ending particularly as you said when comparing to ANH only issue is like most said no time for them to stop and reflect.

Best Explanation Of Mary Sue Issue

RogueLeader said:

maybe they could’ve shown Rey take a little more effort to do certain things. But luckily that’s what things like fan edits are for!

Definitely prefer fanedits over theatricals.

This is another reason why I think it is good to trim the Rather scene and cut Rey saving Finn from one of them.

DigModiFicaTions edit does it best when handling the Rathtar scene by keeping it short as soon as Han punches the gangster goon he cuts then to Han trying to open door to hanger by using Chewies bowcaster thus removing most of the CGI antics.

I personally kinda wish Rey would’ve stretched out both of her hands when lifting up all of those rocks at the end of TLJ, which I know is a little trivial but it does show a little extra effort. I think a skilled editor could actually do this. Minor, but something I’d like to see.

Sounds good

This is another reason why I would keep the Caretakers. One trait of a Mary Sue is that everyone loves her, and the Caretakers clearly aren’t too fond of Rey. Haha.

Thats one reason but ultimately keeping the caretakers in lets us have in my opinion the most important deleted scene which is Lukes third lession and how the Jedis dogmatic views have become dated.

It best explains this mystical energy field recognised by an old religious group known as the Jedi and a power crazed cult called the Sith as the force. Luke while on his own recognises what he was told to be called the force is neither the Jedis nor the Siths and the slave kid at the end using his untrained talent to pick up his broom reminds us that the galaxy far, far away is a big place with alot of stories to tell outside of the Jedi/Sith.

When it comes to editing I try to approach things in a “less is more” kind of way. Like, what would be the smallest changes that would have the biggest impact on your perception of your character, in your opinion?


Best Explanation Of Mary Sue Issue

DrDre said:

Can we please get back to discussing content? These personal beefs and insults are really tiring to read. Thank you!


Well said DrDre its a bit tricky sifting through trying to read genuine replies, we’re all intelligent enough here to give a responce without it turning into a Youtube comments screen. 😋

Valheru_84 said:

Darth Muffy said:

Mary Sue Video

This video best explains the Mary Sue issue not just for StarWars but for other future films.

So I’ve just got around to watching the video and I could not agree more with the entirety of it. However Darth Muffy, though you obviously agreed with the video I think the title of this thread and claiming it to best explain the Mary Sue issue is a misnomer and does a disservice to the video and Thor himself in creating prejudice against him and the video before it is even viewed as people opposed to the term are already in a mindset out of the gate to discount what is being said and view it in a harsh light before even hearing what Thor has to say and people who think Rey is a Mary Sue enter looking for validation and even circle jerking for some who just want to throw around “Rey is such a Mary Sue!” in the comments and have it repeated back to them.

I understand the term Mary Sue means different things to different people and can be wrongly used when validating the new films but for this thread if you could please watch the video like Valheru now has explaining that term used within this particular discussion as I except Rey to be a Mary Sue within the context outlined in the video but I personally still also very much like Force Awakens & Last Jedi as well.

Best Explanation Of Mary Sue Issue

RogueLeader said:

joefavs said:

This. When your relationship with Star Wars consists largely of railing against Star Wars, you’re doing Star Wars wrong.

… Sorry for the rant. Just get tired of this stuff man. I know this has little to do with the point of your post, Muffy. I think Rey could’ve been written a little better, but I just think the whole Mary Sue argument is a tool haters use to justify their disdain for these new movies.

I hear you RogueLeader I was in two minds posting it as I really do enjoy the new films and looking forward to the next irrespective of the extreme views some have of the franchise now. My original point was the issue is not just with Starwars but the industy as a whole.

I guess having no real Starwars movies for so long after original trilogy and then so much so soon its hard for some people to except change eg. “fans” like the Geeks and Gamers guy.

Best Explanation Of Mary Sue Issue

IsanRido said:

I don’t like the ST myself, but the Mary Sue argument is very silly and indicative of one’s attitude towards women. “We don’t hate women, we hate poorly written characters” doesn’t apply when a person defends the prequel trilogy over these films.

Your right the prequals were just poorly written stories and films where as Force Awakens and Last Jedi whether you like them or not have more depth within the narrotive. Personally I like TFA & TLJ and overall can overlook their faults to enjoy the story they tell and look forward the future ones to come when the Skywalker saga finishes.

TFA: A Gentle Restructure

EddieDean said:
I think the TV shows are important enough though to carry a lot more weight when considering whether or not to include something in your fanedit movie canon.

I agree I was’nt initually a fan of The Clone Wars shows but have warmed up to them thanks to Smudger9s edits which condenses them and removed alot of the childish humour, that and cartoon networks Clone Wars (without the “The” in the title) both can stand alongside the main films.

I’m not there yet with Rebels or Resistance but love what they’ve done with the web series shorts Starwars Adventures as it hits the target audiance perfectly my little ones seem more interested and understand the films better for them.

I’m happy with where StarWars is now as it can always be course corrected by a talented editor if it strays too far by trying to please too many audience groups and when the Skywalker saga finally reaches its conclusion theres going to be alot of galaxy far far away to start new stories with.

TFA: A Gentle Restructure


My go to version of the force awakens is getting a revamp to V3!

This is brilliant as these new changes mirror the exact scenes IMO that needed editing which DigModiFicaTions Heir To The Force had got right.

  • Finn doesn’t mass slaughter the hanger bay troopers who were his comrades just moments before.
    💡Less Wohoos! as the pair escape in the Tie fighter would be nice, “Did you see that, DID YOU SEE THAT!”😓

  • Addressed issue of Kylo stating “its FN-2187” the scene was so random !?

  • Fixed Finn’s comedic line about almost being killed several times by Chewie gone

  • Removed Han shooting a stormtrooper while facing the other way, Thank you Hal
    💡Would of been nice to of had the Han liking Chewies bow caster scene cut here as come on hes never used it in all the time hes known Chewie? Han appreciating the bowcaster at the Rathtar scene was passible but not so here.

  • Removed Finn’s comedic moment of misunderstanding Han’s head nod while searching for Rey, good as Finns no black Jar Jar

  • Removed mention of the Hosnian system’s destruction when Finns being introduced to Leia

  • No need to change mirroring Leia screwing over Chewie like at the end of ANH by walking past him here.
    😁 Very true, but… if it is possible to fix.

  • Hals new commentary track

💡Very subtle thing but the John Williams intro score in TFA seemed flat compaired to the original trilogies score for the intro crawl which Heir To The Force uses.

💡 Reguarding the Rathtar scene DigModiFicaTion did it well by cutting the scene at the right time so we wasn’t swamped with too much CGI on screen.

Thanks Hal9000
Merry Xmas

The Last Jedi: Legendary (SPOILERS)

Thanks Hal 9000,

Both your Force Awakens: Restructured and this edit The Last Jedi: Legendary have been my go to versions over the theatricals so am very pleased to hear you’ve somehow improved your Legacy edit even more.

Hope to one day get the editing skills enough to edit back in the caretakers just so we can get the deleted raid scene on the island in there as it gives so much to the Rey & Luke story arc but we all cant have everthing can we ;]

Thanks again Hal 9000