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Info & Help: looking for... other ld-rips to dvd movies ex. blade runner int cut, songs of the south, frighteners dir cut - and much much more...
Overall a really nice design. I like the use of the three alternate posters on the back, especially the one on the left. I've always loved that smoking-Asian-girl billboard.

A few more typos I noticed: In the block talking about the laserdisc transfer, the plural of company is "companies." In the credits block, you omitted Hampton Fancher's last name in the executive producers list, and the effects supervisor's last name is spelled "Trumbull."
The top 10 places for George to insert a Jar Jar death scene in the OT
Coov, that reminds me of the series of animations that Ain't It Cool News had up, oh, ten years ago. Instead of the cartoon mutilations of Harry Knowles that run now, these used video captures from the movies and most of them were pretty funny. They started running just after the release of the SW Trilogy SE trailer; they were just a few seconds long and showed things going horribly wrong for the heroes. The only ones I clearly remember are Boba Fett shooting Luke at the Pit of Carkoon and the space slug chomping down as the Millennium Falcon explodes in its jaws.

I wonder if anybody bothered to save those anywhere.
Se7en: Criterion Edition preservation set
Are there any specific things in the LD extras that you want to transfer? I haven't bothered to buy the DVD yet so I don't know offhand what's missing. As soon as ADigitalMan sends his Canopus capture thingamajig to me, I may be able to help out. I have zero experience with building DVD menus or anything like that, either, but I'll help out how I can and probably learn some things along the way.