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Should I compress sound?
Hi all

Need a little help.

I'm rendering my edit out into a DV-AVI file (video) and a stereo wave file (audio) however I'm getting some bad clipping/distortion with the audio in some scenes.

Will a compressor (when applied to the audio track) solve this?

What I also have a problem with, when I watch the finished product, the quieter scenes (such as dialogue scenes) are a little too soft so I have to manually crank up the volume using my remote. The problem is then when the movie gets to a louder scene, the volume is too loud and I have to turn it down!

What's the easiest way to make the quieter parts louder and the louder parts quieter?

Will compression solve this problem too? If so, what type of compressor is the best bet?
Originally posted by: BMadden
I'd really like to get a copy of the NTSC version of Building Empire, but I just tried to register with Demonoid and it says they're not currently accepting any new registrations. Does anybody know when they'll open registration up again or if there's any way to get an invitation code? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I'm in the opposite boat. I need the PAL version but also need a Demonoid invite. Anyone able to help me out?

Star Wars Prequels/Original Trilogy: The Complete Scores (Released)
Originally posted by: GoodMusician
that wasn't directed at you :-p

but yea... I'm gonna see about getting them up within the next few days. My life has been really hectic. My stepfather was in the hospital, has neuorsurgery, my brother broke his leg. My mother and I have been taking care of them. The didn't think my stepfather would walk again...and my brother can't walk ebcause of the cast thing... so it's been a little crazy...

Not to mention I have a friend suppose to come into todnw so I'm getting ready for that! lol

I'll try to get it up as soon as I can.

Take your time pal. There's other things out there more important than Star Wars. I've listened to your work and its brilliant and worth waiting for.
Episode II: Shroud of the Dark Side (the TM edit) (Released)
Originally posted by: Trooperman I don't have any more of the King's Row score at this time. I've looked on Amazon, however, and there appears to be a digital recording of a large portion of "King's Row" done in the late 1980's. I'll probably be picking that up soon...

Try ebay. I found a copy of the soundtrack on the Australian ebay site for like, $10!
Did Anakin's fall start with Qui-Gon?
Originally posted by: CO
Originally posted by: Gaffer Tape

But didn't we already have enough pointless cameos in the PT? The galaxy far, far away has been shrunk enough without adding in yet another OT character cameo into it.

Besides, I think we already knew from his original appearance that he was a bully, impulsive, and not too bright.

100% agree

Gaffer, I heard that Lucas is reinstating that scene in TPM SE, and this time Greedo punches first. Lucas reasoning, "I want the trilogies to echo each other, and this will work perfectly with ANH SE. "

MagnoliaFan Edits: Ep I "Balance Of The Force", and Ep II "The Clone War" (Released)
Originally posted by: MagnoliaFan
In a few weeks time, yeah, anyone who wants to help get the disc out there will be much appreciated.

Right now, I'm looking for suggestions on what features to add to the disc and stuff like that.
I have a blog on the MS page that asks for any requests and/or input.

What's your blog url mate?
10 years of the Special Editions
Originally posted by: Scout trooper
Was the Greedo change an editing error or did George intentionally wanted him to shoot first in the '77 edition?

From the 1977 script:

"Han Solo slowly reaches for his gun under the table.

You can tell that to Jabba. He may
only take your ship.

Over my dead body.

That's the idea. I've been looking
forward to killing you for a long

Yes, I'll bet you have.

Suddenly the slimy alien disappears in a blinding flash of
light. Han pulls his smoking gun from beneath the table as
the other patron look on in bemused amazement. Han gets up
and starts out of the cantina, flipping the bartender some
coins as he leaves.

Sorry about the mess."

Episode II: Shroud of the Dark Side (the TM edit) (Released)
Originally posted by: Trooperman

This is a little known fact, but George Lucas bought an album called "The Sea Hawk", a recording of Korngold's film music by Charles Gerhardt, and it was this that inspired him to request the same type of score from J. Williams- he even mentioned "The Sea Hawk" in the conversation.

The main title music I have used comes from this same album that was the original inspiration in the first place.

And finally, it's very possible that this was actually the main title theme used in the original TEMP TRACK for Star Wars- notice the similarity to the original Star Wars theme.

lol I love what you can learn on this forum! I went and bought this album immediately after reading your post Trooperman from Ebay for like $10. The track is called "Kings Row" and you're right, is eerily similar to the Star Wars theme. Much of the music is very John William-esque and I wouldn't be surprised if Williams references Korngold as one of his influences.