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D+80 - Empire Strikes Back - 4K Theatrical Reconstruction (Released)

ahughes03 said:

Looks like the webhost (HostGator) issued a temporary ban due to overuse of shared resources: https://www.blogtechtips.com/2016/02/05/hostgator-temporary-block-has-been-placed-on-database-access-fix/

Site Owner needs to contact the host to get things resolved.

It looks like probably the attention from the recent HelloGreedo post has cause the traffic to spike outside the TOS.

Info: Star Wars - What is wrong and what is right... Goodbye Magenta

I’m going to regret posting in here, but here goes.

No one is saying Callibration fixes the problems you are seeing with content. What everyone is saying is that without Callibration we cannot advise or comment on your changes. Callibration ensures that everyone is talking about the same thing, with a known point of reference.


When people talk about a ‘cup of sugar’ or ‘pint of water’ that is a known measurement that everyone can understand and measure by.

Likewise, when everyone is talking colour, callibrated monitors gives everyone a known baseline to work to. If you have a callibrated monitor, and I have a callibrated monitor, and I tell you that your image is ‘too red’ we know that we are both looking at the image the same way. If my monitor was not callibrated and over-pushed the reds, me telling you your image is ‘too red’ and you reducing the reds, means when someone else looks at the image, they will say ‘not enough red’.

If I am colour blind, would you trust my opinion on colour? No, because I see things different to you.

If you do not callibrate your monitor to a known standard, no one can help you because we don’t see the same colours as your monitor. We are looking at your changes on our monitors and our monitors display colours differently to yours.

I do not speak French, so I cannot critique your French writing. Without Callibrating your monitor we are speaking a different language.

If you don’t callibrate, no one can help you as no one sees what you see, and if no one can help you, there’s no point posting for help or comments.

Does any of that make sense to you?

Star Wars Video Games - a general discussion thread

Stumbled upon this today on YouTube, looks very promising:


“XWVM is a mod to the original Star Wars: X-Wing game from Lucas Arts and Totally Games by Larry Holland and Edward Kilham. Our goal is to rebuild the game engine with newer technologies that allow it to run and make use of the latest hardware and improvements in gaming hardware. The mod will require the player to own and have installation of the original Star Wars: X-Wing game, or have the GOG or Steam versions of X-Wing Special Edition (either the 1993 floppy, the 1994 CD, and/or 1998 Windows edition). XWVM neither contains nor distributes any copyrighted material. All game resource files (missions, voiceovers, SFX, iMUSE automaton, etc) are loaded from the player’s copy of the original game, or are original creations of our team, where the original resources are considered inadequate for today’s standards.”

<strong>4K77</strong> - Released

skywalkerfan101 said:

benduwan said:

skywalkerfan101 said:

Speaking of 2160p. What’s the recommended disc size for burning 4k?


Are you sure? When burning the Despecialized ISOs (with the menus), I needed discs that were 25GB or higher.

I think he might be “yanking your chain”…

05-Star.Wars.4K77.2160p.UHD.DNR.35mm.x265-v1.0.mkv is 48.3 GB (51,888,898,602 bytes) in size. That will not fit on a BD50, so you would be looking at something like a triple layered BD100.

BUT, it’s not as simple as a size of disc - to make the ISO you need to author a build a UHD 4K compliant Blu-ray, which this source video will not be. I’m not aware of anyone working on such a thing.

Forget burning it to disc, and instead pick up a high quality, fast USB stick (64GB). That will be your best option at present.

Episode VIII : <strong>The Last Jedi</strong> - film &amp; fan art, + covers etc

This was published March 27 but couldn’t see it referenced in this topic:


Last Jedi Custom Cover 1

More PDFs to download in the link. Cool, but not my personal cup of tea. The Solo Artwork is done by the artist behind Poe Dameron and Chewbacca series comics, and does look awesome.

Phantom Menace '99 - HD Theatrical Version by Chewielewis (a WIP)

ZigZig said:

Chewielewis said:
Seems silly to call this a competition.

I agree. Who said “I want to be the first to release” ?

ZigZig said:
Especially since my project is a bit more late than before because I tried to reorient my way of doing (new sources, new techniques, new schedule) so not to compete with you.

To ‘compete’ is to call something a ‘competition’, no?

Best of luck to both of you - the community benefits either way, and each creator get’s the level of satifaction that they want from their respective project.

Info Wanted: Anyone working on a color correction and re-graining of Terminator 2 - 4k mastered?

ChainsawAsh said:

Funcha said:

Until someone cracks ULTRA-HD copy protection, no.

Wait, if UHD BD copy protection still isn’t cracked, where are all the 2160p 10bit HDR “BDRemux” torrents I’ve been seeing lately coming from?

It’s cracked, just limited drive support and even more limited software support.

Dealing with People Selling Fan Projects

Slight change of pace from reporting listinsg. Going back through this thread, here is a summary of the sellers, their location, what they are selling, and some additional notes:

Ebay User Location Fan Project(s) being sold Notes
tearjerker85 Aberdeen, United Kingdom NJVC Feature Discs Item Quote - “Painstakingly reconstructed and burned by me with custom artwork on Blu Ray discs.” FrankT Trilogy Cover Art. Bidding item (£57.78 / $80.68). Joined Mar 05, 2005.
sunsetreaper Mission, Texas, United States Harmy 720p? Item Quote - “i will send the movies WITH TEMPORARY ‘‘ONE DRIVE’’ OR DROPBOX LINK TO DOWNLOAD THE MOVIES TO YOUR COMPUTER”. ($15.00). Joined Jun 16, 2009.
www.trilogybluray.tk TBC TBC No listings currently. Joined Feb 04, 2018.
sellingstuffagain San Diego, California, United States NJVC 6 Disc Trilogy + 12 Disc Edition. No listings currently. Last item ‘sold’ for $99.00. Has also previously sold a ‘Trilogy + Star Tours + Holiday Special’ set for $190.00. Item Quote - “I am only selling you the time it took to create this wonderful set, with the cost of the ink, blank Blu-rays, blank DVD’s, Blu-ray cases. The time it took to cut and format everything. Trust me, it is not easy making these sets. I am throwing in the content for free because you already own a format of the official source.” Joined Dec 11, 2007.
teamblu_video Decatur, Alabama, United States Despecialized Trilogy & Team Blu projects. Despecialized = $55. Team Blu = $30 each. Joined Apr 10, 2017.
ldsentertainment123 Chicago, Illinois, United States NJVC Feature Discs? No listings currently. Trilgy was $40. Last listing quote 10 available, 39 sold but now reports “This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.” Joined Aug 13, 1999.
daily-smack San Diego, California, United States Custom? $55 for 3 Disc set. Don’t recognise the menus as NJVC? Joined Jun 18, 2001.
stinkytuna2000 Brooksville, Florida, United States Adywan edits, Holiday Special, Ewok Movies 30+ copies sold per ‘design’. Item quote - Do not ask to buy just the discs because I am not selling the discs. They are not for sale but are included at no additional charge when you get the case and artwork. If you don’t want to waste 3 days of your life trying to download it and burn it… I am giving you the gift of time. Joined Dec 18, 2000.
michaelrosecroft Bethpage, New York, United States Harmy 720p? Item quote - “These are MP4 files no discs and it’s only the films no extras.” $20 - 53 sold. Joined Mar 09, 2003.
iliveforhim1976 Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States TBC Starting bid of $79.99. Item no longer available. Joined Jul 07, 2003.
1597365420@deleted York, United Kingdom TBC Trilogy for £30 ($41.89). No longer a registered user. Joined March 5 2017.
serjamekenn Brunswick, Georgia, United States Harmy AVCHD Joined Oct 06, 2014.

Contact Listings
A quick Google search brought up the following contact details for US and UK organisations who deal with copyright theft.

HDCP 2.2 to 1.4 converter?

joefavs said:

Many thanks. Is there some kind of splitter I could employ rather than getting a whole new player?

My gut tells me ‘no’, as you don’t want to duplicate the signal but rather send the audio component a different route - I assume this is somehow ‘split’ within the player as it decodes the signal.


It does look like this may do what you want:


AVSForum users discuss it briefly below, which sounds like your ‘use case’:


Had no experience, but perhaps someone else has.

HDCP 2.2 to 1.4 converter?

OK, I’ve tried to use the same retailer’s website just for consistency of information:


As you said the player has a single HDMI 2.0a, supporting HDCP 2.2 as described in this link, while the reciever has 4 x HDMI 2.0 connectors, also supporting HDCP 2.2 according to this link. Even Yamaha’s Press Rlease says it does HDCP 2.2:


TV has 3 x HDMI 2.0a, supporting HDCP 2.2, so from these specs your entire video chain is HDCP 2.2 compliant, and shouldn’t need to convert to HDCP 1.4??

A bit more digging brought up this article:


IMO, it appears the issue is the reciever is only HDMI 2.0 not 2.0a and so it’s not an issue of HDCP which is the problem, but the HDMI specification. Hopefully someone will chip in if I’ve got this completely wrong. If it were HDCP ‘standards’ as an issue, I can see how a box like you suggested would work, as it legally decodes 2.2 protection, and then re-protects at 1.4 which is supported by more devices. I think your issue is that the signal coming out of your player is then having the additional commands in the 2.0a subset ‘stripped’ which are then required by the TV set.

If you’re still covered, I would look to exchange the Samsung 8500 for the 9500 which has the dual HDMI connectors.