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Revenge of the Sith (The New Canon Cut) [CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE]

NFBisms said:

Yeah, I was about to say, some of the changes you (CMMAP) talk about aren’t even changes I made. Even still, a good chunk of the suggestions you have are within a philosophy for the film that I’m not quite aiming for: hiding a lot of important plot details for the sake of making reveals happen in chronologically later content. I personally don’t think it can be done effectively, and I think a lot of the film’s emotional weight relies on us knowing about Darth Vader and how it ties into the OT.

I can see were you all going with the fundemental idea. Fair enough. Your edit is really good NFBisms, maybe i just wanted a little bit too much and as someone said it is about the characters not the audience.

Revenge of the Sith (The New Canon Cut) [CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE]

sade1212 said:

CMMAP said:

  • 1:04:15 — padme/anakin looking across replace score, because “oooh, ooooh” music feels out of place - my opinion

Padme’s Ruminations is the best track in the film, though! It always reminds me of MGS4.

I knew it sounded familiar, but didn´t notice it was mgs4. It is a great track but i feel it doesn´t match with sw.

EDIT: i´m absolutley confused^^ Should listen more carefully to the soundtracks overall.

Revenge of the Sith (The New Canon Cut) [CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE]

So, i watched your wip of the cut and i must say, i really liked it.
Nevertheless i´ve got some suggestions for you, as i think there would be more immersion and secrecy:

  • Obi Wan, Anakin/Dooku - remove cuts to palpatine engaging to the fight (as in the original) — it is stupid in my opinion
  • Padme Anakin Scene “so happy, i love you” - cut anakins "no no, it´s because i am so in love with you "
    and therefore padme sentence after that — unnecessary
  • 1:03:03 cut — Anakin says to winduu “the chancellor is very powerful, you´ll need me to arrest him”
    –> too confident in my opinion
  • 1:04:15 — padme/anakin looking across replace score, because “oooh, ooooh” music feels out of place - my opinion
  • 1:05:51 do not cut palpatine do the twist and scream (feels clumsy and the scream is an acutal force
    power of the sith)
  • Palpatine talking to anakin after killing windu “a powerful sith you´ll become…” — change voice of
    palpatine? original one sounds very out of place. If it is possible.
    then cut “henceworth you should be known as darth vader” — therefore cut palpatine rescues anaking on
    mustafar, keeps the mystery of vader intact, audience would assume anakin died on mustafar or at least leaves a
    questionsmark. Also i think the surprise in rebels with ashoka and vader would be more powerful. Up to discussion is
    if the foreshadowing of clone wars s3e17 ruins it or adds nicely (personally i think it fits well, because it is
    a “placed” vision for the future, but don´t have to be true (only we as viewer of the OT know it already)
  • 1:16:35 cut original scene padme crying after c3po tells her about possible return of anakin to jedi
    temple — feels out of place.
  • 1:23:15 – cut palpatine saying darth vader
  • 1:25:07 – cut lord vader out of “welcome…we´ve been expecting you”
  • 1:29:10 – cut hologram of palpatine and anakin as well as the dialogue
  • 1:29:21 – cut after yoda said “consumed” or even at “gone he is”
  • 1:35:08/09 – cut after anakin and go in at 1:35:15 — acting of portman seems over the top
  • 1:38:05 – cut after palpatine says “you´ll not stop me” and come back in after “…either of us”
  • 1:45:33,5 – cut “i hate you!”
  • 1:46:15 – cut after “…i loved you”, insert “i hate you” therefore cut 1:46:16 till 1:46:16,5 – i think
    the impact is deeper if he said this line at this moment.
    –> maybe cut the whole “you were the chosen one…”? — but i´m not sure about that
  • 1:47:58 – cut the rest of mustafar and vader assemble (1:49:42) as metioned above. Come in again 1:49:00
    with every transition you seem fit
  • 1:51:00 – cut birth scene or at least the scenes where padme names her children
  • 1:55:28 – cut empire scene with vader, palpatine and death star, therefore we got Rogue One
    so 1:55:28 end of the movie.

Of course this is all up for discussion and just reflects my opinion

Star Wars Prequels 35mm 4K Filmized Editions by Emanswfan

emanswfan said:

Unfortunately, my current laptop is slowly dying, and I may have to replace it sooner than I had planned. Once the tech stores open up again, I’m gonna get it checked out, although I suspect whatever repairs it may need will not be worth the cost, and it’ll just be better to get something new. It’s still functioning fine for basic applications, but start doing something more demanding and the whole system freezes up.

Not to mention, that I’ve been currently out of work due to the COVID crisis, so money is quite limited, though it has given me more time to work on this.

It’ll probably be a new laptop likely, so not the eventual desktop that I plan to get. I’m waiting for the next generation of GPU’s from NVIDIA and AMD for the desktop. (likely I’ll be going with a NVIDIA GPU as it has more optimization for video rendering and AI applications).

Playing around with TPM in Davinci Resolve, I know I’m going to be able to achieve far better results than with Premiere, it’s just going to take quite an adjustment for me to learn all the necessities of color grading in Resolve as it is a lot more complex.

That´s unfortunate. I have a second laptop, which you could borrow (a13 r3) but where are you located (us/eu/aisa)?

NJVC Custom Blu-ray Set of Harmy’s Despecialized Editions now available on Mega

Lightstrider1 said:

Adam X said:

Hi all
so after buying the new Star Wars Blu-Ray’s, I decided it was time to have another go at downloading the despecialized versions, which I got a lot further with this time (though I had no luck getting FreeRapid to work on my up-to-date Mac, even with some Java workarounds), yet as far as I can tell, there seems to be a lot of files missing from the provided links on MEGA. I’ve not actually used MEGA before so it’s possible it’s me.

I’m trying to download the ‘fewest discs’ option, yet…

  • the direct links for the majority of the files for the 50GB film discs seem to lead to dead ends. Loading the individual .rar URL’s directly in Safari result in a “The file you are trying to download is no longer available” message. Looking at the Folder URL’s for each of the 3 discs, they indeed show that almost every one of them are absent.

Star Wars v2.7 only lists parts 1, 3, 30, 35 & 81
Empire v2.0 only lists parts 9, 41, 43 & 62
Jedi v2.5 only lists part 63

  • the files for the 3 documentaries discs all appear to be present and working so far (I’ve created ISO’s of the first 2 ‘discs’ & had a quick look in VLC and everything seems fine). That said, all 3 have a lone .md5 file * (Empire also has a .txt file), but I’ve assumed they’re the last bits of data not worth building a .rar for.

I’m really looking forward to going through the vintage extras & finally getting to see the original versions of the trilogy after such a long time (seeing Jedi on first release is one of my earliest cinema-going memories), so I’m hoping this is something that can be rectified and isn’t a victim of renewed piracy or something of that nature.

Thanks immensely to all those involved in creatiing these editions, and for making them available.

* EDIT: now that I’ve looked up what an MD5 file actually is, this makes sense, but I’m not sure what to do with it - is it there to use manually for examining the checksum of the download, or does this happen automatically as the ISO file is created?

I am having the exact same issues that Adam X, and Ruben-Egmond are having…
The link list is quite outdated and the only sets that are seemingly complete are the Documentary .rar files. The main 3 link lists of the DEEDs films are missing quite a lot of the .rar files now. I was extremely excited about having this collection of Blu-rays and have even bought and labeled the boxes and disks for them with the artwork. It would be greatly appreciated if the link lists for this collection could get updated.

Thank you solkap and to NJVC and Harmy for these phenomenal restorations and this collection, and for all the efforts of you and everyone else that made, and continue to make, them happen. Massive LOVE to you people from me and so many other Star Wars fans past, present, and in the future. You truely are legends.

Unfortunately i´ve to report the same. Most of links are down or deleted.