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Fantasia - Special Edition laserdisc (Released)

Class316 said:


This is hands down THE BEST version of Fantasia. Yes even better than the Blu-ray and DVD. Both the DVD and Blu-ray have altered the colors and pushed their tone to a lot brighter than was ever intended. The film was also DNRd like crazy to the point that a lot of detail was lost. The audio on the Blu-ray, while good, is still altered and remixed to sound nothing like the original Fantasound experience.

The 1990 Laserdisk was the best format that the Fantasound was ever released on and the picture is identical to the original film and colors as was intended by the artists. The slightly longer 1940 Deems Taylor intros are nice on the Blu-ray but without the original audio they are worse than worthless and do indeed make the film run a bit too long as most of the comments are still included on the 1946 version. The rerecorded audio also sticks out like a sore thumb to anyone that has seen and heard the original.

The 1946 version was the very first wide release of Fantasia that was fully approved of by Walt Disney himself. The first 1940 version was a very rare limited run of only 12 screens, so it was more a premier event than a real release and when RKO took over in 42 and wanted to edit it way down by cutting all of Deems Taylor out and one of the animated musical numbers, Walt couldn’t do it. So that wasn’t approved of by Walt himself. However, in 1946 for the new wide rerelease, a completed version was overseen by Walt with more reasonable length introductions by Deems Taylor and with all the animated sequences intact as Walt had originally in 1940. This version shown here is missing the actual intermission, but for those that want to reenact it, they need only pause for 15 minutes after the right of spring. That’s where it was except it had the title card seen in the intro with RKO included on it. Aside from that, and the added end credits, this is exactly as it would have been seen and heard in 1946. After the last number, it would have just ended with no credits.

Your work on obtaining the deleted sections and your friends work on restoring them and the proper audio cues is simply outstanding. Could a bit more cleanup have been done on the added sections? Perhaps, but then you run the risk of ruining the film and doing the same thing the modern company is guilty of.

Finally, at long last, the world has WALT DISNEY’S fully approved version complete and uncensored as it was shown in 1946. Would Walt himself have changed it had he lived? Perhaps, but that is doubtful as it was rereleased multiple times even up through the 60s and he hadn’t ever changed it. Roy O. Disney is not Walt Disney and never was. He should have had no right to approve an alteration to his brothers masterpiece. What he did was wrong even if it was to make it more politically correct for changing times.
Comedy and other forms of art are often controversial and sometimes come at the expense of someone or something else. Walt knew once you went down the path of changing old works, no art or work would be safe. He kept it as is, up until his death and that’s the way it should have stayed. Children were never the intended audience and I have never once seen a child that could ever make it towards the end. It is an adult experience and was always intended as such even from the very beginning.

You sir have righted a tremendous wrong in the cause of film preservation. I salute you and have absolutely no doubt if Walt Himself were here today, he would commend you as well for a job very well done!

I couldn’t agree more with the review about the importance of this release. And I am very happy to be a part of this project. But if “fantasia” is not for children, then I was never a child (exept for one thing, the release I used to watch was censored).

Fantasia - Special Edition laserdisc (Released)

Class316 said:

CMGF said:

May I help making the V2 please? I think I have the tools and skills to do so.

Knock yourself out. The title card you need to insert is in the NTSC 2000 DVD. And of course chapter and subtitles beyond that point would have to be shifted.

Can you please send me a link to the australian DVD file? I can rip it to mkv, then start working on V2.

Fantasia - Special Edition laserdisc (Released)

Class316 said:

Starbond9 said:

What a great write-up! I’m glad I was able to help out and be in the right place at the right time for all of this! I suppose there could be another version in the works with the credits removed and the intermission corrected. (maybe even make it 15 minutes long haha)

I’m glad too!

And yes I suppose that could be a V2 fix. And anyone who doesn’t want to wait 15 minutes can fast forward.

I find it ironic and strange that in the 2000 release they gunned for accuracy for a title card by putting the RKO title card in the correct place. And they removed the end credits. Meanwhile they ruined it in most every other respect.

May I help making the V2 please? I think I have the tools and skills to do so.

Fantasia - Special Edition laserdisc (Released)

Class316 said:

ScruffyNerfHerder said:

Sorry that this has little to do with the topic at hand, but I find it absurd to say that Gab was removed for anything other than being a dangerous haven for white supremacy. Free speech does not allow me to engage in libel/slander, use racial epithets, or plan and execute an insurrection.

Having said that, I think the mere fact that we’re debating Gab and “PC police,” and not the Fantasia restoration, is against the spirit of this site. I come to Original Trilogy to read about and to discuss film, not politics. If people wish to debate, that’s fine, but please take it to Off Topic. In fact, I don’t know if there’s one there already, but perhaps all of the political aspects of Fantasia could have their own dedicated thread there? These tangents happen often.

Back on topic, I think Fantasia is a true work of art, and it’s long been my intention to own it with the original Fantasound mix. It’d be spectacular to see that recreated on 4K Blu-ray with Dolby Atmos!! In the meantime, I intend to learn more about Fantasia and to celebrate the great preservation efforts people here make! 😃

Not sure why you say Gab was “removed” as it’s still online. And actually racial epithets is in fact covered under the first amendment. Gab does not promote any point of view, they allow all views. If for instance the American Communist Party or the NAACP want to go on Gab, they would be allowed to do so.

But you’re right, free speech does not cover plans to execute violence. That being said, Twitter, IG, and Facebook are guilty of that as they did nothing to stop the instigators of the 2020 riots from using their platforms to plan violence and destruction throughout the nation. 25+ dead, 700+ injured, and 2 billion in damage is on the hands of “respectable” social media platforms. Not Gab. To boot, Twitter was a major tool for the Taliban as they took over Afghanistan. Twitter did nothing to stop that. Again, the Taliban did not use Gab.

All that being said, I do agree. Let’s get back to Fantasia discussion. Bottom line is, you don’t like Sunflower? It’s simple. Don’t download a version that showcases it and allow people who want to watch it to do so. No one is forcing you to watch it. Don’t force others not to watch (or enjoy) it.

So who is willing to work on V2 of this? In doing so we can upgrade the source video to the Australian PAL DVD.

Can you please give me a link to the DVD file? I can try to help.

Fantasia - Special Edition laserdisc (Released)

Class316 said:

Good news everyone! This is done, this is up, and this looks AWESOME! I figured since February is a politically correct month it’s only fitting to release a restored Fantasia in February! I don’t think we’re allowed to post Mega links here. But I do have a link ready. Here is the write up of this release. If you release it on torrent sites please keep the following write up along with it:

Hello everyone. My username is Class316, and over the years it has bothered me that there was been no authentic version of Fantasia available for viewing (officially or otherwise). Unlike the Original Star Wars Trilogy, Song of the South, and many others, Fantasia never got the same love. So over the years I took it upon myself to find a way to change that.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, I present to you something that is not only long overdue, but also making its Internet debut! Disney’s timeless classic Fantasia with Fantasound, Deems Taylor’s voice, AND all the censored scenes restored!

As most of you may know, in what is probably one of the earliest cases of cartoon censorship in the name of political correctness, the “offensive” scenes from the Pastoral Symphony of Fantasia were cut out in 1969, never to be seen in official form again. Additionally, Fantasound was lost to time.

In the early 90s Disney would recreate Fantasound theatrically in two theaters, one in New York and one in Los Angeles. This would be dubbed as “Fantasound 90”. And this would be the basis of the audio in the VHS, Laserdisc, and soundtrack CD released in the early 90s. Although a few seconds of audio is missing from the Pastoral Symphony of those releases due to the censorship. Regarding the intros, these home releases use the shortened (and generally more preferred) intros by Deems Taylor.

In 2000, Disney released Fantasia on DVD. This was dubbed “original and uncut” on the cover. Was it uncut? Debatable. It PANNED the “offensive” scenes (thus yielding complete audio at least) but it is anything but “original” as Disney blatantly falsely advertised on the front cover. Additionally, unlike the LD, the DVD audio is far gone from Fantasound. To boot, Disney chose to use the longer intros. In itself perhaps not necessarily a bad thing as some might prefer that. But the audio of said intros were so deteriorated that they couldn’t be used. So rather than work with what was still usable, Disney decided to completely dub Deems Taylor’s voice entirely with that of actor Corey Burton.

Here is a youtube comparison of the uncensored Pastoral Symphony segment compared to the modern-day censored versions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyPFibRadto

In 2010 Fantasia was released on blu ray and its audio was even more far gone from Fantasound than the DVD release (and of course retained the dubbing and censorship of the DVD release).

Another “feature” of both the DVD and blu ray releases is the visual “retouching” that Disney is infamous for when it comes to their older films. Meaning the laserdisc more so reflects the work of the original artists than the more modern releases do.

Now there have been projects on the Internet that have restored all the censored scenes back into Fantasia. But all those releases use the DVD or blu ray release as the basis. Meaning there has yet to be a fully authentic version of Fantasia that is available, officially or otherwise. That is up until February 2021!

Over the years I had collected many Fantasia related things, these include but are not limited to:

In December 2018, I was given (by someone who has long disappeared) a great looking HD version of the censored scenes.

In August 2020, Myspleen.com user AlanGrant released a wonderful rip of the early 90s CAV laserdisc. Here is his write up of it, and I quote:


This is the 1990 remaster of Fantasia transferred from the CAV LaserDisc boxset, released in January of 1991. This serves not only as a preservation of the 1990 remaster, but of the LaserDisc itself as this is one of numerous disc sets that has disc rot issues which will intensify with time.

Several noticeable differences to other, more modern releases include:

-Color timing is much brighter, especially in the “Nutcracker Suite” section of the film

-A recreation of the 1940 intermission card is used as a title, as opposed to the 1941 “RKO” titlecard used for the 81-minute cut and all post-2000 releases

-Alternate shots with the orchestra in darkness are used for Taylor’s narration; later cuts restore Taylor’s speaking footage

-Deems Taylor’s narration, which was replaced by an actor’s redub in post-2000 releases of the film due to deteriorated optical soundtracks

-A ~115 minute runtime made to resemble the 1946 release of the film (which restored Toccata and Fugue), as opposed to the 124-minute 1940 Roadshow version

-An end credits sequence, which all other versions lack

This boxset suffers laser rot to some degree due to the glue used; thankfully here, it’s contained to the very beginning of each side. It will be most noticeable in the beginning of the film but each subsequent disc/side has less visual “disc rot”.

Transferred using a DVL-90 player, DMR-ES15 passthrough to an AJA Kona LHe card using the S-video input.

Captured as a raw image sequence which was then ran through QTGMC and exported as a 10-bit 4.2.2 H.264 video through ffmpeg (Placebo setting).

(The film runs at 59.94p to better preserve the LaserDisc image as the high framerate and raw modulated image combine to create a “clearer” picture to the eye.)

Digital audio track piped from the DVL-90 to an X-fi Titanium card, bit-matched and recorded as a 44100Hz 16-bit PCM; the file is directly muxed to the .mkv.

Analogue audio was transferred using the AJA KONA LHe card and exported as a monaural Opus file.

Captions were transferred by way of DVD burning on the Panasonic DMR-ES15, ripped using MakeMKV/MKVCleaver and corrected to the .mkv timing in SubtitleEdit.

Chapter stops and titles are direct from the “Chapter Index” insert in the CAV boxset.


So here I had the most authentic looking and sounding version of Fantasia that Disney put out (ie a HQ LD rip), I had a great looking clip of the censored scenes, among other things.

After many attempts of trying and failing to find someone with the necessary skills and patience to insert the scenes back into the LD and patch up the missing LD audio, on comes user Starbond9 of originaltrilogy.com. I sent him all Fantasia related materials I had collected over the years, and he did a fantastic job. To summarize, he reinserted all the “offensive” scenes into the LD, he patched up the missing audio of the stereo/Fantasound track with that of the DVD audio (the next closest thing we have to Fantasound after the LD), and he patched up the missing audio of the mono track with audio from his own vinyl record!

Here is his write up on what he did, and I quote:


-Added 5 individual scenes featuring Sunflower and Otica (the centaurette who assists Bacchus)

-Sources on these clips are the audioless HD clips floating around online, color adjusted for LD (adjusted by originaltrilogy.com member Brodnation). The scene with the carpet was from a personal source found on the internet

-3 of said clips were inserted by removing panned/zoomed/and looped existing animations

-2 clips required expanding the video track and inserting a stereo and mono dub as the audio tracks of the movie were physically shortened, see below. (this is also heard on the 1990 CD and Legacy Collection versions of Pastoral)

-Used the DVD stereo audio track as dub source for the missing Fantasound track. These few seconds are NOT Dolby Prologic so listeners with the setting will notice a loss of spatial surround when the two dub spots play. Regular stereo listeners will not notice an issue

-Used a personal copy of a 1961 Mono LP of Pastoral as the dub source for the mono audio track

-Adjusted chapter and subtitles beyond the Pastoral Sunflower clip insert to match the ~8 second shift

-Technical: demuxed individual tracks, remuxed with MKVtoolnix, project assembled in Vegas Pro 14


I would like to thank him for his time and effort, and for finally bringing an authentic version of Fantasia that showcases, in all its glory, all three of Fantasound, Deems Taylor’s voice, AND the full video/audio of the Pastoral Symphony.

Hopefully someone can also use these two patched up audio tracks for any future Fantasia projects, such as HD 35mm film scans or edits of the blu ray footage.

Please feel free to release this on Torrent, my only request is you keep this write up along with it.

May I have a link please?

Song Of The South - many projects, much info & discussion thread (Released)

YoshiKiller2S said:

Update: ok so it’s been a long time and I just wanted to say that we’re still working on it and I think it will be coming out soon, I don’t know when though.

However, I do have some things to tie you guys over.

Here’s a SOTS trailer I got scanned recently https://youtu.be/7DwRhEeAwJ4

And here’s a comparison of the dirt cleanup process https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KM043levdfY

Thank you for doing this mighty satisfactual work! I searched for the hebrew audio track you were looking for and I’m not sure if there is one exist, however i have found a hebrew subtitles track and synced the subs to Notlu’s V2 restoration audio. If you need it i’ll send you a copy of the srt file. BTW I just can’t wait to watch V3 of SOTS restoration … is there an estimate when it will be released? What do you have left to do?