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Darth Vader's suit

Never watched Rebels. Just youtubed Vader in Rebels. Kind of pathetic that they did a better job invoking 1977 Vader than ROTS. Red lenses, widow’s peak, proper robes, etc.

I agree it would’ve been better to take a completely different direction in Sith, but given that they tried to make him look the same, it shouldn’t’ve been hard.

EDIT: I also dig the yellow-green lightsaber flashes al a SW.

General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread

flametitan said:

I’m seeing comparisons to Tatooine purely because of the binary sun.

Do not forget it’s the size of Jupiter, rather than a Desert planet. I’m still waiting for the Earth sized discoveries before I make analogies to Tatooine.

Lol it’s not a scientific analogy. It’s just a “hey cool, this planet has two Suns like Tattooine.”

Great movies you hate.

In Flemming’s version, it is actually Soviet intelligence that is trying to set up and kill Bond. Klebb, Tatiana, and Grant are all Soviet agents. For political reasons, Broccoli decided to change the main foe in the early Bond movies from the Soviets to the fictional SPECTRE. I think this might contribute to some people’s notion that the From Russia With Love is “cheesy” or whatever. I do think it would have been a better movie if they had taken the risk and had them be Soviet agents. But then again, SPECTRE is part of what makes the 60s Bond movies Bond and not just some other spy movie. Dr. No and Thunderball wouldn’t be the same without SPECTRE. It adds some intrigue and mystery to it all.

is the Despecialized Edition more important than an official release?

In all seriousness though I hope we see the OUT in BD/4K combo if it does get a release in the next couple years. I don’t have 4K now but some day I might and I’d like to have it on physical media. Because ultra hd blu ray almost certainly will be the last physical home media format. And with bandwidth getting wider and wider who actually knows how long it’ll be around.