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Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers "Hybrid Cut" (Released)

Movie Mayhem said:

Do you think you send me the producers cut and your fan cut, I would really like to see how your cut fixes a broken mess of a film.

I can’t send you the Producer’s Cut because that’s an official version of the movie. I wanted to show my cut to people who already own the Blu-rays of the theatrical cut and Producer’s Cut. If you want to see the Producer’s Cut you can get it from Amazon for only $5.99.

Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers "Hybrid Cut" (Released)

Miguel Myers said:

Hi!! I found your channel a few days back and i’ve been devouring your videos, then i get to the vide where you mentioned your Hybrid Cut and i’d like if you don’t mind the link for your edit, i do own the “Complete Collection” Blu Ray box set. I would really like to see what you have done, from one Halloween fan to a HELL of a Halloween fan like you xD

Hey, I think you’re confusing me with someone else. But I’ll send you the link!

Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers "Hybrid Cut" (Released)

MalàStrana said:

Would you have a cutlist of the changes/choices you’ve made ?

Sure! Here are the details:

  • I used the theatrical ending because it’s more intense but at the very end when it shows the Myers house and jack-o-lantern, I cut to the P-cut because I like that they’re shown a little bit longer and I also faded in the music from the P-Cut as Loomis is screaming because I wanted it to end with that slow version of the Halloween theme, which I think works nicely.

Edit: I also used the dialogue between Wynn and Loomis at the end from the P-Cut but I took out the part when Wynn says, “We’ve given him the power, the gift of Thorn” and replaced it with the line from the theatrical cut when he says that Michael is “evil. Pure, uncorrupted, ancient.”

  • I used the title sequence from the P-Cut, but I switched to the t-cut for the opening credits because they’re faster whereas in the P-Cut that sequence is too long in my opinion. I used Loomis’s opening monologue, but I had it play over the t-cut credits, then blended it into the flashback scene.

  • I used almost all of the extra scenes in the P-Cut that were cut out of the theatrical cut.

  • I used the P-Cut when Wynn walks in and takes the baby and added in the shot from the t-cut when he slams the door because I thought that was an effective moment.

  • I used all the shots in the P-Cut of Michael walking through the gate and looking down the hallway from his POV as he’s going after Jamie and Nurse Mary, but then switched to the t-cut right as he grabs the nurse and then had the electric guitar theme playing. I prefer the gorier death of the mechanic and I actually like the electric guitar music.

  • In the scene when Jamie first arrives at the bus station, I wanted to use the music that plays during that scene in the P-Cut but there were so many loud sounds of the baby crying, whereas in the t-cut there’s no music or baby screams. So I used the t-cut audio and added in the music from the 2-CD soundtrack and matched it up.

  • I also used the audio from the t-cut when we first see Loomis because I like the caller on the radio who talks about how Michael Myers was sent to outer space. But in the P-Cut you can hear this same exact call in the extended dialogue scene with Loomis and Wynn since the calls were switched in the two versions, so I replaced some of the audio with lightning and rain sound effects from another scene. I didn’t want to use any audio or sound effects that weren’t in the movie (except for that soundtrack music I mentioned).

  • I used the scene of Jamie in the barn from the theatrical cut because it’s more creepy and atmospheric with her walking around on the lookout for Michael. But instead of her getting drilled to death, I cut to the P-Cut so that Michael stabs her instead. Since she survives, this gives Loomis a reason to be at the hospital, whereas in the t-cut it’s not clear why he’s there.

  • I used all the death scenes from the theatrical cut (except for Jamie’s death) because I felt they were more intense.

  • I used the theatrical version of the breakfast scene because I think it’s more effective for Danny to hold the knife to his grandpa’s stomach out of the blue. This scene has extra dialogue in the P-Cut though, so I started out with the P-Cut and then switched over to the t-cut when John slaps Kara. And by switching I mean I switched over to the t-cut audio.

  • I also fixed something in the breakfast scene. When Debra first says her daughter Kara’s name she pronounces it incorrectly. She says KAHR-UH instead of KARE-UH. I was able to grab audio from another scene and replace it and blend it together and it sounds perfect to me.

  • Some scenes in the t-cut, including Michael going after Jamie outside in the rain, are actually quicker than they are in the P-Cut. A few frames trimmed here, a few there, etc. Since I’m using the P-Cut footage I had to recreate those edits of the t-cut when I used the P-Cut footage with the t-cut audio. Took a long time.

  • Another thing that took a long time was that the t-cut is usually out of sync by a few frames while the P-Cut is almost always in sync. So syncing the t-cut audio to the P-Cut footage took quite a bit of time.

  • I used the “Laurie’s Theme” music that plays when the college students are driving to school from the P-Cut but then switched to the t-cut when Tommy goes to the bus station because that theme music kept playing in the P-Cut and never seemed to end.

  • I used the P-Cut scene of Tommy talking to Kara about the Curse of Thorn, but I cut out the part where he mentions the different years that Michael appeared (which are just the release years of the previous sequels) because I felt it was too much explaining.

  • I liked the editing a little better in the P-Cut when Michael is going after Kara in the Myers house, specifically right after Debra’s body falls down and Kara sees it and then Michael opens the door. There’s a slightly longer shot of Michael in that scene as he opens the door which I thought looked cool so I used that. But the P-Cut music seems to never end in that scene so I had it gradually fade out as I switched the audio to the t-cut as Tommy and Loomis drive up. So now it’s pretty similar to the t-cut.

  • I also color corrected a few shots when I had to intercut the t-cut footage with the P-Cut so that it didn’t look weird.

  • I removed all the flash cuts that occur in the theatrical cut. Since I removed all the flash cuts, I used the scene of the Man in Black in Danny’s room from the P-Cut. But you can see the actor’s face in that shot so I darkened it like in the t-cut.

  • I removed the cross dissolve from the P-Cut that occurs before we see Danny in his room with the Man in Black. I thought that transition made it seem more like a TV movie.

  • I used the P-Cut version of the scene when Kara and Danny are running away from Michael after leaving the Myers house, but I added in a couple inserts from the theatrical cut that show Michael lit up by flashes of lightning as he’s walking towards them. I added in some lightning and thunder sounds heard earlier in the movie to match those shots.

  • I edited Jamie’s flashback scene so that you don’t see Michael about to impregnate her. I always thought that was a bit silly, so now it’s a mystery who the father is, as the screenwriter intended. Or maybe her baby was the result of a science experiment, as the ending with the fetuses in the tanks seems to suggest this.

  • I kept the Brother Cane song “And Fools Shine On” when it’s heard in the college scene and also the end credits. I actually started the end credits with the P-Cut credits to show Danielle Harris’s name, as well as the actor who played the sheriff, then blended the credits to the t-cut so that everyone involved in both versions gets credit.

There are a ton of other little tweaks I made, too. Mostly blending certain sounds together so that when it switches from one version to the other you don’t notice the transition. I spent around 55 hours on this thing. Originally I thought I was just going to do a cut and paste job but soon after I started I realized I wanted it to be as perfect as I could get it!

Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers "Hybrid Cut" (Released)

I created a “Hybrid Cut” of Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers using the Blu-rays for the theatrical cut and Producer’s Cut. I compared both versions meticulously and used the parts that I liked best about each version. I spent over 50 hours working on it.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers Blu-ray (theatrical cut)
Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers Blu-ray (Producer’s Cut)
Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers Expanded Soundtrack (for one particular scene where I wanted to use the sound design of the theatrical cut with the music from the Producer’s Cut).

If anyone is interested in seeing this cut, please send me a PM. You must own the official Blu-rays of both versions!

Info Wanted: Legality, fan-edits, and more. Legality, fan-edits, and repercussions

TV’s Frink said:

Recent thread on this exact topic.

Says it’s been locked by a moderator. Anyone remember what the consensus was?

Edit: Oops, nevermind. I didn’t realize all the replies were still there.