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Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers "Hybrid Cut" (Released)

DcLynch85 said:

Hi, I own all the movies on Blu-ray.

I’m a huge fan of Halloween 6 and this hybrid cut sounds like the holy grail, could I get the link please.

I would love to see the Cult of Thorn return in future Halloween movies, albeit with the cult aspect made even more mysterious and sinister and the films having a dark and serious tone, I’m thinking True Detective series 1 mixed with Halloween. Also with the Thorn aspect reworked a little. I think there’s a ton of potential for new Halloween movies by returning to this concept.

I also think the current Cult of Thorn series - Halloween 4,5,6, should include Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. In my mind Halloween 3 is the final movie in the Cult of Thorn Quadrilogy, with the cult attempting a mass sacrifice to revive their ancient Halloween rites. SOTW is such an under rated gem.

Thanks very much.

Just sent you a message. 😃

Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers "Hybrid Cut" (Released)

RulerOfRock said:

Hello there. As a long time Halloween fan and an owner of the entire saga on blu-ray I would love to see this cut!

hiphats said:

I’m interested! PM me!

starkos08 said:

I would love to see the cut. PM Please.

Terrifier said:

I’m a little late to the party but I’d love to see your cut of the film. I own the producers cut and the theatrical version. I’m really interested in checking it out because both versions brought cool things to the table but left out others.

DoctorDolemite0 said:

This sounds amazing. Sent you PM. Hope to get a link soon 😉

itsstars said:

Is it possible you can send me a link also please

Turtlejet said:

If you’re still checking this thread, I’d love to see your edit.

matthewclan said:

Hey I’d love a copy of your Halloween 6 hybrid cut!
I own both versions.

mnknut30 said:

i own both blu rays of the producers cut and the theatrical cut. I want to see this cut!! This is one of my favorite entries but always wanted to see a different cut of it.

AspiringCreator said:

I own both versions of the movie (Had to get them recently for the sake of a marathon I had before the release of Halloween Kills.) and honestly this sounds very interesting. I’ve always been curious about how a combined cut of this movie would look so I’d like a link to this.

Mariachi said:


Me and my GF have had a bit of a marathon with Halloween films this last week. I would really like to see this version as both Theatrical and Producers versions have their own merits. I hope you are still looking at this forum. Can you send a link please?

Happy Halloween!

Mario said:

That fanedit sounds really amazing and is exactly what I searching for. Could you send me the link please?

MY3RSF4N said:

BobbyDigital said:

ZombiEsushi said:

I would love to see this!


Could you send me a pm too pls?

red41804 said:

Can you send me a PM?

feronstost said:

I just got into this series and own both cuts. I’ve yet to watch either, but I’d love to watch this one once I do!

Davidxxx69 said:

I would really love to see your version. I just watched the producers cut last night and am going to watch the theatrical cut today. But a blend of both sounds amazing.

I’ve just sent you all PMs! Sorry for being extremely late in getting back to you. I don’t always get email notifications when someone replies in here, so I will try to check this thread much more often.

Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers "Hybrid Cut" (Released)

ZombiEsushi said:

Do you happen to have a list of the cuts/edits or additions you have made to the source material? I have seen both versions before but I would love to know what I am in for with this edit:)

Sorry for this incredibly late reply. I need to check this thread more often since I don’t always get notified when someone replies. Here’s a list of the details of my cut. I should probably include this in my original post.

‪- T-Cut ending (with the Thorn dialogue between Loomis and Wynn from the P-Cut mixed in with some of the dialogue from the T-Cut).‬
‪- Opening title sequence from P-Cut (mixed with opening credits from T-Cut so that it goes by quicker).‬
‪- In the opening flashback from the P-Cut, I removed the voiceover of the Man in Black saying “Jamie, come to me” and the shot of Michael being pulled into the van.‬
‪- All of the extra Loomis scenes from the P-Cut (except for the end).‬
‪- Scene from T-Cut when Jamie walks around in the barn and sees Michael lit up by flashes of lightning and disappears, then it cuts to the P-Cut so that Michael stabs her instead of drilling her to death. ‬
‪- Breakfast scene starts out with P-Cut and then switches to T-Cut when Kara’s dad slaps her (so Danny holds the knife to his grandpa’s stomach without hearing “the voice” or seeing Michael outside).‬
‪- I fixed the part in the breakfast scene when Mrs. Strode mispronounces Kara’s name by replacing the audio from a later scene where she says it correctly.‬
‪- All death scenes are from the T-Cut (except for Jamie’s).‬
‪- I removed all the “flash cut” editing from the T-Cut.‬
‪- The song “And Fools Shine On” plays during the college scene and end credits.‬
‪- During Jamie’s flashback/dream sequence in the hospital, I removed the shot that shows Michael about to impregnate her and replaced it with other footage, so now it’s a mystery who the father is (or maybe the baby is the result of a science experiment which is suggested at the end of the T-Cut).‬
‪- I used the P-Cut version of the scene when Kara and Danny run away from Michael after being in the Myers house, which has the more normal “Shape Stalks” music, but I added in the shots from the T-Cut that show Michael lit up by flashes of lightning as he chases them.‬
‪- Music from both cuts is used.‬
‪- End credits start out with the P-Cut then switch to the T-Cut so that everyone who worked on the film gets credit, regardless of which version they worked on.‬

‪I primarily used the footage from the Producer’s Cut because it’s better quality and looks more natural than the theatrical cut. Also, since the two versions have different color grading, I didn’t want to switch back and forth because it might look strange, so a lot of the theatrical cut scenes are actually the Producer’s Cut mixed with the audio from the theatrical cut. Some of these scenes are a little bit longer in the Producer’s Cut so I had to edit them so that they’d match the theatrical cut. ‬I only used the theatrical cut footage when I didn’t have a choice. ‪I spent a lot of time making sure everything flowed smoothly, like blending the audio so that it’s not noticeable when it switches from one version to the other.‬