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Info: How Many Versions are there of the AOTC?

m_s0 said:

Sishyo512 said:

m_s0 said:

It sounded odd to me as well when I found that bit of info here:

By now [2010], ‘Attack of the Clones’ has been released uncut on DVD in Great Britain as part of the Prequel Trilogy Box.

Thanks for checking!

I was starting to get somewhere with my film reel restoration, but as I was about to pour some of my money into it, I see this post.

Well whaddya know…

Actually, I checked that 2008 UK box and the cut is still there.

It wasn’t until the 2011 blu-ray that AotC was passed uncut by the BBFC in the UK. It wasn’t re-rated, still classified as a PG.

Star Wars sound mixes

msycamore said:

Moth3r said:

It would make sense though - instead of a new remix, the 1985 release had its audio digitally remastered from an existing mix.

Then again this David C. Fein seems to have credentials (despite the inaccuracies about the ISR laserdisc) - it looks like he now works with Michael Matessino (the guy who gave us the list of ESP 70mm print differences) at a DVD production company called Sharpline Arts.

That's great info, moth3r! yeah there are inaccuracies with both the ISR LD's and the pan & scan transfers, but that certainly gives it more weight. No one is perfect and that site and info is old anyway.

Could someone please point out what is inaccurate about the information given on the old davisDVD site?

Disney Acquires LucasFilm for $4.05 billion, Episode 7 in 2015, 8 and 9 to Follow, New Film Every 2-3 Years

Before anyone else mentions Joss Whedon's name in connection with Episode 7, might I just remind you that he's already set to direct a big budget sequel due for release in May 2015. It's called The Avengers 2.

This will also be the reason why Episode 7 wont be released in May 2015. Why would they put 2 of their big budget blockbusters in direct competition against each other?

I wouldn't expect to see this until November 2015 at the earliest & I doubt that is enough time to come up with a new Star Wars movie.

Disney Acquires LucasFilm for $4.05 billion, Episode 7 in 2015, 8 and 9 to Follow, New Film Every 2-3 Years

Less than an hour before I found out the news, I was describing a time when the EU only consisted of Splinter of the Minds Eye, the Han Solo trilogy, the Lando trilogy, Heir to the Empire and Dark Empire as "a more civilized age." If only I'd have known how true my word where.

The Digital Bits have updated there article with more details:

Of note: Fox retains certain distribution rights to the existing Star Wars films but not the new franchise films going forward


This to me suggests that nothing will change with regards to the OUT, Disney wont have any say in whether it will be released or not.

I doubt this will affect the already announced  3D re-release of Episodes II & III in September & October 2013 but how will this affect the 3D release of the OT?

I'd expect to see all 3 released throughout 2014 in preparation for the new movies in "2015." I put the year in quotation marks as I don't think a new Star Wars movie could be released in that short a time scale.

As for my thoughts on a Sequel Trilogy, they haven't changed since March, 2011

There's no artistic reason to continue the story that ended with the deaths of Vader & Palpatine and this is all about money.

I'm not holding my breath for a decent blu-ray release of any Disney owned Star Wars either. They manged to royally fuck up the UK release of The Avengers on blu-ray by attempting to deny it was censored and releasing it without any extras that I returned mine to amazon and purchased the US disc instead.

I hope I'm wrong, but I've got a bad feeling about this.


Bingowings said:

Urgent note to Ridley, old people should be portrayed by old actors not middle aged actors in really bad halloween masks.

Couldn't agree more.

Is Prometheus worth all the hype? No, not at all. Is it worth watching? I would say yes.

Calling this film an Alien prequel does it something of a disservice in my opinion. It works better if you forget about the Alien films and take it in as a stand alone story that just so happens to be set within the same "universe".

It wasn't what I expected but it was an enjoyable enough sci-fi/monster flick. All the actors put in great performances and the visuals are breath taking. The opening sequence is a visual treat.


General Star Wars <strong>Random Thoughts</strong> Thread

At the moment me and my house mate can't stop singing the cantina bands music, which led to a discussion on the musical instruments used by the band. I decided to do some research on the wookiepedia and found something.....      disturbing!

You can't beat a bit of Jizz!!!

Please read the behind the scenes section.

They are literally making this crap up!

3D STAR WARS for the masses...has ARRIVED!

Watched this at the cinema today and thought I'd share some of my thoughts. Not going to bother talking about the story or acting. You either tolerate it or hate it. Just talking from an entirely visual point of view.

Not surprisingly there isn't that many jump out, in your face moments during the film. A couple of the blue Gungan bombs flying towards the camera and Obi Wan's jumping and slashing at the camera are the main in your face moments but apart from that the 3D conversion is pretty subtle.

It does add depth to many shots throughout the film, the following is a list of what stood out to me:

  • The stars in the opening crawl stood out to me a bit more and the exterior space shots all had added depth to them, especially the shots with planetary bodies in them.
  • Surprisingly, the battle droids looked a bit more "realistic" and better defined spatially. The added depth helps them look less like they where added to the scene.
  • The fish outside the Gungan city are more noticeable thanks to them being in the foreground with added depth.
  • The trip through Naboo's core looks better and the fish that chase them all stand out a lot more. One swims towards the camera but stops short of being a showy in your face shot.
  • Several of the background characters in Mos Espa stand out more, mainly the CG ones. I thought some had been added for the 3D release but after checking the blu-rays they're the same just more noticeable.
  • The pod race looks good in 3D. The pods stand out more and look a bit more realistic with the added depth. Nothing jumps out at you but the whole sequence has a bit more "umph" to it.


As far as I can tell, the film is the same as the blu-ray release with digital Yoda and the new shot of the Neimoidian viewscreen. Unlike one of the reviews Adywan posted, I didn't notice anything added to the pod race that wasn't in the blu-ray. No extra debris and the Clone Wars bounty hunter is Aurra Sing who has been in every version of TPM since 1999.

However I did notice a couple of potentially overlooked alterations. The first I'm not certain of and will need confirmation from someone else.

  • The Fox logo is a non rotating version of the new Avatar onwards logo, updated from the late 90's version seen on all other versions of the film.
  • The end credits have been altered slightly. Most noticeably the cast list. Now instead of being listed one after the other on different lines like this:


                           Qui-Gon Jinn .... Liam Neeson

                    Obi-Wan Kenobi .... Ewan McGregor

               Queen Amidala/Padmé .... Natalie Portman

                           Anakin Skywalker .... Jake Lloyd


They are listed 2 per line line this:

Qui-Gon Jinn .... Liam Neeson                              Obi-Wan Kenobi .... Ewan McGregor

Queen Amidala/Padmé .... Natalie Portman        Anakin Skywalker .... Jake Lloyd

George Lucas has also added a scene after the end credits where Samuel L. Jackson shows up to assemble a team of avengers.

Anyway, those are just some of my observations after watching it earlier today, The majority of them are true but one of them is completely made up.


General Star Wars <strong>Random Thoughts</strong> Thread

In the new Star Wars Insider's ask Lobot section someone asks the question that has plagged Star Wars fans since 1980.

Why is Lando wearing Han's clothes at the end of Empire?

The explanation they give is that Lando didn't have time to pack when he left Cloud City so is borowing Han's clothes whyst he's trapped in carbonite!

I still prefer my explanation though. They where origonally Lando's clothes but he lost them in the same Sabacc game that Han won the Falcon in. Lando didn't have enough credits so Han took everything including his ship and the clothes off his back. Lando walked away from the Sabacc table completly bolluck naked!

Doctor Who

doubleofive said:


I'm a few episodes into my Blu-ray set of Series 6. It's alright so far. I don't like that the Blus don't remember my place, so I can't just watch when I can, I have to either have an hour to watch an episode, or figure out what chapter I'm on to skip back to it after all the ads load. It's really annoying.


I've finally caught up and up to date on the new Who. Don't tell me I managed to beat you to watching them all, I thought you watched like 20 episodes a week ;-)

Anyway, saw this on twitter earlier and thought you guys might like it.!/TheMissE/status/160957288969011200


Hey Doctor Who fans: what if the Statue of Liberty is just a giant Weeping Angel that never moves because people are always looking at it?

Cue millions of fan fiction writers getting ideas.