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Best Performance in the Original Trilogy

Plldwn: this is a great thread - thanks for starting it.

Reading all the responses has reaffirmed my belief that the acting in the OT was very high overall for films of this genre. My gut reaction to the initial question was Mark Hamill for reasons already stated: mainly his wide range of emotions and progression in character maturity throughout the trilogy. But there are others I would place alongside to whom I had not given much thought until now. I agree that Anthony Daniels as C3PO was a real standout, and not only for his perfect delivery. Despite the limitations of being hidden away inside the robotic suit, he managed to convey great expression in the way he walked and moved. His body language during the various exchanges with R2D2 in ANH and Solo in TESB brings the character to life. The imperial officers were also all well cast. I thought Michael Sheard (Admiral Ozzel) and Jonathan Glover (General Veers) were especially memorable, although their roles were arguably too small to qualify them for “best overall actor”.

<strong>Return Of The Jedi</strong> - a general <strong>Random Thoughts</strong> thread

I have similar views to the above. At school, ROTJ was commonly known as “Muppets in Space” due to some of the silliness in Jabba’s palace and the ewoks. The Leia/Luke twist felt contrived, and I hated Boba Fett’s demise by total fluke.

On the plus side, I thought the speeder bike scenes and final space battle were truly epic, and loved the visuals and atmosphere in the throne room.

Help: looking for... Harmy's Return of the Jedi - 1.0?

I’m guessing you’ve clicked on an advert for a Usenet subscription - there’s no need to sign up to one of those. Check this post for info on Usenet if you aren’t familiar with it.

Any problems - send me a PM (click the speech bubble at the top right of the screen).

Small details that took you <em><strong>FOREVER</strong></em> to notice in the <em>Star Wars</em> films

JeremyJenki said:

This doesn’t count but I recently found out that General Veers is played by the big bad in The Last Crusade, I don’t know why but I thought that was funny. Hitler was also played by another Imperial admiral, the guy who gets choked by Vader.

Snap! I only realised this quite recently. And while looking at the cast list of Game of Thrones, I noticed that Julian Glover also played Grand Maester Pycelle: the old, lecherous adviser with a white beard on the Small Council. I thought those eyes were familiar.

Going back on topic and sticking with Veers: it took me about 35 years to realise the AT-AT commander (with the groovy helmet) was the same character as General Veers…

Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 4k UHD -- 27 DISC Boxed Set -- 3/31/2020

adywan said:

My TV is an LG too. But other UHD HDR films i have don’t seem to suffer with being overly dark and dull like the Star Was films. Even on Disney+ the HDR on films other than SW seem fine. Netflix HDR is fine too

The Blu-Rays look great though. Colourful and not dark.

That’s great news regarding the Blu-rays, assuming the “Blu-ray only” set has exactly the same Blu-ray discs as the full UHD set.

Given the problems with the bonus discs, I might wait a bit longer to see if Disney fix them in the next few months.

Guide to Downloading Projects from Usenet

DS-61-4 said:

Man, that was a confusing process, but I got everything downloaded thanks to the amazing instructions in this article. Unfortunately I’m having the exact same message and issue as Sigmoid’s PAR2 issue. Am I missing a whole bunch more PAR2 files? I forced each one (I think there were 7 or 8) to download and attempt a repair. If I look on the Binsearch page where I combined everything into a single NZB, it looks like there are a lot more PAR2 files there than were included in my NZB but I’m not sure. Feel free to PM me if you need to.

I forgot there were problems with that particular upload (4K77 1080p No DNR v1.4). In case anyone else has difficulties, I shall reply here rather than by PM.

Sigmoid discovered that the upload wasn’t split into RARs. Instead, the mkv file had just been chopped up into uncompressed bits. He managed to salvage it on his Mac by using the CAT command. If you have a PC, I believe you can achieve this with the COPY command to concatenate it all back together. Something like this may work, but I haven’t tested it:

  • Press the Windows key, type CMD and press Return. This will open a DOS command window.
  • Navigate to the 4K77 download directory using the CD command. If you are using NZBGet, it will probably be somewhere in C:\ProgramData\NZBGet\intermediate or C:\ProgramData\NZBGet\complete
  • Type the following and press Return:
    copy /b 05-Star.Wars.4K77.1080p.No-DNR.35mm.x264-v1.4.mkv.??? 4K77.mkv
  • Rename the 4K77.mkv output file to whatever you want.