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The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **

In short, like some others others I have conflicted feelings about the movie (saw it on Wednesday, I really liked it, but I do need a second viewing, whenever there’ll be a non-dubbed screening). One thing bugged me a bit at the very beginning though: Unless I heard wrong, they reused the TFA recording for the main title, which I found a bit lazy (and remeniscent of AotC and RotS)…

That aside, it still was a great joy to be sitting and thinking “Damn, I’m actually discovering a new Star Wars movie!” 😄

Star Wars: deleted and extended scenes * database *

^…^ said:

I wonder where it can be found the shot of Han biting the medal, at the end of the ceremony on A New Hope…

It isn’t in Empire of Dreams credits, but (I don’t have the timecode in my head) I think it’s during the part where Lucas had to face the lack of seriousness from everyone, including the actors, during the shooting of the first movie.

JEDIT: Found the medal biting scene!

Star Wars saga - Extra Extended Edition (1080p)

^…^ said:

I think DVD menus are the same all over the world - there are three (or four?) each, and they appear at random AFAIK - but I’m pretty sure there is a way in hardware player to choose (or change) them.

Yep, you can choose them by pressing the buttons 1, 2 or 3 of your remote during the warnings at the beginning of the disc, if I remember correctly.

darth_ender said:

Are the menu items truly deleted scenes, or were they just crafted for the DVDs?

They were just crafted for the DVDs, here’s an article about it.