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Jackie Chan Hong Kong restoration project UPDATES (Released)


the titles and credits are indeed replaced and it's probably a side effect of a new OCN scan. So this trade off is worth it IMO. But of course, that's no excuse, they could have done it right and recreated the proper fonts and language.

As for the audio tracks, I'm not knowledgeable in HK LD, but if there's a better source, it sure would be a fantastic welcome.

The only other thing I could say about PQ, is that it's a bit on the bright side, while the DVD had some black crush. Maybe the ideal would be somewhere in between.

But anyway, it's hard to complain in face of the new 4k scan (supposedly so), specially considering what a hard task it is to find quality HK cinema material.

Jackie Chan Hong Kong restoration project UPDATES (Released)

Tenebrion said:

Speaking of Drunken Master, have you guys checked out the japanese 35th Anniversary Blu-Rays of Drunken Master and Snake in the Eagle's Shadow yet? They look so much better than any previous versions.

Yes, and not only they look better than the previous versions, but also they feature what appears to be brand new 4k scans. The soundtracks are the original Cantonese in PCM (there's only one scream that seems to be replaced in one of the movies, but I'm not sure now in which one is it).

They also have the japanese cuts in HD (they are from DVD masters, which are also quite good, no upscale, just old HD masters)

They only caveat is lack the proper english subtitles. And if anyone could provide those, I'd like to mux with them with these Sony Japanese Editions 

The comparisons screens can be checked here

Blade Runner Color Regrade (Released)

WOW! Those workprint colored shots are right on the money for me.

So far, those have become the best looking samples IMO.

They keep the golden hues with no green tint and blue is blue again, not teal.

This just made me want to pull out my Workprint disc, because even tough I own the 5-disc set since release date, I have never watched the workprint.

Now, this makes me believe that this Workprint may actually have been color timed, according to some info that came up here on this thread.

Blade Runner Color Regrade (Released)

Hi PDB, I'm very much looking forward to your Alien (1 & 2) projects. The first movie is one of my all time favorites! (top 5 next to Terminator 1 & 2 and Conan The Barbarian : )

But Blade Runner is also movie I'm deeply fond of and I would love it to get the attention as your next project.

If you can get the Criterion LD #69 (CC1169L), it would be just perfect as it probably has the most accurate representation of the original color timming on home video).

When you get to this project. Would you consider doing both the international cut and the director's cut?

Since the BD has both cuts seamless branched (so they share the same color grading) and we already have PCM audio tracks for them too, I guess it would be possible to apply the same script to both, right?

Thanks again for your projects, I'm anxiously waiting for the Alien release.

ps: now that I've seen kaosjm post, I do have the SACD DSD and the rip (original DSD64 2.0 > 1-bit/2.8224 MHz 57:42 minutes or FLAC (converted with foobar2000 to tracks) 24bit/88,2 kHz |6/24))

ps2: it's so great that Andrea has the Criterion LD and is willing to rip it for this project) :)

Info: Terminator 2 - in search of the theatrical sound mix...


Thank you so much for your very detailed write up on T2 AC3 soundtrack.

But, curiously, owning this THX AC-3 DVD almost since release date, I've always been so disapointed with it's sound compared to the very first LaserDisc ( ), which I was used to.

The LD sounds so much warmer and fuller, while the DVD always seemed thinner and hollow, even if the mix is a bit more opened up.

(I'm sorry if my wording is not so technical, but I have a good hearing and have experienced these mixes on a nice setup).

I would appreciate it so much if you get a chance to analyse this LD mix and compare it to the DVD AC-3 or even the EX remixes.

ps: regarding the first AC3 DVD and the following EX remix, my impressions are right in line with your technical report.

The Audio Preservation Thread

Hi Doombot,

I'm crazy to get LD track of Fright Night synced to the Blu-ray, specially to the new Sony BD that was released internationally, as it has better PQ.

IActually I have sourced this LD to DJ, so he could sync the audio to the BD, but with all Teamblu's projects, he haven't had the time to do it yet (it's been over an year). 

I guess if anyone else can do this sync job, I could get the raw files.

Last of the Mohicans - Original Theatrical Cut - BD-50 *RELEASED*

Hi jerryshadoe,

once again I'd like to congratulate on this awesome project, the screencaps look great!

If you allow me, can you please include the 1993 LD PCM track?

I say this beacuse among the home video versions available, this is the closest mix to the theatrical audio and it's a lossless. Since the user suntech has the disc and offered to provide it, I think it would be a waste not to use it.

LD PCM tracks are usually so great and it would be a fantastic addtion to your project. So I humbly ask to please reconsider.