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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Wow everybody this looks phenomenal! Pretty exciting to have all the greatest SW editors here in one place! Im super impressed with everything accomplished so far (got pulled back in when I saw the force ghost edit show up in my YouTube feed XD)! You guys are incredibly talented and I cant wait to see the new and improved ROS when its done.

I followed and had some creative input on Poppasketti’s Rekindled edit for TLJ, super proud of how that came out, so I cant imagine how polished everyone can make this one. I’ll have to do some serious analysis of ROS having only watched it once since theaters but I hope I can give something helpful for the project when possible.

TBH kinda facepalming over this post (feeling to over-sentimental and self-congratulating) but I’m just ready to get into things and help where I can!

P.S. Even though I haven’t been on the forum long, I’ve checked out your work Hal and I know it’s an honor to be here.

The Last Jedi: Rekindled (Released) (V3 UPDATE!)

poppasketti said:
Hey Axios,

Thanks for checking in!

Right now I’m following Hal’s Ascendant thread and the TROS Ideas thread. There’s a lot of creativity happening there now and I think there’s going to be a some great fanedits! Down the road I can think about whether I’d like to make my own version, but for now I want to see what others do and if I can help contribute to them.

About the deleted scenes, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe there are any. It was pretty sad to hear when they announced that was the case, but unless something’s changed, we are unfortunately left without any extra scenes to play with.

Yeah I didnt think there was any either I’m super bummbed, honestly hoping you knew something I didnt lol. Ok cool Ill check out that thread! Have a nice day, stay safe and it was truly a blast to have contributed to this vision!

The Last Jedi: Rekindled (Released) (V3 UPDATE!)

Hey There Poppasketti! Very excited to watch the final cut with all our new changes whenever I get the required wifi.
After watching Rise of Skywalker, I was wondering what your thoughts are on the possible deleted scenes and whether or not you’d be willing to make an edit for a more seamless transition between our now (greatly) improved TLJ and ROS.

I’d be so super excited to look forward to participating in that edit.

Whaddaya think?

Sincerely, Axios

The Last Jedi: Rekindled (Released) (V3 UPDATE!)

Alrighty so just some replies to your answers here:

14:25 Maybe it just feels like the music is coming in too soon after the main theme and fades out with luke too soon for it too be natural. Maybe try having it swell back in as Rey is moving on to the next scene rather than on her close up? Maybe that might fix the unnatural feeling I get.

54:23 ok huh yeah its weird, maybe its just emphasized because of the small cut, I think cutting that line will make it feel more natural.

1:55:22 Ok awesome! I’ll love to check it out.

1:56:09 alright thats fair, I cant expect you to be a magician lol, thanks for the camera shake though. even just a green light in the corner would do a world of help though.

2:11:38 Fantastic! thanks.

2:11:41 hahaha yeah no problem! Thought it looked strange from your palp cut segments.

2:13:49 Yeah Im sure you know what you’re doing. Even if it means slowing down the establishing shot where he pulls the broom to him or something, I think it would be worth it. Cause I would hate for the first thing someone says after watching it to be “wait whats that ring from? Why is that important?”.

Yeah I understand where you are coming from. I guess if I want to make my perfect cut then Ill have to get back into editing 😉. No problem regardless, Happy to help! I’m just frankly honored to have so much say in this process.

P.S. Option B for Wilhem feels more natural and appropriate and The ring-less scene looks great! no more random jewelry! lol

The Last Jedi: Rekindled (Released) (V3 UPDATE!)

FreezingTNT2 said:

Axios said:

8:45 One thing that I really liked from Jason Orega’s fan edit is how he filled in the Star Wars lore for the hardcore fans on how the bombs drop toward the dreadnought. He inserted a slightly muffled line saying something along the lines of “magnetic charges arming” which helps bridge that gap. SW has always done a phenomenal job explaining its own universe’s logic, this would just be a loving addition to help the hard core fans



Moderator Edit: link to person who is banned from here, profits from his Fan Edit, and endangers the whole fan editing community in doing so… removed.

Oops, thats my bad. Ivan*. Dont care about “advertising” him though An opinion is an opinion, disagree if you want.

The Last Jedi: Rekindled (Released) (V3 UPDATE!)

Alright Poppasketti, hahaha I have taken “ALL the time” to go through little by little and catalog each and every possible improvement that can be done to bring this film to it’s peak potential!

I will post this here for others to consider and I will also send it to you in a message in case you wish to look it over more thoroughly/to make it easier to find.

I am attempting to view this movie through the lens of both a devoted Star Wars fan and also a more casual film viewer. With that in mind lets dig in!

2:15 So to start us off we have the “oh no” at the first order. So at first I didn’t have a problem with this last small line, (maybe a but cheesy but thats ok) but the more I watched it, I realised Carry’s Daughter wets her lips in preparation for the “oh no” line. which obviously means she was anticipating saying something else and…well wasnt as surprised as she could’ve been (you could say she was wetting her lips to keep talking to the man but this is after she has reacted to the ships arriving)

4:51 This reaction shot by Hux is really too goofy for most movies and it especially sticks out here in an intense start to a battle. The scene still applies to and involves hux because of the hologram transmission a few seconds later as well (4:59). This slap stick is a bit too heavy handed in the direction it takes the character

5:40 So I like the idea behind this small BB8 scene but I think it lasts too long for it to have a comfortable place in this intense scene. I would humbly recommend cutting at 5:42 to inside the dreadnought and then the next time we see BB8 he is only a small way through plugging the wholes (from the first scene 5:43 possibly sped up for urgency) before he gives up (7:02) and switches to drastic measures using his head to fix it. I think this would work very seamlessly

8:45 One thing that I liked from “a certain” fan edit is how he filled in the Star Wars lore for the hardcore fans on how the bombs drop toward the dreadnought. He inserted a slightly muffled line saying something along the lines of “magnetic charges arming” which helps bridge that gap. SW has always done a phenomenal job explaining its own universe’s logic, this would just be a loving addition to help the hard core fans

9:41 This scene always made me a bit exasperated and I could never put my finger on what it was, until now. It seams to me everything is happening to slowly to match the speed of the tension (ie her deciding to climb the ladder before climbing it when people are dying). So I would personally cut this small unnecessary decision and overlap Poe’s commands while shes already climbing

9:57 I could be wrong but I think the scene’s tension would flow even better with less black out time before she wakes up. Maybe a faster pan as well to carry the tension

10:37 cutting the reaction shot of her watching the detonator fly by and going straight from it falling to her catching it will work a lot smoother and logically

11:55 like the previous goofy reaction face of hux I find this front facing shot to be too (respect to the actor) over the top and slapstick for this movie and star wars movies in general. Use the second, slightly more subtle side facing shot. It might be more work than its worth (really depends on how much your willing to go in for this movie) but you could freeze frame and even crop the shot while slowing down his head turn to give an even more nuanced comedic reaction to the defeat

12:29 One way I think you can make this movie feel more like a classic SW movie is by using more signature SW transition wipes. IMO This is a good place for one (circular wipe starting from the middle of the screen moving outward while slightly easing in the sound. I really think it would feel appropriate and familiar

14:25 I LOVE how the music changes the feeling of this scene! My only critique is the method of bringing the music back in after it goes silent feels to quick and swelling (out of place, I can tell it was edited). Perhaps replace it with something more subtle and more inquisitive to match Rey’s emotions

15:54 Like other die-hard fans, Rey translating Chewie to luke (she expects Luke to not understand him after knowing each other this long?) kinda rubbed me the wrong way (this is more of a hardcore fan change but will protect the lore). Cutting just the “he said” part of her line would fix this and heighten the subtle tension of the scene

22:57 Would you please be so kind to edit out the disgusting sound the milk-monster is making while being milked in this small segment? (at least the first moan so that the second could just be a sound its making) I can deal with the the scene being in there but the "orgasmic moans of the monster are just a bit too much for me and many others…please?

34:32 I was thinking about the whole “3 lessons plot hole” and how to fix it and then it hit me! Just change the original line. Luke is turning away so you cant see his lips, there is undoubtedly somewhere Luke says “Too, two, or to” just splice it in and it should be a perfect fix for the questions that kept people wondering on the wrong things

39:02 For some reason Rose’s line “my sister page said Rose” is very obviously and digitally sped up. I have no idea why

39:25 The same thing but much smaller occurs when Rose says “doing”(what were you doing). It sounds digitally altered and possibly sped up, I wonder if you can fix it

54:23 not enough time has passed for the “we’ve searched this whole place zero red plomblooms, where is this guy” dialog to make sense. I think you should cut “weve searched this whole place” line leaving only “zero red plom blooms, where is this guy”

54:40 if we are not going to have anything to do with the Fob’ears hearing her say there names familiarly makes the audience think they will come into play later which they thankfully dont. I think it might be smoother to remove the “what are those things” and “fob ears” lines {edit} Actually if you cut Fin’s inquisitive line asking about the Fob ears then that might carry rose’s character without suggesting anything.

54:42 Also, I dont remember how the original version was, but the close up panning shot to reveal the Fob’ears is then followed by a shot that moves backwards (left) and farther away, which is cinematicly incorrect and comes across as a jarring camera move

56:12 This is another example of a spot that needs a quick side wipe from right to left to preserve the context of character traveling

54:53 The more I watch this film the more jarring the candid voice of the alien is here, I know some people have ideas of dubbing in alien and with subtitles and I think that is a wonderful “Star Warsy” idea (also if you are going for the corrupted police turning them over to the first order that could give more weight to the lady’s reaction with the master code breaker at 54:58)

1:18:03 This transition is one of the most blink and you’ll miss it moments in this movie (which I actually did in the theater fyi) I would humbly recommend you place a circular transition wipe (starting from the edge-in) right here signifying this is a different location with different characters (it can easily be confused with Finn and Rose’s ship in hyperspace, not the Millennium Falcon)

1:42:04 Could you tweak this transition to just a few frames before where you have it so it doesn’t reveal the bridge where the next shot uses it as an establishing shot? It doesn’t look like a professional cut otherwise

1:42:05 Also the music comes in to quick here, after just finishing a roaring orchestral swell

1:42:14 Finn’s lines sound unrefined and electronic, I dont know if there is anyway to fix this, i just thought I should tell you

1:42:21 this transition with a few more frames from the previous ship/bridge cut can be slowed down to be a more recognizable establishing shot so the audience knows where we are (this act has the most problems with locational context IMO)

1:47:04 Lia is standing very dramatically and it looks cool! but my brother asked we why she was standing with the door open if they are supposed to be hiding and protected? I answered this by saying that they were waiting for the possibility of Finn and rose to rondevue, but then 1:47:46 happens and its clear they werent expecting them at all so the scene of lia standing there doesnt make sense. I would like to simply cut all the unnecessary shots at them until

1:47:55 where they are cautious and careful. You could even use the previous shot of their raised hands for some comedy since Poe says “hold your fire”

1:49:59 This a small segment that I have always disliked and I will try to explain why to the best of my ability. Not only does it do nothing to help tell the scene, or the movie, it does nothing for the SW universe at large and it is an eyesore for acting as well! I like that they included some crew in a scene but unlike Rogue One this scene is badly acted (if you stick salt in your mouth it dissolves on your tongue and you cant spit it back out) and serves no purpose but to hold the movie up and distract audiences from what going to happen. Please this is one of the bigger changes I request.

1:50:48 I dont mind Poe’s foot going through the bottom of the speeder, because its situational humor and that has always had a place in Star Wars, the only problem I have with the segment is the dialog is too obviously dubbed over cause he says “what the hell” but his lips arent moving…I would personally just remove the small word if possible and let it be a little more time to establish whats going on without more dialog just facial expressions of a leader who is trying to inspire his troops and keep their hope alive (not to mention is very small but he is talking to his soldiers and then swears ambiguously at something they dont know about, kinda strange if you think about it)

1:51:17 This is definitely the smallest thing I could see changed for the better, the sound design of this move is incredible as is per a SW movie, but when the cannons fire I feel they lack impact or size. It may just be me but I feel like some easy sound tweaking could add some needed bass/crack of battle

1:52:39 I can understand the situational comedy of this segment (even if I dont personally like it very much) but i feel the porg’s scream lasts too long for…well anytime in a movie really but espeacilly in the middle of a battle. I humbly recommend you cut it to one second at 1:52:41

1:53:25 Ok I’m trying to be lenient to the younger audience viewing this movie as much as I can, so I wont say cut the porg hitting the windshield, but maybe just shorten the action by cutting when it directly hits the windshield to the panning side shot of it pressed against the window.

1:53:48 Alright so this is where I would respectfully ask that the porg interrupting the (very compelling and exciting) chase scene by screaming yet again to be cut. The amount that the porgs are shown in this scene compared to the main characters (chewie & Rey) is about equal in minutes, and honestly I cannot believe this is compelling storytelling at work, more likely this is the moment the toy company’s have to shine. Which is fine, we all have to make a living but we are here to enhance this film and bring out it’s best. I think this final porg segment detracts from the expert flying of chewie and his moment to shine in this movie. You can even use the cool back shot of him elsewhere for an establishing shot. Besides the porg gets one last short nice scene to shine at 2:04:40 where he helps out.

1:54:25 This moment of levity (unlike the next scene between Kylo vs Hux) always rubbed me the wrong way since literally the last time we saw them speak kylo was choking hux to make sure he knew who was in charge, and here hux tries to understate kylo/overstate himself and instead of anything Kylo-like, he just gives him an innocent funny look. I just dont see hux’s goofy echo helping the scene, the characters (hux has more reason to betray Kylo when he throws him) or anything we have previously established. In fact I kinda think it downplays the past choking scene.

1:55:22 I love everything about this change! The only thing I would change slightly is, since it all happens so fast it can be hard to follow what happens to rose, I would make Finn’s “Rose!” louder, a few frames later in the base (for establishing context for where the voice is coming from) and easier to hear (less muffled by radio) that way the audience can track better

1:56:09 Since you went to such lengths with the Palpatine radio visuals I was wondering if you’d be willing to edit the “gun lock-on graphics” to differentiate between the walkers and the Tie Fighters (where you got the aiming from 1:52:18). Just something a little different, more lights on dash maybe, less red lines on the screen and no camera shake (since the walker is stationary)

2:11:38 Only the slightest of slight changes with the transition out of Kylo’s face. after watching it with the pace of the film and the scene I think if the middle swipe transition was a bit slower then it would be perfect. I think it would establish finality for Kylo in the movie, so the audience knows thats the last we see of him in this film.

2:11:41 kind of a funny request here but as an actor I noticed something funny with the actors right after that transition. Then I realized there was no action called and Oscar Isaac probably started the take thats why for a second everyone else around him is standing around emotionless and as soon as they notice Poe hugging they start smiling at there scene partner and acting happy. SO would you mind cutting just a few frames after that transition please haha, its a very small thing and really not a priority, but hey still

2:13:49 If you feel that keeping the broom boy enhances the scope of the film (I understand your point of view and I respect it) then absolutely I will support your decision to include him. I think it might tie things together in the end after all, who knows. HOWEVER, if we are going to keep him in to give the universe scope, please cut the shot of the rebel ring. The audience has no context for it, it doesnt make sense for the established universe’s timeline and it will only bring up confusion and questions when we are supposed to feel hopeful and content. I see no reason to keep it in with the current version

ALRIGHT that is everything! If you somehow got through all this then I commend you. These are all the changes I can see, both bigger and (mostly) smaller that will bring this film up to the best version it can be.
Thank you for your consideration.

Poppasketti you gave me hope for this movie’s potential so I say. Lets make this the best Star Wars movie it can possibly be!

If anything doesn’t make sense please ask me about it and I can explain as best I can.

The Last Jedi: Rekindled (Released) (V3 UPDATE!)

Hey Popasketti, So Iv’e gone through another viewing of this edit and I have thoughts about some elements from the original film that I still feel detract from the viewing experience. You and your edit have given me hope for the potential Star Wars film that can be made. I am just wondering if and when I should bring those up since you are sounding close to releasing this new version? Would you prefer these ideas later, or now? I just want to be respectful of your time and focus.

The Last Jedi: Rekindled (Released) (V3 UPDATE!)

Huh thats interesting. Honestly take this as you will but first viewing didnt even see the blue smoke.

I do have an idea…I am not sure if its possible, and I think anyone would have to be God-tier level of editor but would you consider editing the infamous guards V Kylo and Rey fight scene? somehow cut some of the background guards waiting for Daisy and Adam to get into place to block.

Also if anybody doesnt think its a problem I would encourage you to watch this video from Corridor Digital about stuntmen reacting to the scene.

Like I said it may be impossible but its just a thought to correct and improve as many things about this film as possible, and I cant think of a better place to share ideas of just that, then here with all of you.

The Last Jedi: Rekindled (Released) (V3 UPDATE!)

POPPASKETTI! THAT MIRROR SCENE IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! I…CANT BELIEVE YOU DID IT SO PERFECTLY. That right there is absolutely what I was thinking of and it looks phenomenal to me!

Also not to confuse you or get you hooked on the Kylo/Palp scene anymore but if you want to know my last opinion… I actually think 4E is the best so far. It is very organic and the lack of cuts lets the audience ponder/process alongside Kylo. Maybe if you limited the amount of cuts for D3 it might feel the same way but so far I feel very good about 4E.

I am so unbelievably impressed with the mirror scene and I am very excited for V3

The Last Jedi: Rekindled (Released) (V3 UPDATE!)

I think 4D is very VERY close! Very nice job Poppasketti. I think the subtly lends itself very well, and like you I think there is room enough for the Rey and Kylo moment before Kylo has his scene alone and full of despair, despite his new found power (classic darkside). I think Kylo really needs this tease, we need to bridge the gap and give Kylo a reason to go on like he has in ROS. As it stands in the original version he has nothing to do at the end of the film, but with this he has found new purpose which he clearly has at the beginning of ROS. Then of course we have the contrast at the very end of the film of Rey and her moment with Leia/friends. NOW ON TO THE DETAILS!

-Personally I think there is too much sound (force connection sound alongside the radio and the music) as of right now, and I think just limiting it too a staticy transmission is enough. If you could make another version of 4B now with the added subtly you could be very close to what I would use for average viewing/showing people.

-I really like what you’ve done with the visuals of the transmission and I think it needs to stay for an even longer prolonged shot then what you have in the 4D, just for cinematic context.

-As for the cloak in the mirror cave…I kinda really like the idea (biased of course, its mine lol). I agree however with how fast it seams to blink on/off and I think I have a solution. In my original vision of the scene the cloak only appears (even at the last second if need be) around the figure before the fog rolls back and Rey’s head is revealed (no cloak just like original). That way it is more confusing for Rey and the audience, cause it looked like the cave was really gonna show her who she comes from, this person in the hood,(rather than a hood, no hood syke)and then just shows her her own face. This is better cause all the figures in this scene represent real people. The two figures=her parents. The one (more important) figure which becomes cloaked=Palps. Then of course, Rey=chosen by the force Rey. This is different then the other hooded version cause as it stands, there seams to be another character after the hooded figure, which there isnt.

-I think the sith whispers are dope 😉

I think that is it for the technical tweaking.

I have absolutely no problem with Palps contacting Kylo through a random radio in an ancient rebel base (which is quite a feat in it of itself) Palpatine has ALWAYS been one to abuse and use technology for his own good (ie. vadersuit, death star, cloning snoke, big mechanical GLaDOS arm) and this is no exception which I appreciate. As for the “I have been every voice inside your head” line also works great alongside the transmission because Palpatine isn’t referencing this contact…He’s talking about Kylo’s grandfather speaking to him through his helmet in TFA.

As for the cave sneaking in a palps tease to Rey, makes perfect sense! The darkside is about using the truth to deceive (seducing Anakin). The truth is that Palpatine is her blood, but the other truth is that she has been chosen by the force to bring balance and doesnt have to belong to anyone. The sneaky cave just draws a line between the two where there doesnt need to be. This hooded figure scene doesn’t really deliver until the very end where Palp comes back and contacts Kylo. Then it clicks that not only is Palps back but he has his hands in both our Antagonist and hero (pulling the strings all along).

Sorry if some of this didnt make any sense. But hey I am very confident you can get to a polished enough version. Thanks for reading through all that crazy.

The Last Jedi: Rekindled (Released) (V3 UPDATE!)

Looking real great with the Palpatine transmission! How I wish that would have been in there from the get go. There’s just a few nitpicks for the visuals of the transmission.

(I dont know where you got the shot of the transmission fyi so if it originally looks like how it does in the edit my bad)

-Would it be possible to change the coloring of the white transmission line to match the ones next to it? (ie brighter white instead of yellowish). I understand that is how it is supposed to be colored but knowing that this is an edit it comes across as unfinished on first viewing, so just a thought to make is look possibly more polished.

-Could you extend the transmission line just a few millimeters in both directions to look less rotoscoped in? So on the right just enough to mesh in with the vertical white border line, and on the left just enough to disappear behind the edge of the monitor.

I KNOW super nitpicky! but thats all I can really think of to make this scene fit perfectly! Wonderful idea btw and I think it lends itself well to the next and final chapter in this somewhat troubled sequel trilogy.

P.S. I’m glad you are carrying on for now with my cloaked mirror vision idea. 😃

P.P.S. With this Palpatine reveal it is more imperative (in my opinion) to remove the slave boys scene from the end. There is enough happening in the end of the movie, then to introduce more characters (one of whom owns a random rebel ring that means nothing to the audience) who have nothing to do with the next film. In a perfect world we might have gotten a larger look at the universe reacting to these happenings but we really cant afford anymore distracting scenes. I hope you understand what I mean.

Ending on the Millennium Falcon in hyperspace searching for a new home is a perfect way to end the movie.

The Last Jedi: Rekindled (Released) (V3 UPDATE!)

Hey all I LOVE the ideas for implementing foreshadowing Palps into LJ! I have an idea the rides off of what DZ-330 suggested, “Add Rey seeing a flash of Palpatine to her mirror vision?”.

my idea: If its possible and you are willing to rotoscope, in the mirror scene where the two silhouettes are becoming one and ultimately are revealed to be REY, in the moment where the two figures become one you could change the silhouetted figure to be hooded or in a cloak, like Sidious.

Lore wise this would make sense with the scene since Rey is supposed to be in a well of the darkside and having the well kinda alude to the dark truth of her parentage but ultimately foreshadow her identity being apart from Palpatine.

The Last Jedi: Rekindled (Released) (V3 UPDATE!)

Tammer5 said:

Read Axios edit-suggestion on the previous page. He doesn’t like Holdo saying,“God Speed Rebels” and he thinks it should be removed because it opens up a can of worms, suggesting that our worldly beliefs could be reflected into the SW Universe. It seems to annoy a number of people. I was just curious why people don’t get annoyed when Han say his line in TESB? I think because of the majority of people don’t like Holdo, but obviously love Han. Was just curious of his thoughts on Hans line or anyone thoughts really.

I apologize if I broke a rule of the forum. That just caught my attention.

FreezingTNT2 said:

Tammer5 said:

Does it bother you when Han says, “Then I’ll see you in hell!” in The Empire Strikes Back?

What does this have anything to do with this post?

Hey guys, hey Tammers5 I’m glad you were wondering why it annoyed me (and just for clarification its just a personal annoyance not really a plot hole or anything). As I stated above it just personally takes me out of the movie because its not a phrase that has any connotation to the star wars universe and instead comes from our universe and doesn’t fit aesthetically for me. As for the Han Solo line “then I’ll see you in Hell!” there is actually an in universe explanation for that and has nothing to do with our universe’s idea of religion or afterlife (see the link below). Not to mention its a “curse” that asks the in-universe question “oh, whats hell?”, and personally I can answer that question far easier with “oh it must be somewhere bad in SW” than “God speed Rebels” which asks the question, “oh whats God?”. Which is honestly a hard question to answer for me in the SW universe. Anyway its more of a personal opinion and its fine that you all don’t agree, I was just hoping people would agree so that I didnt have to be bothered by the line in a future edit.


The Last Jedi: Rekindled (Released) (V3 UPDATE!)

Hey man! Loved the edit a ton. There are 2 things that I would think need to be cut just for continuity and for pacing.

1# The final scene that ends on the small children from the horse arena. This makes no sense continuity wise especially with the small ring the boy has, since rose never gives it to him. (I used the 1080p version, if you have edited it out in another version might want to include that in the 1080p one)

2# This is a smaller issue, but for saving the focus and tension of the scene (and my sanity). Please would you cut that small scene with the one rebel fighter next to Gareth Edwards on Crait who out of nowhere comments on the ground with salt (the new coarse and ruff irritating sand).

There are smaller changes from other edits that I do enjoy and think help preserve the dwindling intelligence of the original film such as: cutting the “Oh No” from the very beginning, cutting straight to the star destroyer in the atmosphere (preserve the urgency of the scene), cutting a few of the slap stick level reactions from Admiral Hux from the very beginning, the slapstick porg on the windshield on crait, the “right away sir” after Kilo shoves Hux at the end (funny but it just ruins the atmosphere, SW has always had comedy but taken its character drama very seriously) and the cringy “may the force be with you hehehe you go I’ve said it enough” flub (just cutting to “MTFBWY Always” is plenty) in my opinion.

There are other things that would help the SW canon such as “magnetic mines active” when dropping the bombs such as in Ivan’s version, and the cutting of the “God’s speed rebels” line which bugs me so much (I am even a Christian (or religious) but if you think about this line for even a few seconds it opens a can of worms which asks a crazy question I don’t want asked in a star wars movie…Who is God in Star Wars???). The hyperspace collision is likely unfixable which is so unfortunate since it is the largest open can of worms, but unless I missed something the fact the rebels couldnt contact anyone else in the galaxy while they were on their cruiser being chased is a plot hole (I know they are running out of power but if they have enough for another full light speed jump then they have enough for one phone call to someone to ask them to call everyone else).

Anyway lol I obviously have some problems with the original version, but I really appreciate yours! Thanks for all the hard work and creativity you have put into this.

May the force be with you.