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Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

dgraham414 said:

Remember when this thread was about Rise of Skywalker?

Yes, so I’ll try this again: Get off of Dooku, AOTC, ROTS, and the prequels v sequels. This discussion is about the next film, not how much someone wants to troll the board with constant pro-Lucas and pro-prequel posts. You know who you are. Be aware; I’m not asking.

The Mandalorian - Star Wars Live action TV series

Valheru_84 said:

I think I actually prefer that method of release. It gives you something to look forward to each week instead of binge watching the whole season in one or two sittings and then be left waiting a whole year (or two for GoT) for the next one.

Same here. I just binged all of Stranger Things in three days and now I’ve got nothing until Mandalorian. I dont have the self control of waiting a week when all I have to do is hit “Next Episode > Skip Intro”. 😉

The <em>Stranger Things</em> Thread

I’m adding briefly, trying to avoid any season three spoilers. I’m four episodes in and so far really liking it. It seems better built and written than season two. My only real complaint is one I’ve had through all the seasons and it’s regarding their often times heavy handed homages to popular films of the 70s and 80s.

I’m fine with the feel of the classics, but I wear a bit on direct lifts. There was a scene in this current season where I could see a Hopper line coming a few minutes before he said it. It was a lift, verbatim, from a classic film. I was very disappointed when I was right. Homage of not, it was lazy writing following a lazy setup.

As a reference, Super 8 is to me a perfect film at paying homage while still standing on its own originality.

Rarely Talked About But Entirely Awesome Historical Figures thread

I’m not adhering to the passed away criteria of the thread. There are plenty of people still with us who changed the world and received little notice outside their field.

Margaret Hamilton. Software engineer for NASA, specifically the Apollo program. She’s the creator of modern day code writing, as well as responsible for the idea, creation, and term software engineering. She changed the world, not just our ability to land on another one.

70mm print of GOUT on Saturday in Academy Theater in CA!

Puggo - Jar Jar’s Yoda said:

Well, if they keep playing it in theaters, it won’t be long before it is no longer a suitable source for capture. The 70mm print of 2001 that toured theaters in 2001 looked pristine at its opening at the Castro theater in San Francisco, but was trashed by about a year later.

I thought about that also, but didn’t want to harsh the buzz. 😕

70mm print of GOUT on Saturday in Academy Theater in CA!

Cliffs71 said:

As for the print itself… Holy Jeebus! I can’t imagine it looked any better opening day of any of the 70mm re-releases… The bigger news to me though is just the knowledge that this exists in the first place and therefore it IS possible should that occasion ever happen.

That’s my take away as well. It’s wonderful that an original version was seen and is in excellent condition. Also nice to think there may be more viewings. Particularly since there have been a few in other theaters lately. It’s either a big coincidence or someone is testing the water to gauge non-nerd-board interest in the original film.

Whatever the reason, we now have a well-documented case of there being a prime candidate for a proper home release.

Anyone else totally disregard Leia being Luke's sister?

screams in the void said:

…until that moment , he did not realize it was staring him in the face in form of Leia being his sister . So that was when that plot point came along.

Wait, I thought it was back in 1974 when he was writing the original Darth Vader 6 - 12 - 1 - 9 film Saga (genuflect).

I think it’s weird that Lucas doesn’t seem to think there are people who remember him saying he wrote “no, there is another” before he had any idea of how he was going to address his lack of story regarding that fill-in line.

The truth is out there for people who care enough to take time to look for it.

Upcoming movies

I haven’t been so excited about a movie in years. I grew up following this stuff and eventually became a gear head, largely because of these types of rivalries; Ford v Ferrari, Snake and Mongoose, Shirley Muldowney v Big Daddy, etc.

Side note: I think the Gulf livery is the greatest of all race teams ever. Beautiful. This film seems to be primarily about the ‘66 Le Mans. The Gulf livery wasn’t until 67, so it may not be shown.

Knowing a bit about the real people, I can say it looks like Damon and Bale have these guys down perfectly. If you’re interested, there are a number of documentaries about the history of the rivalry.

If you’re unfamiliar, Le Mans is a 24 hour endurance race. The track is 8 miles around. The cars typically average about 3,000 miles in the 24 hours.

General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread

Went to my first Comic Con in decades. I hadn’t been since back when they were just a bunch of collectors/dealers with all their stuff on folding tables. That was long before they became these mega cosplay affairs with stars and autograph sessions.

I went specifically to find a certain Hot Wheels I was struggling to locate. I found it. That said, I could have spent a fortune on just 1966 Batman items. Things from 2 dollars (hot wheels) to 2000 dollars (beautifully framed collection of autographs). Add in Star Wars77, Doctor Who, Jaws, and Ghostbusters and it was even more tempting. T-shirts, patches, pins, mugs, you name it, it was there.

I also saw Howard Chaykin. He wasn’t charging for his autograph or making people hurry. He was just sitting at a table and talking shop with anyone who wanted to meet him. If I had thought about it ahead of time, I would have brought one of his 1970s Star Wars Marvel comic books. I’ll be better prepared next time.

Here was the street sign for the road on one side of the convention center. Seemed fitting.
The driver of the vehicle next to me was also taking a picture of the sign.

Last movie seen

One of my favorite films of all time and by far my favorite Robert Redford film. Considering the amount of time I’ve spent reading anything and everything, I’ve felt a kinship with Joe Turner for decades. Also for me, my favorite Faye Dunaway film. She’s perfect in this. LOVE her character.

An absolute 5 out of 5 Sparrow Hawks.

General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread

canofhumdingers said:
living within an hour’s drive of NASA Mission Control at Johnson Space Center doesn’t hurt either haha!

A fellow Texan. I had no idea, sir. As a native Houstonian, I also grew up with Mission Control being a very big part of my world.

Great documentary on Mission Control, if you haven’t seen it:

Any favorite scenes?

Not surprisingly, most of my favorite scenes are either From Star Wars or Rogue One, and one from The Force Awakens. To pick just a few;

Star Wars
The opening scene where we first see the Tantive being chased by the Star Destroyer is as moving to me now as it was in 1977.

The closeup of Luke deciding to follow Ben just after he sees his family burned. To me, Hamill’s finest moment.

The Force Awakens
The opening where we see Rey scavenging, before we know anything at all about her, is my favorite part of the ST.

Rogue One
Since this film is a much more serious take on the GFFA, it has many moments that stand out as moving or emotional. Particularly considering how fantastically it’s written, acted, and directed. Jason points out a fantastic one above.

My personal favorite is the scene on the ship just after they escape Eadu. Jyn confronting Cassian is a level of seriousness and emotion that, to me, just hasnt been done in the 40+ years of the franchise. Felicity is expert in her handling of conveying the emotional wreck Jyn is becoming. She has these amazing moments of sort of micro-shifts between breakdown and anger when she’s confronting him.

“CASSIAN ANDOR: Ion thrusters low until we cleared the storm.
K-2SO: Understood.
JYN ERSO: You lied to me.
CASSIAN ANDOR: You’re in shock.
JYN ERSO: You went up there to kill my father.
CASSIAN ANDOR: You don’t know what you’re talking about.
JYN ERSO: Deny it.
CASSIAN ANDOR: You’re in shock, and looking for someplace to put it.
JYN ERSO: I’ve seen it before.
CASSIAN ANDOR: I bet you have.
JYN ERSO: They know. You lied about why we came here and you lied about why you went up alone.
CASSIAN ANDOR: I had every chance to pull the trigger. But did I? Did I?
JYN ERSO: You might as well have. My father was living proof and you put him at risk. Those were Alliance bombs that killed him!

CASSIAN ANDOR: I had orders! Orders that I disobeyed! But you wouldn’t understand that.
JYN ERSO: Orders? When you know they’re wrong? You might as well be a stormtrooper.
CASSIAN ANDOR: What do you know? We don’t all have the luxury of deciding when and where we want to care about something. Suddenly the Rebellion is real for you? Some of us live it. I’ve been in this fight since I was 6 years old. You’re not the only one who lost everything. Some of us just decided to do something about it.”