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Jani-wan said:

Anakin Starkiller said:

Are you still taking requests?, because I’m trying to integrate camouflaged stormtroopers in the Battle of Endor, as I feel they would know better than to dress in white for a fight in a forest.

This camouflaged stormtroopers idea made me think, and I realized:
Prepare for what fight?
I would assume they never imagined in their worst nightmare that they have to actually fight those creatures. It’s like no SAS or any elite force on earth would bother to use camouflage while “fighting” monkeys in the jungle, using flamethrowers and machine guns. It would be more like exterminating, not figthing.

One would think one small rebel group is no match for all of them with some AT-AT and AT-ST and speederbikes on their side.
And they were hidden as long they wanted to be hidden. Rebels never saw them. Everything went as expected, Rebels were easily captured.
No fighting.

But it was a trap. They knew Rebels were coming. Granted, they were supposed to let them deactivate the sheild, but that doesn’t mean they needed the Rebels alive. Just let them take the bunker, and on their way out, kill them.

Anyone else totally disregard Leia being Luke's sister?

I would disregard Leia as Luke’s sister – not because of twincest*, but because it’s universe-shrinking bullshit. Alas, too much of the post-ROTJ EU I accept as canon predicably runs with the revelation, so, as it is with the Death Star II, I accept it but only with much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

My thoughts exactly. Luckily, there’s not much acknowledgement of these in the stuff I follow, so I can generally disregard it.

Revenge of the Sith (The New Canon Cut) [Available-ish]

Anakin feels like a completely different character in every movie and TCW. The fact that his voice in TCW is completely different does him no favors in this department. If possible, I’d like to get a Matt Lanter soundalike to dub him over for. Plus, it would give me an opportunity to fix his more atrocious lines (mainly in AotC), or improve the good ones. Given the nature of your edit, I figured this would be something you could get behind.

Is <em>Star Wars</em> Your Favorite Movie?

DuracellEnergizer said:

ROTS has one and only one good sequence: the one where everyone shuts up and all you hear is the music as Anakin and Padme get all weepy. That’s it. That’s all. The rest of ROTS takes the franchise out back, puts a bullet in its head, and leaves it for dead.

The scene I spent part of today intercutting with Palpatine’s Arrest, funny enough.

Some scenes I edited

It didn’t make sense for the stormtrooper to be wearing white in a forest. Of course, it would be too hard to recolor every one in the movie frame by frame, but I’d be happy with just a few to show they exist. Lucky for me, this shot features a dead stormtrooper, meaning I only had to recolor him once for the whole sequence. Unfortunately, there’s a thin white outline to the part I overlaid with the recoloring, and I don’t know how to get rid of it.

The way that all the Jedi except for Windu get killed so quickly by Palpatine always bugged me. They’re supposed to be master duelists, yet they die such pathetic deaths. The first two die before even landing a hit. Fisto fairs a little better, but not by much. To fix this issue, I reordered some shots in the scene to imply they lasted a while before being struck down, cutting back and forth between Palpatine’s arrest and Anakin and Padme thinking and gazing out the window.

Is <em>Star Wars</em> Your Favorite Movie?

TV’s Frink said:

-There are a bunch of videogame cutscenes.
-The Jedi are all clueless buffoons.
-Anakin turns evil at the snap of a finger, spends one whole line saying he shouldn’t have, then goes right back to being evil.
-Ian (who I will grant is very good most of the time) has an incredibly stupid lightsaber fight with Mace Windu (including some truly awful dialogue), and then manages to have an even stupider lightsaber fight with Yoda in which he doesn’t just chew the scenery, he swallows it whole.
-Anakin and Obi-Wan play lightsaber Frogger.
-Padme dies of a broken heart.

Magnificent film-making!

The only things you listed that I agree are problems are Padme’s death and Anakin’s turn. Okay, and the office duel, but just the first part, because of how ridiculously quickly Palpatine kills the Jedi. I actually just edited that scene today to fix that very problem ( Personally, I find one of the movie’s biggest flaws, if a really subtle one, is that we spend way too much time on the boring subplot of Palpatine wanting Anakin on the Council, and possibly other talky shenanigans. It’s probably the biggest offender of the PT’s chronic problem of Coruscant killing the pacing. There’s nothing wrong with talky scenes (we all know how great the opera scene is), but I’d have much rather seen the parts about the seeds of the Rebellion.