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Alien: The Extended Cut (Released)

cosmicjazz said:

I’m really curious how you managed to get it to 3 hours. The edit I did ended up at 2:30. And I used just about everything I could find. The only thing I held off on was the serious amount of exterior ship footage. But even then it isn’t that much.

Well I almost did it was aroun the 2:55:00 I used everything that look right from all the documentaries.

Sources were

Giger’s Alien 1979
The Alien Legacy 1999
The Alien Saga 2002
The Beast Within 2003

Alien: The Extended Cut (Released)

Hello everyone, for awhile I have been working on an Alien Extended cut for sometime and I did finish it once, but sadly my cut has been lost, unless I find it again. I ask you all to help make this film. I have released some footage on my youtube account. also I recommend DestonTC as well for some footage. so if youre up to the challenge to make the movie extended i’m excited to hear back. If I remember also. when I first cut the movie it almost reached the original 3 hour length.


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