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Which platform should I upload my projects to, to let people download them?


Hey there.
Before I go further I just want to put a Disclaimer here: I know that we should not post Links to projects here. Which I will not do.

I just wanted to know if it makes a difference or an impact on where I upload a project people are then interested in? I’m currently using Google Drive, a lot of creators I saw use Mega or sth else.
Does it matter? Is there a security or influence (in the sense of how many people I can reach) issue if I keep using Drive?

Sry I didnt find anything fitting in the discussions. I’m new here. If there is sth like that already I would also be happy with a Link. Thanks. 😃


Google Drive seems a good way for people to easily and quickly download content (and it is quite cheap for any extra storage required for hosting).

Mega is great - though for people who use the free version (without signups or registering) there seems to restrcitions on how much they can they download before having to wait a couple of days befre being able to continue. Though I think this can be bypassed if you joing one of their paid subscriptions / options?

I’d stick with the Google Drive - or making them available via torrent if you know a few reliable people who can seed them.