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What is your personal canon? — Page 6


In chronological order:

  1. Both Knights of the Old Republic games (Hudson et al)
  2. Outbound Flight (Zahn)
  3. Clone Wars 3D animated series (Filoni et al)
  4. Clone Wars 2D animated series (Tartakovsky et al)
  5. Belatedmedia’s rewrites of the Prequel trilogy (Lucas, Barryte et al, with art by Jackie Whistler)
  6. Thrawn (Zahn)
  7. Rogue One (Edwards et al)
  8. Original Trilogy (Lucas, Kershner et al)
  9. Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, The Last Command (Zahn)
  10. Most of Force Awakens (Abrams et al, some scenes replaced entirely by my imagination)

In optimal order of consumption (titles in brackets can be safely skipped; if two or more are surrounded by the same type of brackets, skipping one means that the other should be skipped as well)

  1. A New Hope
  2. The Empire Strikes Back
  3. Rogue One
  4. The Return of the Jedi
  5. ( Belatedmedia’s prequel rewrite )
  6. ( The Clone Wars, both series, 3D first, and then 2D immediately afterward )
  7. [ Heir to the Empire trilogy ]
  8. [ Thrawn ]
  9. [ Outbound Flight ]
  10. { The Force Awakens }
  11. (KOTOR 1 and 2)

I don’t have a personal canon anymore. If I like a story, I like it and evaluate it by its individual merits. I no longer care how it all fits together or even if it fits together.



The Sith are as old as the Jedi.

If Plagueis shows up in the ST, not only will I refuse to watch the movies, but I won't so much as watch the trailers, either. - DuracellEnergizer


here goes nothing

  1. Cloak of Deception - version 5 of Hal9000’s edit.
  2. The Approaching Storm - version 5 of Hal9000’s edit.
    2,5. Clone Wars - Tartakovsky’s 2003 ~> 2005 series.
  3. Revenge of the Sith? Labyrinth of Evil? - haven’t found a preferred version yet, and my current pc can barely open the Spotify app without crashing, so i can’t edit anything right now. Hal makes some very good cuts, but changes the plot around in a way that doesn’t please me. plus he cuts way too much stuff to me. Dom’s cut is pretty good, as is NFBisms, but too many options means a more confused Collipso. i’ll eventually have to edit this one myself.
  4. Rogue One - theatrical.
  5. Star Wars - 4K77. (waiting for ANH:R HD!)
  6. The Empire Strikes Back - Revisited.
  7. Return of the Jedi - version 2 of Remastered, by darthrush.
  8. The Force Awakens - The Dark Cut, by darthrush.
  9. The Last Jedi - The Dark Cut, by darthrush.

I’d completely forgotten this thread, and my old head-canon list (which seems really weird to me now).

I don’t bother with head-canons anymore, and simply acknowledge whatever the official canon is/was. And if I don’t like a story I just ignore it.


One nice nerdy way to view SW canon is to follow the creator’s/creators’ intentions. For example, since Lucas himself has ruled the unaltered OT ‘non-canon’, it’s fair to say that these stories (and their accompanying optional EU) constitute one canon. The prequel outline as discussed by Lucas and Kasdan circa '81 marks the accompanying backstory to that particular canon, including the notion that Leia’s mother died when the twins were toddlers.

The SEs are designed to fit with the PT, so that’s another canon right there (again with optional corresponding EU). Here we get Midichlorians, the Chosen One prophecy, a younger Anakin, Kiwi Boba, and so forth.

With the ST it gets tricky, given that despite Disney’s canon declarations it is clear that JJ Abrams favours the unaltered OT (Han shot first according to JJ) while Rian Johnson seems keen to mention Darth Sidious out loud. At this point canon becomes somewhat a la carte. Clearly the old EU no longer applies though.

For me, during my crankier moments, my canon consists of Star Wars and Empire (unaltered) with Revenge of the Jedi still yet to be made…


The way I see it; a story (movie, book, etc.) can only be judged by what came before it. Therefore I don’t think ANH can be judged in relation to ROTS, but ROTS is definetely informed by ANH and the OT. F.ex; a comic story set during ANH published after the PT is obviously affected by both the OT, the PT, and the EU so far.

I guess movies (especially the OT) exist in two (technically three) continuities;
Simply as a film only affected by any previous films (if any),
or as it exists retroactively as a part of the larger EU(s).


DuracellEnergizer said:

I don’t have a personal canon anymore. If I like a story, I like it and evaluate it by its individual merits. I no longer care how it all fits together or even if it fits together.

I’d just like to emphasize that by abandoning personal canon, I haven’t gone and accepted official canon, not even passively. I still defy and reject it.

I suppose you could call my philosophy anarco-canonism, canonical nihilism, or simply acanonism.


  • Darth Plagueis
  • Cloak of Deception (HAL)
  • Approaching Storm (HAL)
  • Smudger9’s Clone Wars Saga
  • Labyrinth of Evil (novel)
  • Revenge of the Sith (Matthew Stover novel)
  • Dark Lord: Rise of Darth Vader
  • Solo
  • Rebels (Certain episodes are ignored)
  • Rogue One
  • A New Hope (Unaltered)
  • Empire Strikes Back (Unaltered)
  • Shadows of the Empire (N64)
  • Return of the Jedi (Unaltered)
  • Thrawn Trilogy (except Leia is carrying Ben Solo instead of Jacen and Jaina)
  • Force Awakens: Restructured
  • Last Jedi: Legendary
  • Episode IX

Since I posted my movie rankings, might as well post my canon too.

-The EU origin story for the Old Republic
-Darth Plagueis
-Attack of the Clones
-2003 Clone Wars
-Revenge of the Sith
-Star Wars
-Empire Strikes Back
-Return of the Jedi

That’s about it. Not much, but I haven’t read/seen that much. Not really sure whether EU or new canon is better for the stuff after ROTJ.