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TRON: Legacy (ISO Edition) (COMPLETE)



TRON: Legacy (ISO Edition)


This is a straightforward fanedit of what has, despite itself, become one of my favourite films of this century. My main goals were threefold:

  • Expand all scenes on The Grid to 16:9 using the ‘open matte’ version, while keeping all real-world scenes in standard 2.39:1. This better serves to illustrate the transition between worlds, and allows you to ogle all of the lovely set design.

  • Cut back on Quorra’s doe-eyed devotion to Sam slightly. I’ve always felt this note was hit a little too often and bluntly throughout the film, and this edit attempts to frame her fascination with him as largely synonymous with her wonder at the ‘outside’ world.

  • De-Disney the final chase scene slightly. In trying to keep with the family-friendly tone, the filmmakers over-compensated somewhat here and detracted from what should be a gripping third act.

Edit list:

  • Added overture before opening titles
  • Replaced title theme with album version
  • Cut a couple of the taxi driver’s lines
  • Created bespoke transition from 2.39:1 to 16:9
  • Replaced all 2.39:1 scenes on The Grid with 16:9 versions
  • Trimmed beat after “Now that’s what I’m talking about!”
  • Cut Quorra’s outburst of laughter at dinner
  • Cut Quorra’s line “The Purge…”
  • Cut Quorra’s line “I guess you could say I’m a rescue.”
  • Cut a few quips during the final Lightjet battle (“Oh man, I’m all over this.”, “Nice!” and Quorra’s final “Woo!”)
  • Cut Tron’s final line “I fight… for the Users!”, replaced with the Rinzler ‘purr’ distorting then cutting out before he rams CLU
  • Cut Sam and Quorra’s exchange about changing the world
  • Cut to sunrise as final shot before Quorra gets too dewy-eyed over Sam

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TRON: Legacy (ISO Edition)


Same here, cannot wait for this edit.


I would love a pm!

After being beaten and battered by prequel hate, I promise not to be that to the next generation.


Would love a link to this if possible! Great film