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If every Movie had a post credit scene


Anyone is free to try and make this happen, because I don’t have the prowess, but what if every Star Wars movie had its own post credit scene? What scene would you give to each movie? Personally, I think this would work great for ROTJ:
The deleted scene of Yoda on Dagobah would be cool for ROTS as well.


TPM: A Naboo street cleaner power washes the streamers and confetti away in a dry, boring way, while Jar Jar fumbles around in the background.

AOTC: The now disorganized droid factory keeps churning out battle droid heads that pile up and pile up off to the side.

ROTS: Clonetrooper using a dustbin to sweep up limbs and organs from the Jedi Temple floors.

ANH: On Dagobah inside his hut, Yoda stares out the window for a few seconds while a pot of stew simmers. He mutters unintelligibly for a moment before stirring his stew.

ESB: With the top down, Wilrow Hood flies along the underside of Cloud City in a speeder, ice cream maker in the passenger seat. A hand bounces off his head as it continues to fall.

ROTJ: Nighttime on Endor. A surviving stormtrooper sits behind a large tree holding his legs. He hears something, snapping his head to face the sound. Several ewoks descend on him and tear him apart.

TFA: In his medical capsule, Finn begins to stir. The lady doctor notices from her seat, and gets up. She holds a gas mask to his face, and presses a button. Finn slinks back to motionlessness as she says, “Not yet, you don’t.”

PM me for links to my edits; apparently, some feel shy about this.


TPM at the bottom of the Naboo shaft Mauls lower torso smolders. Out of focus a red and black shape drags itself away.

AOTC Geonosis Anakin’s arm bubbles in a bacta tank. Behind it a red and black torso bubbles away as well.

ROTS After the funeral Padme is revealed to be alive and well but sad on Alderaan. A decoy died instead.

ANH. On A chunk of debris Tarkin activates an underfloor stasis tube.

ESB An Imperial droid lifts Luke’s hand and saber out of a cloud city vent tube.

ROTJ A cable is fired from the smoldering Sarlacc pit and something begins to climb out

TFA a salvage team looking for Kyber fragments find a chunk of debris orbiting Yavin.


Hmmm…well most post credit scenes serve to further the story rather than to distract from it. Adding Boba would be an error, imo. It brings in a distraction that is never resolved. As much as I’m supposing Hal’s are in jest, I actually really like the Yoda idea in relation to this concept. It serves as a teaser of things that actually will happen and be seen. Ultimately I’m not sure post credit scenes are appropriate for Star Wars movies.


Ep 3 the scene with Vader palpy n takin looking at DS 1

Star wars - a repourpose of the original Jabba scene with different lighting and a fett voice saying solo, and him saying I’m right here. (Ord mantel encounter)

Esb Luke training with Yoda 7 pieces

Rotj That fett escaping sarlacc thing, it’s Gooooood stuff Maynard

Rouge1 Luke with binoculars deleted scene

Ep7 Luke’s island, better after the credits,

My fan edit ideas


TPM: Dooku discussing a clone army with Kaminoans (would make sense if Dooku were in the movie).
AOTC: The scene between Dooku and Sidious.
ROTS: A ~8 year old Luke sees Obi-Wan and asks Owen who he is. The two walk offscreen as Owen describes him as a crazy old hobo.
ANH: Yoda looking up at the sky, like HAL suggested, minus mumbling.
TESB: A shot of the interior of Jabba’s Palace at night, slowly panning towards a carbon-frozen Han Solo.
ROTJ: A hand covered in a black glove reaches into the funeral pyre and grabs Vader’s helmet.
TFA: Luke’s island, as suggested by Marduk and, in a way, DigiMod.