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Idea Wanted... for solving Game of Thrones: The Ending Chapters


Some of you might know me from editing the Game of Thrones series into a film series, accompanied with the LOTR score. I am currently at work mapping out the ending and what needs to work to get there, so I started editing some on season 7 and 8.

I want this thread to be used as a collaboration of sorts to improve the ending of one of the greatest shows on television ever made. To reach this potential, certain things have to be altered.

I will release the last two films for Season 7 and 8 with the original Ramin Djawadi score, as well as with my altered LOTR score, upon completion.

Here is one idea I have to accomplish a better ending to The Night King, Arya and Bran Stark’s arcs all in one single scene:

This accomplishes:

  • Arya being the means to end the Night King, but not landing the final blow
  • Bran Stark killing the Night King, thus fulfilling Bran Stark’s storyline (although he is Bran Stark no more but in the flesh).
  • The Night King not dying to a random girl from behind a hidden tree line

Other Ideas being worked on:

  • Bran Stark is the Night King. Upon becoming the Three Eyed Raven, what he really became - was the Night King. This is why he is so distant and mysterious. He’s really the bad guy, in his final form, plotting his last moves. The Night King of the White Walkers is what he once was, but is no more - and therefore ending his former self, like in the clip above, does not matter to him no more.

  • Bran Stark wargs into Drogon and Daenerys during “The Bells”. You know during The Battle of Winterfell Theon asks Bran where he’s going, and he wargs away for the entire battle? Well, in my edit what Bran is really doing, is altering the future - by warging into Daenerys and her dragon and fucking King’s Landing up. This is of course left as a surprise, being shown near the end of the film before Drogon and Dany goes berserk. This also fulfills the prophecy “You will never walk again, but you will fly”.


I’m glad you’re taking on this task! I had done my own version that is very similar with the NK killing Arya and then Bran warging into her to deliver the final blow. I don’t know how difficult it is going to be to do convincing VFX on her face when he kills her. If you did maybe a blood splatter on the NK’s face that might be easier to pull off.

I’m very excited that you are doing this one with the original score as well!

Just curious on your last point, why do you have Bran warging into the future during the Battle of Winterfell? Why have him warging then and not just in the moment while Dany is at Kings Landing?


So, i figured i will leave my 2 cents in this thread rather than cluster up the thread for Film IV.

As almightycutie stated, this kind of ending is very pleasing (bran kills the night king), although you have to figured out a believable vfx when arya is killed, i like the idea of some blood specs on the NKs face.
I´m in favour of bran being the NK in the end and prevail against the humans, but in your idea with him fucking up kings landing i see one major problem, at least for my idea (in my head): Wouldn´t it be more suitable to let daenrys attack only the red keep before they wage war against the army of the dead? Of course sadly you´ve to cut scenes like tyrion and jamie in the tent, but from a narrative standpoint it always felt more logical to me. since the NK is the great villian everbody is afraid of. So I’m torn, because the scene with Tyrion and jamie in the tent is just perfect and emmy material .

EDIT: what would happen after? What about Daeny? because she sure hell won´t give up her “rightful” throne.

Love that you´ll release the original score and yours with lotr!


Hi Anjohan,
Great work on these edits and hope to see your edits finale of these shows in the future.

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Hello Anjohan, just wanted to ask where do you stand with your ideas and what you want to talk about further?


My take on the whole thing is everything went according to Bran’s plan.
Bran is actually the villain in the entire game of thrones story.
Ever since he gained his power and learned about his mind control ability that he used on Hodor, he set out to get revenged.
The Night King, since his great power and sees him as a threat, and sets out to stop him, but sadly fails.
Then when ever Bran has contact with people in the rest of the seasons they revert to a closer version of how he saw them in his mind.
That is why King Slayer returns to his old self after apologizing to Bran, why the Dragon lady becomes evil and burns the city that murdered his father. And many more of the quick character changes is for Bran to seek out his vengeance and take over the world.