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Help: looking for... Droids and Ewoks animated tv series preservation attempt


Hi all,
I’m looking for some uncompressed or DV versions of the droids cartoons from the mid 80s. Same for Ewoks. The items i’ve downloaded have been of various quality. I’m looking to make a master set of discs for these series in a remastered preservation project. I know this is a stretch, but if anyone has any VHS originals from the 80’s… A DV dub would be helpful…

I’ve seen a couple of VHS’s on ebay, from the 1995 version of “The Pirate and the Prince” but as I understand it, that’s an edited version of the original broadcasts.

I do have a DVD complilation I’ve dloaded. My daughters love it, but like I said, there’s quality issues. And to get any real upgrade in quality on those, I’d be looking at doing frame-by-frame editing… (sigh)… I’d like to preserve as best I can the original cartoons.

Any help would be GREATLY appriciated. Anyone want to talk offline please send me a message.

Thanks all, and keep up the EXCELLENT work!


from time to time the original tapes show up on ebay.

I do not know if they ever released all of the episodes in the u.s.a. in ntsc,

but in the u.k. there are a boat load of tapes they are pal of course and hard to track down.

But the pal source would be of better preservation quality, only if you want to be free of pal speedup you would have to fix it afterwords.

Unless of course the word could go out to people who might have taped them on high quality beta, in ntsc.

They showed them on cartoon network once upon a time, don't know if they made changes.

I too wish there was a complete official collection of the nelvana animated stuff, including the animated boba fett cartoon from the holiday special.

The one tape i have seen from u.k. ebay sellers is pirates and the prince original episodes, and the great heep the droids movie.

“Always loved Vader’s wordless self sacrifice. Another shitty, clueless, revision like Greedo and young Anakin’s ghost. What a fucking shame.” -Simon Pegg.

Are the official DVD releases editted or missing episodes..?

top 2 here:
I did some research on this a while back and found that while the US never got all of the Droids episodes (they kept re-releasing the same ones over and over!), the UK got EVERY episode on VHS including "The Great Heep". I think the best preservation source would be these copies, unless anyone knows of anything better.

Regarding Ewoks, I think it's the same story between the US/UK, but I didn't have as much interest in researching that. Still, I think they should also be preserved the same way. I feel fairly sure that Lucasfilm will get around to releasing the complete series for both on DVD, but I can almost guarantee that it will be in a somewhat altered form that's not what originally aired.


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